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Loves & Loathes – 1 March

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1. Birthday love! I was majorly feeling the love over the weekend so thank you to everyone who had a part in that ❤ – C

2. EEEK!!!! Austin Book Fest this weekend!!! My first book signing and I am sooooo excited!!!- A (I am SO jealous Amy!!! You’re going to have the best time! -C)

3. Penny Reid. I’ve just finished the ARC of the first book in the Elements of Chemistry series. Dead. I’m dead it’s so good! I’m not usually a NA reader but I will be if this is what it’s like! I swear this author can do no wrong – C

4. My new phone. By old one has been slowly dying and it was getting to the point that I wanted to throw it against a wall every time I had to use it. Soooo……new phone time! So quick, so fast, no freezing up or refusing to take calls or text messages…..I’m in heaven. So long, old phone! You will NOT be missed. – K

5. I recently stumbled across an Urban Fantasy read called Dark Hope (The Devil’s Assistant Book 1) by HD Smith. I love finding UF that I haven’t read but….it’s incredibly difficult to find good UF. And even harder to find something original. I’m currently around 60% and it is going swimmingly for me. I’m loving the characters, the world and this STORY. WOW!  I haven’t read anything like this in a loooong time. – K


1. Deciding what type of cell phone to buy! I love my phone. It’s an android.  I’ve had it for 2 years. It’s finally starting to have issues and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. I have no clue what to buy?!?- A (Amy – Snap! See above! – K)

2. Goodreads is hating on me at the moment. Posting my comments twice. Deleting comments that I have definitely not deleted? WHAT IS GOING ON! – C

3. Courier companies. That is all. – K

4. Left over birthday cake. Thanks to my son and I sharing a birthday weekend we have so much cake that I actually think I never want to see cake again! (For the rest of this week) – C

5. Adjusting to my new workout/healthy eating routine. I’m loving doing it and feeling super dedicated but these first few days are brutal. I’ve turned in a raging bitch while adjusting to my sugar free, processed food free, new life. At least the food’s still good and there’s plenty of it. – K

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