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Review Requests


If you have a book you would like reviewed or an upcoming release, please submit the following information via email for review consideration…

  1. Blurb
  2. How would you describe the book? (angsty, high drama, slow burn, dark, ect.)
  3. Publication Date
  4. Book length (Pages)
  5. Genre (YA, NA, Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal, Ect…)
  6. Stand-Alone or Part of a Series
  7. Steam level
  8. Small excerpt if available
  9. Deadline. This one is super critical. If you have a deadline in which you require reviews by, please let me know.  That information will factor into my process.
  10. Please include any other important information in your email.

I prefer kindle (mobi) format, but may accept pdf copies as long as it can be viewed on a kindle.  You may contact me via email using the subject line “Review Request”. Please note that I do receive a lot of review requests, so I will try to respond to your emails as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for your interest!

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