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Loves & Loathes – 1 March

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1. Birthday love! I was majorly feeling the love over the weekend so thank you to everyone who had a part in that ❀ – C

2. EEEK!!!! Austin Book Fest this weekend!!! My first book signing and I am sooooo excited!!!- A (I am SO jealous Amy!!! You’re going to have the best time! -C)

3. Penny Reid. I’ve just finished the ARC of the first book in the Elements of Chemistry series. Dead. I’m dead it’s so good! I’m not usually a NA reader but I will be if this is what it’s like! I swear this author can do no wrong – C

4. My new phone. By old one has been slowly dying and it was getting to the point that I wanted to throw it against a wall every time I had to use it. Soooo……new phone time! So quick, so fast, no freezing up or refusing to take calls or text messages…..I’m in heaven. So long, old phone! You will NOT be missed. – K

5. I recently stumbled across an Urban Fantasy read called Dark Hope (The Devil’s Assistant Book 1) by HD Smith. I love finding UF that I haven’t read but….it’s incredibly difficult to find good UF. And even harder to find something original. I’m currently around 60% and it is going swimmingly for me. I’m loving the characters, the world and this STORY. WOW!  I haven’t read anything like this in a loooong time. – K


1. Deciding what type of cell phone to buy! I love my phone. It’s an android.  I’ve had it for 2 years. It’s finally starting to have issues and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. I have no clue what to buy?!?- A (Amy – Snap! See above! – K)

2. Goodreads is hating on me at the moment. Posting my comments twice. Deleting comments that I have definitely not deleted? WHAT IS GOING ON! – C

3. Courier companies. That is all. – K

4. Left over birthday cake. Thanks to my son and I sharing a birthday weekend we have so much cake that I actually think I never want to see cake again! (For the rest of this week) – C

5. Adjusting to my new workout/healthy eating routine. I’m loving doing it and feeling super dedicated but these first few days are brutal. I’ve turned in a raging bitch while adjusting to my sugar free, processed food free, new life. At least the food’s still good and there’s plenty of it. – K

Loves & Loathes – 22 February 2015


1.  Sometimes you just need a break from angsty same-same romance and read a sweet and fun chicklit. Chicklit always reminds of everything I love – best friends, chocolate, rainy days and warm blankets. If the book is set in the Cotswalds it’s even better.  I DNF’d a bunch of books recently before deciding to go for Jill Mansell’s Three Amazing Things About You. LOVED. IT. Book funk = officially over. Thanks, Jill Mansell! Always a winner. – K

2. Only 2 More Weeks Until Austin Book Festival!!! -A

3. Dakota Johnson. Didn’t love the Fifty Shades of Grey movie but loved Dakota Johnson as Ana. She saved that movie from being a total dog. That board room ‘negotiation’ scene? She killed me! – K

4. I’m currently reading the newest installment of the Beyond the Veil series by Pippa DaCosta. I LOVE these books! Whether you’re an Urban Fantasy lover or if you’re new to the genre I bet you’ll love them too! – C

5. Kristal’s Chicken Pie recipe. So easy and SO delicious! – C



1. Cliffhangers!!!! This is actually a love and loathe for me. I love a good cliffhanger, but loathe the wait for the next book to come out! -A (Oh I’m with you on that one Amy! -C)

2. The Fifty Shades of Grey movie. See above. That ‘laters baby’ line actually made me cringe. Cringe. – K

3. I’m right handed… my kid is looking to be left handed. I can NOT for the life of me understand how to teach him how to hold a pen! Argh! – C

4. Hanging baskets. They look cute, so cute, but they die. And then they look hideous. Mines off for a visit to Grandmas house. Maybe she can revive it. – K

5. Charm and I are starting the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide next week. We have to do it for 12 weeks. 12 whooooole weeks. Maybe even longer if it all goes well. We’re are not hoping for bikini bodies out of this (HAH!) but more a general tightening and toning. I’m 1/4 excited and 3/4 dreading the food part. It all looks so….boring. Check it out here and feel free to join us! – K

Loves & Loathes 15 February 2015


1. We’ve reached 1000 Facebook Followers!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Keep your eyes peeled for a little giveaway for being such amazing readers ❀

2. My baby turns 4 on Wednesday!! Wow, has time flown by!- A

3. Girl movie nights! Ok so we might not always see the most amazing movies, but going out to the cinema and stuffing ourselves full of popcorn is super fun no matter what we see, we always end up entertained! – C

4. Movie theaters that actually show independent films. -A

5. Happy Chinese New Year everybody!! This year is the year of the Sheep/Goat, so enjoy your amazing year ahead  sheep/goats!  


1. After weeks of Spring like weather, Winter has returned 😦 -A

2. People who don’t share cupcakes. Ahem. – C (whaaaat?! someone didn’t share their cupcakes??! That’s rude…  – K)

3. WOW. It’s totally my fault this L & L list is a week late. WTF is wrong with me, honestly….I have no excuses. Sorry everyone!! – K

4. Why can I not easily convert a file to go on my kindle! I NEED to read this book! Can anyone help me pleeeeease?! – C

5. I busted up my hand at netball at the start of the week. It’s driving me CRAZY. It’s my right hand and I can’t do bloody anything. I have started physio but in the meantime I’m going to be a grumpy troll. – K

Loves & Loathes – 8th February

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Love, Love. Love

1. Charm and I had the most perfect day on Saturday. We ditched our husbands and kids and headed to the beach for paddle boarding, eating and relaxing. We had almost the whole beach to ourselves and it was the perfect day of relaxation! – K (It really was the best day EVER -C)

2. Charmaine sent me this early today and it’s CRACKING me up. So spot on. Has anyone else noticed this???  (Haha some of those GIFs! -C)

3. LSA peanut butter… Linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts all blended together to make my new favourite food! Seriously, I’m eating it by the spoon! – C

4. My husband and I are off on a big trip to the U.S later this year and I. AM. EXCITED. I’m most excited about seeing NYC, despite the giant roaches I saw on TripAdvisor. OMG. – K

5. I got the best package in the mail on Saturday from the amazing Kristal and Charmaine! I spend all day Saturday making my family try all the New Zealand goodies! -A


1. Being unfriended on Facebook by someone you see (used to see?) regularly. The 21st century is a dangerous and exciting time πŸ˜‰ – K (HUMPH! – C) (What??-A)

2. I just got my books that I ordered for ABF and one of them was all bent!! Come on! If I order a book brand new, I expect it to be in perfect condition! I’m the only one that should be damaging them….SIGH!-A

3. Waiting for the mailman to be kind to me… I am SO impatient! – C

4. I’ve hit a reviewing brick wall. I know what I want to say… it’s just not translating into written words. SIGH – C

5. I’m still hating moving…. Just saying! – C


Loves & Loathes 1st February

Love, love, loves

1. Yay! Our first L&L list of 2015!

2. I just ordered all the books I’m taking with me to Austin Book Fest!! It’s February, so my countdown to ABF has officially begun!!- A

3. Kristal and I are reading The Bronze Horseman at the moment and LOVING it.

I’m only 25%-ish in so far but already I can tell that this book is going to turn me inside up and upside down – C

4. In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution, I’m starting a new work out routine next week. I’m super excited to start working out and to be a healthier version of me!- A

5. We are having a GORGEOUS summer here in New Zealand! Loving the fun filled weekends and evenings. – K



1. I have started back at work after three years at home with my youngest kiddos and I. AM. LOVING it. However, it’s really cutting into my reading and blogging time. Hopefully I’ll be able to find balance soon (maybe when summer is over and there isn’t so much to do!). – K

2. Packing up houses. Sigh, my family and I have to become wandering gypsies for a good part of this year and I had forgotten the horror of trying to pack every  part of your life into cardboard boxes! We’ve only just started and I’m already over it – C

3. This cold season has been very rough for me and my family. We are all finally on the mend! Fingers crossed that this is it for us cold wise! -A

4. Idiots on the road. It’s summer, people all around New Zealand are hauling ass to the nearest beach towns but CHRIST ON A BIKE, what’s the hurry??!?!?! The things I have seen on the roads over this holidays period leave me with no doubt as to why our road toll is so high at the moment. Chill out guys guys and slow the hell down. – K

5. I have not had nearly enough reading and blogging time so far this year! Now that Kindy is back in full swing and the holidays are just a distant memory I’m hoping that this will change! – C


Loves & Loathes – 14 December

Love love love…

1. I had my laser eye surgery as planned this week and already I feel like a whole new person who can SEE! I’m easing myself back into reading marathons but I’m betting it wont be long until I’m back to normal! Yay! – C

2. I can finally share with everyone that I’m going to Austin Book Fest in March!!! I am so excited!!!- A

3. The first full Insurgent trailer released on Friday!! I know I was a little skeptical about this movie when the first teaser trailer was released, but my faith has been restored! The trailer looks amazing and I’m super excited to watch the movie! March is shaping up to be a good month for me!– A

4. Australia went through something pretty horrendous yesterday – a hostage situation that resulted in loss of life in Sydney. But out of the tragedy and horror something amazing occured; #illridewithyou. ‘#illridewithyou’, is a Twitter hashtag created yesterday after a Sydney women, Rachael Jacobs, posted on on Facebook about an encounter that she has with a Muslim woman earlier that day. The story goes that the Muslim woman was on a train and started to remove her hijab because she was afraid of the backlash that would be headed her way after the events in Sydney. Rachael Jacobs saw this and told the women to put her hijab back on and that she would walk with her. This action sparked the #illridewithyou hashtag, which has now gone viral all over the world with hundreds of thousands of people spreading messages of love and solidarity. What a powerful way to deal with hate and racism. I love it and I am so incredibly proud of our Australian neighbours right now. – K

5. We have had the BEST time with our week of Christmas giveaways! We love you guys for joining in and helping us spread the Christmas cheer!


1. I’ve left my Christmas shopping til the last minute. Oops. – K

2. I tried listening to an audio book for the first time thanks to my eyes being out of action and WHY do I keep falling asleep?! I’m pretty sure that’s not a normal reaction to listening to a book?! – C

3.  We had my hubby’s Christmas party last night and it was at a dinner theater, kids were welcome (no sitter). Even though kids were welcome, it wasn’t really a kid friendly atmosphere. The area we were seated at was super cramped, the kids were restless and the food was sub-par.  We lasted an hour and a half. – A

4. It’s so busy at the moment! I love all things Christmas but the mad rush of everything in the two weeks leading up to it can be so stressful and overwhelming! Argh! – C

5. Racists, bigots, homophobes. Don’t spread your dangerous and disturbing opinions anywhere near me or my Facebook news feed. I’ll unfriend your ass so fast. In real life AND on Facebook. – K

Loves & Loathes – December 7th

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Love Love Love

1. We are having an EPIC Christmas giveaway!! There are so many awesome prizes for you guys! We will be giving prizes away every day for a week. It’s going to be stupendous. Keep an eye on the blog! 

2. It’s my eye surgery week! And NO I’m not excited about lasers hacking up my eyeballs BUT I am excited about being able to be glasses and contact lens free! Wish me luck! – C

3. Two things – It’s so summery here at the moment! LOVE. IT! Also, if we don’t count Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday (no one counts the first days in the week anyway) then it’s only TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Wooo! – K

4. Well, since we’re talking about Christmas……….After a late start to my Christmas shopping, I’m almost finished!!! And….we’re going to buy our Christmas tree tonight!! Yay! I love having a real Christmas tree!!! -A 

5. I am also on a Christmas buzz. We’ve bought a new tree decoration, hung up a gazillion lights, visited Santa, I play the TV music channel that has Christmas songs all day long (which the kids and I sing along to.) Pretty much it’s Christmas galore at my house, possibly because this is the first year my big boy has understood what it really means. Next up on my festive list is shopping and gingerbread house creating! – C


1. I loathe that I’ve been so busy with end of year business I haven’t had nearly enough reading or blogging time. Argh!!! – C

2. My twins turned three this past weekend. I don’t loathe this – I love it. Babies are beautiful but I prefer older kids.. Aaaaanyway, after three ‘sometimes awesome and sometimes completely hideous’ years at home with them, I’m headed back to work! But don’t worry (hahaha) – I’m still going to be blogging! – K

3. I loathe that my buddy will no longer be at home when I have a life crisis and need to come a die on her couch…Although I’m guessing I can just go and die on her office floor… So maybe I loathe the fact that now if I need to address a life crisis during business hours I’m going to have to pay for inner city parking! – C (LOL! omfg. There is free parking right outside the office πŸ˜‰ And GREAT places to have lunch that are just a short walk away. Priorities. -K)

4. So, as you guys know, I’ve been sick for what feels like the last month 😦 Well, last week, I actually cracked a rib coughing. Yes, you heard correct! Coughing! I am beyond over this cold season!!!- A

5. I have the dinosaur of iphones. I’m pretty sure that my phone is how Fred and Barney kept in touch. It’s a 4S, which is practically ancient these days, but I absolutely refuse to upgrade because my 4S is still working (for now) and iPhones are just ridiculously expensive for a phone. But lately (sincI did the stupid Apple update actually…conspiracy?), bad things have been happening and I fear my phone is on its way out. If this happens, I’m going back to an old-school brick phone. It will save me so much money! It’s a GREAT idea!! (Reality check: this will probably last for about 2.5 days before I’m running into Vodafone begging for a new iPhone. FML.) – K

Loves & Loathes – November 30th

Love Love Loves…

1. The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon. I sobbed my way through the last 50% of this book but it was so BEAUTIFUL, all the way through. – K

2. After almost a month of being sick, I’m finally starting to feel better!!! Yay!!- A

3. I went to Chelsea Handler’s tour night on Saturday. I haven’t laughed so much in a long while. Although a lot of my laughter was reserved for NZ’s very own Urzila Carlson who opened the show. So funny! – C

4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! I may have one-clicked one too many books these past few days, but it’s hard to say no to amazing deals! – A

5. We are bringing you guys a super exciting, fabulous, STUPENDOUS Christmas Giveaway! Expect many prizes… And a ton of fun! And LOTS of Christmas cheer!


1. Oh for god sakes, I am absolutely ridiculous. Charm reminded me about the L & Ls list and I forgot…three times. So that’s why it’s so late this week! It’s totally my fault. What the hell is wrong with my brain. – K

2. Christmas postage costs and cut offs! I am ALWAYS unorganized and this year is no different and now I’m paying for it. SIGH. – C

3. We are officially less than a month away from Christmas and I’ve barley gotten started with my shopping!!!! I need to stop procrastinating!- A

4. I left a favourite shoe (yes just one shoe) behind in my hotel room on the weekend. Do you think they can be bothered even looking for it! GRRRR! Bad service! When you mess with my shoes it becomes personal! – C

5. Daycare costs. I’m heading back to work in mid January after having the last three years off with my kiddos. I’m so excited about this but OMG the costs involved in them going to kindergarten for just three short days are astronomical. How the hell do people afford this?! In New Zealand we are supposed to get 20 free hours of childcare when our children turn three years old but this has somehow morphed into a ‘subsidy’ though instead of being free. And we still end up paying a fortune. FML. – K 

Loves & Loathes – 16th November

Love love love…

1. Tomorrow is Kristal’s birthday so we would love to wish her a FABULOUS birthday! (Aww thanks guys xx – K)

2. My laptop screen is finally fixed! I missed my laptop so much this past week! -A

3. I’m off for the week! Taking my big (little) boy to Australia for a family wedding and lots of fun adventures, then back home to be a bridesmaid for my lovely friend Carly… I can’t wait to board that plane and begin the fun! – C

4. Uh still trying to believe that I made it onto one of my very favourite author’s ‘Always ARC List’ BEST WEEK EVER! – C

5. I LOOOOVE that Charm got us Ed Sheeran tickets for my birthday!!! Best. Birthday. EVER. I’m one lucky girl. Thank you, Charm!! xx – K


1. Cold Season 😦 I finally caught my daughter’s cold and am feeling so miserable. Mom’s don’t get sick days. – A

2. Being without my laptop for a week is going to be SO rough! Wahhhhhh – C

3. Excited to be going away but I’m going to be missing my littlest boy and hubby so much! (Mostly my little guy, lets be honest) I’m preparing myself for a meltdown at the airport! (Me not him!) – C

4. Amy has passed her laptop issues onto me. Mine’s having extreme issues; taking ages to start, trying to repair itself for HOURS, randomly crashing. I have no idea how to fix this. Shit. – K

5. Cliffhangers. For god sakes I am SO OVER cliffhangers at the moment. The last two books that I have read and loved have both left me with more questions than answers. This is why I usually avoid series like the plague or wait until the follow-up books are out. Grrr. It’s stand-alones only for me for awhile I think or I’m going to throw my kindle into traffic. – K

Loves & Loathes – 9th November

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Love, Love, Love

1. We LOVE our new blog picture! It’s made by Kristin over at Pretty Words Book Blog, and it’s everything we ever wanted in a blog picture πŸ˜‰ Masterpiece! Thanks, Kris!! x

2. One of my dear friends is getting married next week and I’m one of her bridesmaids. We threw her a hens night to remember on the weekend and it was so nice to do something so completely girly! – C

3. So, I went to the dentist last week, as I’m sure you all know from the way I have been going ON AND ON about it. And….it wasn’t as horrific as my previous experiences. I was surprised. The dentist was LOVELY and repeatedly told me to relax during the drilling, which was great because I needed the reminder, hah! He also left mid drill to play a prank on his workmate which was quite a nice reprieve from aaaaaall the dentist-ness.  The other thing that I think helped a lot was bringing my headphones and listening to music throughout the treatment. Music is life, yo! (That’s right, I’m a gangster now. a tough, bad-ass, non dental-phobia gangster). So if you’re into music and have a dental phobia, listen to Aunt Kristal and try out the music thing…it really helps! – K

4. I am getting my eyes lasered!!! I’m so excited to be rid of all of my eye issues even though I’m ridiculously nervous for the procedure. I’m thinking of making Kristal come and hold my hand since she’s so tough! – C

5. It’s only seven-ish more weeks until Christmas. SEVEN!!  I am soooo excited. I absolutely LOVE Christmas! Hopefully is a beautiful, warm, sunny Christmas day this year! (I can’t wait! I LOVE Xmas!- C)


1. I’m away for a week soon between family trips & weddings & while I’m SO excited, I’m also going to loathe not being able to on the blog a whole lot during that time. I’m going to miss everyone so much! – C

2. Rain…Sun….Rain…Wind…Sun….MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND THANKS WEATHER!!!!! – K (It’s so frustrating! – C) (It was 70 here yesterday and it’s supposed to snow later today! Talk about crazy weather!-A)

3. Why is my hair just not behaving at the moment. It’s like each strand has a mind of its own and it’s driving me insane! – C

4. Back to the doctor today. I swear to god, Google knows more about medical shit than actual GPs. Sigh. – K

5. Colds that just won’t go away. I swear my daughter has been sick for over a week now and it’s like enough is enough. Between her asthma and now having her ears hurt, I just want her to feel better and it’s only the beginning of cold season 😦 – A