We created this blog to live what we love – books and reading, eating and talking! We have now been blogging since March 2014 and we are so passionate about it. We have been having a ton of fun with this blog. It’s been challenging and amazing. We’ve ended up getting so busy with the blog (and life in general), that a third blogger joined the crew – Amy! Together, the three of us LOVE bringing you all the latest news and reviews from the book world.

As far as what we like to read? It could be anything. We are super into Urban Fantasy type things and this will feature predominantly, but we each have other areas of interest which you’ll see pop up here and there. Chick Lit, History, Romance, maybe even some real life reads. Point is, if we take an interest in it, we’re gonna read it and report back. Variety is the spice of life! Hopefully, through our blog you’ll see something you would’ve never thought about picking up to read and give it a go. This works the other way too, if there’s something you think we should read then drop us a line! We’re always on the lookout for more reading material.

As far as our ‘reviewing’ goes. We review as reading fans. We aren’t professional writers. We don’t have any agenda. We pick books we want to read and then we write how we honestly felt about the books. It’s really as simple as that. There are plenty of pretty fancy book reviewers out there. We think our point of difference is that we are approachable and just like you. Yep, it’s true. We are just two normal girls having a chat about reading and sometimes random other things. We want this website to be like a bunch of friends getting together and hanging out. So don’t be scared. Join in, comment and email us. The more we all participate, the better! Also on that note, it’s all personal opinion and there’s bound to be differences in said opinions, but let’s keep it all friendly and fun. After all, we’re all in this book loving business together!

Ciao for now

Kristal, Charmaine & Amy





Here is a little info on us and what this little piece of the web is all about –

Charmaine & Kristal

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We are two kinda awesome girls from New Zealand. When we’re not being completely amazing wives, mothers, family members etc. (AKA general amazing beings) we are eating, reading, or on here telling you about our reading (and sometimes about our eating!) We both have always been big book lovers but it all got into pretty serious soul mate reading territory when we both fell in love with the same series. Pretty soon after that we got to the point where our texting could not handle the discussions we needed to have about our respective reading adventures. Cue the above blog life plan…



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I didn’t really have a love for reading until about 3 years ago. I started off reading YA books such as the Twilight series and Divergent. I discovered that I was missing out on so many awesome books. What slowly started out as something to pass the time and escape the craziness of being a stay at home mom, has turned into my passion. I still read YA books today, but really love the NA/Adult Romance Genre. You will find me reading anything from Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit to Paranormal Romance. I love it all and am a sucker for a HEA!

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