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Loves & Loathes – 22 February 2015


1.  Sometimes you just need a break from angsty same-same romance and read a sweet and fun chicklit. Chicklit always reminds of everything I love – best friends, chocolate, rainy days and warm blankets. If the book is set in the Cotswalds it’s even better.  I DNF’d a bunch of books recently before deciding to go for Jill Mansell’s Three Amazing Things About You. LOVED. IT. Book funk = officially over. Thanks, Jill Mansell! Always a winner. – K

2. Only 2 More Weeks Until Austin Book Festival!!! -A

3. Dakota Johnson. Didn’t love the Fifty Shades of Grey movie but loved Dakota Johnson as Ana. She saved that movie from being a total dog. That board room ‘negotiation’ scene? She killed me! – K

4. I’m currently reading the newest installment of the Beyond the Veil series by Pippa DaCosta. I LOVE these books! Whether you’re an Urban Fantasy lover or if you’re new to the genre I bet you’ll love them too! – C

5. Kristal’s Chicken Pie recipe. So easy and SO delicious! – C



1. Cliffhangers!!!! This is actually a love and loathe for me. I love a good cliffhanger, but loathe the wait for the next book to come out! -A (Oh I’m with you on that one Amy! -C)

2. The Fifty Shades of Grey movie. See above. That ‘laters baby’ line actually made me cringe. Cringe. – K

3. I’m right handed… my kid is looking to be left handed. I can NOT for the life of me understand how to teach him how to hold a pen! Argh! – C

4. Hanging baskets. They look cute, so cute, but they die. And then they look hideous. Mines off for a visit to Grandmas house. Maybe she can revive it. – K

5. Charm and I are starting the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide next week. We have to do it for 12 weeks. 12 whooooole weeks. Maybe even longer if it all goes well. We’re are not hoping for bikini bodies out of this (HAH!) but more a general tightening and toning. I’m 1/4 excited and 3/4 dreading the food part. It all looks so….boring. Check it out here and feel free to join us! – K

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