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Review: Could’ve Said Yes (Thistle Bend #3) by Tracy March


Having recently returned to Thistle Bend, Colorado, Ellie London is working hard to make a living as an artist, and to get over her broken engagement. She’s focused only on guarding her heart and healing her mind . . . until a cocky, undeniably sexy out-of-towner rides in on his motorcycle. Turns out, Ellie might have just found the perfect opportunity to prove to herself that she’s over her cheating fiancé.

After his own engagement falls through, EPA Inspector Collin Cooper is eager for a change of scenery in Thistle Bend. His principle rule of the road is not to get too involved with a new woman—and yet he can’t resist beautiful, outdoorsy Ellie. But when a local river becomes polluted under Collin’s supervision, resentment floods the entire town, running even deeper with Ellie’s family. With his job on the line, Collin needs to find a way to set things right—and hold on to the woman who has captured his heart.

My Review

Could’ve Said Yes was a quick and easy read for me. Told from dual points of view, this story follows Ellie and Collin. Ellie is in Colorado trying to make a new life for herself. After finding out that her fiancee is a cheater, she wants nothing more than to heal her heart and prove that she’s moved on. What she didn’t plan on was Collin. His cocky attitude and sexy good looks are just what she needs to get her mind off of her past. But, Ellie and Collin might just be more alike than they realize. You see, Collin has escaped to Thistle Bend after his own engagement failed. He desperately needs a change of scenery, and finds Ellie instead. Will these two get a second chance on love or will some wounds prove to be just too deep.

Overall, I thought this book was an ok read. I enjoyed the story-line and the characters. I found the story-line itself to be intriguing and I loved the small town feel. I liked Ellie and Collin right away. They were both heartbroken by the ones that they loved most, so I couldn’t help but find myself rooting for them to have a HEA. I also really enjoyed the chemistry between the two of them and loved watching them navigate their way to a happier life.

Could’ve Said Yes was a sweet and entertaining romance and I look forward to checking out more from this author in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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