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Release Blitz with Review: Crazy Girl by BN Toler

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Release Blitz Crazy Girl by BN Toler


Romance author Hannah Bircham had made it. She was living the dream; a successful writing career, a loving husband, and dream home. Life couldn’t get better.
But it could get worse.
And it did.
The dream ended. And life as she knew it took a turn into Destitute City, party of one. Divorced, lost, and worst of all, a neurotic anxiety-ridden mess, Hannah’s focus and admirations disappeared. Feeling down on her luck, Hannah lost her mojo, her gift of writing.
How did one write about love when they’d stopped believing in it?
Hannah could either make up the perfect muse, or make it her mission to meet him. She just needed a little push. With encouragement from her best friend, Hannah decided to join a dating app, convinced she wouldn’t find Mr. Forever, but maybe, at the very least, she’d find her inspiration.
A muse.
Enter Wren Marner.
The complicated, sexy alpha veteran with his trunk of accomplishments and adventures walked, talked, and looked as if he’d just stepped out of a sultry romance novel. He was every woman’s fantasy and at the same time, the man one knew they should stay away from.
Filled with equal parts fear and fascination, Hannah threw caution to the wind, but what she experienced terrified her like never before.
Still, she forged forward.
But with all the wonder of Wren also came a reality Hannah didn’t know how to handle. She told herself he was merely work, but the truth was she was falling for him. And that couldn’t happen. But walking away from him wasn’t possible either, when he was her muse.
With her future on the line, she had to decide: As she entered the next chapter in her life, did she delve deeper with Wren in hopes of saving her career, or run in hopes of saving her heart?

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My Review

“My life had crashed, and I was standing amidst the wreckage watching it slowly burn to ash.”

“He’s a different breed than me. He scares me. But I want him.”

“Passion’s reckless in its existence. It defies rules. It dances on the edge of all reason. Passion rises even in the midst of chaos when everything feels lost and hopeless. It doesn’t care what is right or wrong….it just is.”

“Sometimes life was like a puzzle, the many people we encounter scattered pieces that we fit together creating the bigger picture. Every once in a while, the round edges of one of those pieces are frayed and they don’t exactly fit smoothly, but they find a place within your life, even though they never blend flawlessly into it.”

Crazy Girl is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Wren and Hannah. At one time, Hannah had the perfect life. She had everything that she could ever dream of. That is until one day, it was all taken away. Hannah is anxious, lost, a shell of the woman she used to be. Her confidence is gone and so is her creative mojo. She’s stuck and doesn’t know how to get that spark back. It isn’t until her friend convinces her to try dating again that Hannah finally feels some hope. If anything, maybe this experience will get her creative juices flowing again. What she didn’t plan on was meeting Wren. When we first meet Wren, he is picture of perfection. He’s sexy, alpha, adventurous and has an exciting job. But, as we get to know Wren, we discover that while he is all those amazing things, Wren is also broody, complex, weird and even a bit standoffish. Both characters have complex pasts that have broken and shaped them into the people that they’ve become. Wren terrifies Hannah, but can’t deny the pull that she feels to him…..

I thought Crazy Girl was an interesting read. I found the plot to be intriguing and saw the characters as puzzles that I couldn’t wait to solve. Hannah was an interesting character to me. At times, I found her easy to relate to because let’s face it, we’ve all been the crazy girl once or twice before, letting our insecurities rule our actions. She was untrusting due to her past and lacked confidence. I thought that Wren was a good match for her because even though I felt that these two were totally wrong for each other, Wren didn’t take any of Hannah’s crap. He basically made her open up her eyes and deal with her issues.

I did however have some issues with this story. I feel like I never really got a clear picture as to what exactly happened to Hannah in the past. I feel like not knowing the full story made it hard for me to connect with and understand Hannah at times. I desperately wanted to know more. What made her this hot mess of a woman? And Wren…He was equally frustrating. I didn’t like that he was always referring to Hannah’s behavior as “crazy” because I honestly don’t think she was. Her behavior was never over the top, but more like think before you speak if that makes sense. To be totally honest, I don’t really understand why Wren and Hannah were even a couple. They had such a love/hate relationship, with the hate ruling more than anything. At times, I felt like they were toxic together and wondered to myself why they would bother putting up with each other. They were so wrong for one another, but somehow made it work. Despite my issues with them, I will say that they did have some great sexual chemistry, which I enjoyed, but at the end of the day, they just left me wanting more.

For me, Crazy Girl is one of those reads that I didn’t love, but I didn’t hate either. While there were plenty of moments that frustrated me to no end, there were some beautiful emotional moments as well. Moments that brought tears to my eyes and made me glad that I picked up this book and gave it a chance.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


Sipping my coffee, I grinned as Wren and Kegs debated about which female superhero would win if they faced off, She-Ra or Wonder Woman. They seemed to like the same kind of things, but not when it came down to the specifics.
“Wonder Woman can fly,” Kegs argued.
“She-Ra has the sword of protection and He-Man is her brother.” Wren shook his head, his face twisted as he raised a hand in confusion—like how could Kegs not see how obvious it was? “Dude, it’s a no-brainer,” he added.
Kegs scoffed, making me chuckle. They were really into this debate. Raising his hand, Kegs began ticking off a list of Wonder Woman’s advantages, “Bro, Wonder Woman is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, she has longevity, and super-human strength.” He flopped back in his seat as if he’d just put the whole thing to rest, but then popped back up, widening his eyes. “The lasso of truth, dude. Boom!” He laughed and pretended like he was dropping a mic on the ground. Wren chuckled as he stared down at his phone, his thumb moving over the screen appearing to be texting. Dropping his phone in his lap, he turned his head and looked at Kegs who was grinning, waiting for Wren to admit defeat.
“She-Ra was the alter ego of Princess Adora, which means she had multiple personalities, which means she was crazy,” Wren pointed out with an air of profoundness. “Crazy is a superpower.” Kegs laughed as Wren cut his gaze to me, a smirk on his face. I glared at him, pretending to be insulted by his comment since he constantly told me I was crazy, even though I thought he was somewhat amusing.
“You have a point, man,” Kegs agreed. I rolled my eyes. Men.
I opened my mouth to say something snarky when my phone vibrated. Taking it out, I was surprised to see I had a text from Wren.
Wren: You look gorgeous today.

I couldn’t stop the grin that exploded across my face after reading it. Ugh, what was wrong with me? I was such a girl. I was being one of those women…the ones that acted like little school girls when a boy said something nice to them. Tucking my phone back in my purse, I glanced up at him, the same dumb grin still on my face because it just wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried to make it.
His gaze was fixed on mine. I rolled my eyes at him. Eye rolling was my forte.
He tilted his head, smirking. Don’t roll your eyes at me, woman.
I bit my lip, trying to stop myself from laughing. I shimmied my head in a talk-to-the-hand way. Don’t tell me what to do. We had a conversation without saying a word.
Kegs was oblivious to all of this because he admitted defeat in the She-Ra vs. Wonder Woman debate. “Okay, man. She-Ra might have the slightest advantage.”
We couldn’t help it. Wren and I chuckled because he had completely missed the moment that transpired between us.



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Review: Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden

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After personal heartbreak and professional setbacks, Landon Price is running on empty. If he doesn’t take a break from the public eye soon, he’ll risk becoming another cautionary tale in a town that’s full of them. So in between film projects, Landon asks his agent to clear his schedule and then he simply . . . vanishes. Renting a discreet home on a remote Hawaiian beach for the summer, Landon begins to recharge. And in the process of finding himself, he meets a beautiful, feisty local who challenges everything he thinks he knows.

Zara Jobert has no interest in being a conquest for a cocky playboy from the mainland—even one with undeniable charisma and movie-star good looks. So she’s pleasantly surprised when the handsome newcomer’s persistent advances mellow into cozy banter and a sneakily seductive intimacy. When Landon reveals his true identity, Zara’s hurt that he lied, but she doesn’t care that he’s famous. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. And falling for Landon might come with a heartbreaking choice—between Zara’s old life, and a new love.

Vanishing Act is a stand alone novel meant for readers 18+ due to adult content.

My Review

Overall, I thought this book was an ok read. I really liked the story-line and found it to be unique. I liked the characters and thought that their romance was sweet. However, I had a pretty big issue with the pacing of the story. This story started off really slow for me, so I had a hard time really getting into Landon and Zara’s story. Sometimes, I don’t mind a slower paced story, but for me, the slower pace just didn’t work for this story. I kept waiting for it to grip me, and it just never did.

Vanishing Act is my first read by this author and while it wasn’t a 100% hit for me, I’d still be open to reading more from this author in the future. I think the idea of this story was great and that it had a ton of potential, I just wished the pacing had been better. This book is definitely one that I think will be a hit for some and miss for others.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: Kiss Me, Kill You by Larissa C. Hardesty

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First kisses should be legendary—not deadly.

Emmy Duivel believes in true love: heart-stopping kisses, candlelight dinners, and a connection that lasts forever. But not the kind of kisses that land your date in the hospital. Emmy always knew she was different, but not in the supernatural sense. Not in the succubus sense.

Paul Andinn had only one job: watch over Emmy and make sure she doesn’t expose the supernatural world. It should have been easy, but the moment he looked away, she kissed that boy, and everything changed.

He should be more upset. But he can’t. Not when he’s falling hard for her.




My Review

Kiss Me, Kill You is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Emmy and Paul. Emmy is your typical 16 year old girl. She wants nothing more than to be swept off her feet and fall in love. Emmy has always been different and just kinda faded into the back of things. She was never the center of attention. But, now that Emmy has hit 16, her entire life is about to be turned upside down…Once upon a time, Paul believed in love and romance. But, that was never in the cards for him. Now, Paul has found himself saddled with the job of making sure Emmy transitions into the supernatural world without drawling attention. This should have been the easiest job for him, but he never truly saw Emmy coming….Will Emmy settle into this new life? Is being a succubus all it’s cracked up to be? Can there be love in the supernatural world?

Overall, I thought this book was a quick and easy read. I thought the story-line was fresh and unique. I really liked the idea of it and was intrigued by the characters. I liked the paranormal aspects mixed with high school life. I enjoyed watching Emmy trying to adapt to her new life and all that comes with it. I thought Paul was interesting and I enjoyed learning about his past and the succubus lifestyle. I thought Emmy and Paul were cute together. They had kind of a slow building romance. Yes, the chemistry was there, but they had a few things to overcome before finally getting together.

I thought Kiss Me, Kill You was a cute read. Definitely a book that you can finish in just one sitting. I thought it had a nice balance of paranormal aspects, angst and romance. Great if you are looking for a lighter YA Paranormal Romance.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: Obsession (Bayfront Billionaires #4) by Calista Fox

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100 Shades of Sin…

Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.

When Roxy Shea arrived in Bayfront, she had no idea she would instantly attract the attention of two of the town’s sexiest and most eligible bachelors. She doesn’t want anything to do with them—with a dangerous past in her rearview mirror, a new relationship would be disastrous. But with every smoldering gaze and unspoken promise of pleasure, these billionaire bad boys are determined to make her theirs, to claim her body and soul.

Nick Faulkner and Hunter Valens are forces in their respective entertainment industries, but a past conflict has put a strain on their lifelong friendship—and vying for the mysterious Roxy’s affection doesn’t help matters. Until their craving for her leads to an explosive night with for threesome. But can they show Roxy that she can trust the men responsible for the sizzling pleasure she finds with them—and that their love is soul-deep?

My Review
I’m just going to keep this review short and sweet. Obsession follows the story of Roxy, Nick and Hunter. Roxy wants nothing more than to keep her past behind her. The last thing she ever planned on was two attract the attention of Nick and Hunter. Nick and Hunter are hot and sexier than words can say. They are the epitome of bad boys and promise Roxy pleasure like anything she’s ever dreamed. Roxy tries to keep her distance, but the chemistry between the three of them is way too hot to be denied. That is until one night, the three give into their wildest dreams….
Overall, I thought this book was a quick and easy read. It was sexy and unbelievably hot. I thought the characters were interesting and enjoyed their story. Since this is a novella, I can’t really say much about the story without spoiling it. So, I will just say, if you’re looking for a quick sexy read that will melt the pages away, look no further.
*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Release Blitz with Review: One Taste of Angel (Iron Norsemen MC, #1) by Violetta Rand

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ONE TASTE OF ANGEL by Violetta Rand

SMP Swerve

Publication Date: May 30, 2017

eBook ISBN: 9781250147813; Price: $3.99

“Riveting, gritty cast of characters! I was captivated by this intimate glimpse into the volatile MC world. Violetta Rand’s ability to portray the essence of true love is enjoyable. Great read!” -USA Today Bestselling Author D.L. Roan

Their love was the stuff of Shakespeare – two star-crossed lovers from rival MC’s, divided by their families’ bloody history, but fate has given Eagle and Serafina a second chance. Can the biker and the stripper find their redemption in Violetta Rand’s sexy standalone romance, One Taste of Angel?

I’ve bled for my club. Taken four bullets. Buried eight brothers in six years. Screwed a hundred women. And only loved one. The one I lost. But there’s something about Serafina that reminds me of just exactly what was taken from me. Not just because I can’t resist a damsel in distress.

To Eagle, I’m dead. Murdered and cremated, my ashes interred at the local cemetery. Part of a past I left long ago to save his life. Seeing him now, touching him again makes me weak, even if he doesn’t recognize the woman I’ve become. Since my escape from Holly Beach five years ago, I’ve lived by my own rules. And no matter how much I love Eagle, he’s not going to break those rules.

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My Review

“Few reach a moment in life when they seriously consider whether this world is worth taking another breath for. That place  where pleasure and pain meet. Where you realize love and hate are the same thing. Where your life plays out in slow motion inside your head and you wonder: if you could change one thing, would it make a difference?”

Violetta Rand is a brand new author to me, and when I read the synopsis of One Taste of Angel, I just knew I had to check this book out. Told from dual points of view, One Taste of Angel follows the story of Eagle and Serafina. Eagle is a devoted member to his MC club. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his brothers. The last few years have found Eagle just going through the motions. The loss of his only love forever plaguing him….that is until he meets Serafina. The connection to Serafina is intense and doesn’t make any sense to him. He doesn’t understand the pull that feels, but finds it hard to stay away….Serafina had her reasons for escaping her past. As far as Eagle is considered Angel is dead and buried. Serafina went to great lengths to protect Eagle and never thought that she would see him again. However, fate had other plans in mind. Fate has made these two lovers cross paths once again. What will happen when Eagle learns the truth about Serafina??? You’ll just have to pick this book up and see for yourself.

Overall, I found this book to be a pretty enjoyable read. I’m always, always, always on the lookout for a good MC read and love checking out new authors. One Taste of Angel hit all the marks for a good MC read. It had action and some suspense. That being said, I do like for my MC books to be a bit more intense. For me, the darker, more dangerous and grittier, the better.

I thought this story had an intriguing plot with a god twist. I thought the characters were interesting and I enjoyed learning about Serafina and her motivations for her actions. I liked Eagle’s devotion not only to his woman, but to his club. Together, I thought that Serafina and Eagle had a great connection and I enjoyed seeing them together.

One Taste of Angel is a quick and easy read. I think this series has a lot of good potential and I’m definitely interested in seeing where it will go next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review*



“You owe me,” I say as I close the distance between us. “I’ll take a kiss as payment.” Serafina looks lost, but she doesn’t resist when I reach her and cup her face between my hands, pulling her closer, lowering my mouth over hers.

I pause for a brief moment, looking her deep in the eyes, waiting for that spark to ignite into the inferno I know is already burning strong between us.

“D-don’t,” she half pleads.

But I do. Her lips part and my tongue strokes against hers. The fire is immediate and all-consuming. I tangle my fingers in the length of her hair, angling her head for better penetration, my tongue embedded so deep I can feel the back of her throat. The way she tastes only inspires me to want to kiss and lick that hot wet pussy I saw earlier. There’s nothing ordinary about her. I swallow her moans, running my hand up and down her arm.

Kissing her long and deep only reinforces the attraction—makes my cock throb and ache like I haven’t had a piece of ass in months.

“No.” She pushes me away, wide-eyed and frazzled.

“Serafina,” I chant her name like a holy vow. “You can’t deny what we’re feeling.”

“I can. And will.”

“Listen, baby . . .”

“Don’t call me that! There’s no way in hell you’ve earned that right.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t want you to touch me again.”

Why? Chemistry like this doesn’t happen too often. Almost never. And I’m not prepared to let it slip through my fingers without a fight, or at least a plausible explanation. “Are you married?”

I never thought to ask before.


“In a committed relationship?”

“You’re way off, Eagle.” She hugs her center, laying more bricks in that defensive wall.

“Enlighten me, then. I have all night.”

“I don’t.” She fakes a yawn. “Some of us work for a living.”

I smirk at her judgmental tone. “Do you think I sit around on my ass all day?”

“That prez patch says you don’t have to work hard to get what you want.”

“For a girl who claims not to know me, you’re pretty free with your opinions.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve been around enough to understand the inner workings of an MC. Not much difference between your rules and a regular company, now is there?”

I rub my chin, liking the hotness of her smartass mouth. The more she talks the more intrigued I get. “Maybe not, pretty girl, but I guarantee my ideas are a lot more innovative than something some asshole in a suit will think up in his corner office.”

She laughs. “I doubt it. We’re standing in a bedroom inside the home of one of the most notorious cartel lords in the United States. I’ll bet on the guy in the suit.”

“Come here.” I grip her shoulders and yank her close again. Our lips meet for a more desperate and demanding kiss. This time, her tongue wrestles mine for control. Bad. And for a girl who didn’t want anything to do with me ten minutes ago, she sure changed her mind.

I break the kiss and tip her chin upward. “I want to fuck you, Serafina.”

“No.” She gives me a defiant pout, but I can see through her denial. Her eyes are filled with hunger. “I need a drink.”

I need a goddamned bottle of tequila—and a cold shower. “What do you want?”

“Whiskey and coke.”

Unable to deny that beautiful face anything, I’ll get it for her. But first . . . I move quickly, gathering her clothes and shoes, and stuff them in the suitcase she opened earlier. Then I zip it up and carry it to the door.


“What?” I ask.

“You can’t leave me here with nothing to wear.

Author Bio

Raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Violetta Rand spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska and spends her days writing evocative contemporary and historical romance. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends. Violetta is the author of Viking Hearts.

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Twitter: @ViolettaRand

Review: Bossed by Sloane Howell

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He’s the boss. But she’s ready to take charge.

In this provocative and sexy* office romance, a cheeky new hire tempts a hotshot sports agent to mix business with pleasure.

Jenny: Job interviews are a bitch under the best of circumstances, but when your potential boss is the world’s biggest prick, that’s when you should simply walk away. It’s just that I need this job so badly—and I’m mesmerized by Ethan Mason’s piercing gaze. Men like him aren’t supposed to exist in real life. But under the tailored suits and GQ looks, Ethan simmers with barely restrained ambition. And no matter how hard I work to fight the attraction, I’m going to get burned.

Ethan: You don’t become a top agent without learning how to close a deal. I always get what—or who—I want, by staying cool and in command. Then Jenny Jackson walks into my office with her lush curves and “screw you” attitude and blows away my intentions of keeping things professional. All I can think about is exploring the perfect body hidden beneath those conservative clothes or shutting her saucy mouth with one hot kiss. Jenny’s worth breaking the rules over—if I can convince her to break the rules for me.

*By sexy, we mean sexy. Like, 18+ sexy.

My Review

Overall, I thought this book was an ok read. I thought the story was well written and flowed nicely. Bossed is a quick read that can be finished in just a few short hours. In the beginning, I was really intrigued by Ethan and Jenny. I thought the two of them had really great chemistry and I loved the tension between the two of them. Their banter was very entertaining and I thought that they both gave as good as they got and I think it kept the story really interesting.

However, I did have a few issues with the story. I felt like a lot of the drama in the story was unnecessary and at times, a little over the top. Anytime there was a misunderstanding, both characters would act without thinking and it annoyed me that Jenny never would listen to Ethan when he tired to explain himself. Once or twice, I understand. But, it was every single time. She only really listened to him when his friend Matt would intervene. I guess, I wanted to see more of the two of them working through their issues and hearing each other out without other people trying to save the day.

Bossed is my first book by this author, and while I did have some issues with this story, I still found it to be an enjoyable read. For the most part, it was a steamy and fun read, it just had a little too much unnecessary drama for my tastes. I’m still glad that I took and a chance and checked this book out. I would still be open to reading more from this author in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: Royally Roma (The Royals #1) by Teri Wilson

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In this charming, modern retelling of the classic Audrey Hepburn film Roman Holiday, a royal prince tries to escape his hectic and rigid life and ends up leading a young graduate student on a chase through the Eternal City.

Julia Costa is too busy trying to complete her PhD while also holding down a full-time job as a private tour guide in Rome to keep up with celebrity gossip. So when she crosses paths with a real, actual prince, she mistakes him for a client and takes him on a daylong tour of the city.

Intrigued by the idea of spending time with someone who obviously has no idea who he is, and delighted at the prospect of a day free of royal obligations, Niccolo La Torre, Crown Prince of Lazaretto, acts on impulse and assumes the role of Julia’s client. He swears to himself that he’ll return to his royal duties after only half a day…but he’s having the time of his life.

Until Julia presents him with the bill. Since he snuck out of the hotel without so much as a dime, he tries to escape, only to discover that she won’t let him out of her sight until he can pay her back. She’s determined to get her money…and perhaps more from the handsome stranger she’s fallen for.

My Review

Really cute, easy read. I love getting lost in a good romance and I love being able to experience new places via the written word. Royally Roma is a quick read, one that you can easily finish in just one sitting. The story-line is fun and cute. The characters are entertaining and sweet together.

Overall, I thought this was just a really sweet read. It’s definitely going to be one of those that is great for some, but not a hit for others. For me, I’m somewhere in between. While this is sweeter than my usual reads, it was a nice change of pace and I’m glad to have checked it out.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*