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Our WTF! moments and more from the final EVER True Blood…

Kristal – Ok! So, True Blood. Hmm. When you spend hours of your life, and (literally) hundreds of dollars on a book and/or tv series you expect that there will be some kind of pay off. When that expectation isn’t met there’s…disappointment, to say the least. So bear with me will I express my feelings. I’m not 100% sure why I persisted with both the book AND TV series (stupidity?) but I did… and hell, I feel let down. Kind of like when you back the wrong ‘team’ in a love triangle and find out in the 3rd…6th…13th book that your guy isn’t the winner. Except Sookies triangle was more like a square, or a hexagon.

All bitching aside, there were things I liked about the final episode of this series. For starters, Jessica, Jason and Hoyt were absolutely the heart and soul of this show by the end. Without Jessica & Jason this series would have gone to the pot ages ago. The end of their story was beautiful and heartwarming. Perfect. And Jessica was a stunning bride! There’s just something about a redhead in nude and reds. What. A. Babe. She was ridiculous. 

The other thing that I felt (grudgingly) happy about was that Sookie and Bill didn’t end up together. Whoever called this an ‘epic love story’ was a liar. It was gross. Bill as a character was way too soft for me. Like soft features, soft voice, softly spoken….it gave me the creeps. Also, when there are literally hundreds of thousands of fans screaming at the producers about how much they love Eric and Sookie, and the producers then decide to push Bill and Sookie instead, well the trust is gone. I can never trust those producers (or Charlaine Harris) again with a good TV show or book series. I’m pretty sure they would just f-ck me over. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” 

Honestly there’s not that much more to say. Hopefully Charmaine will be more articulate (and nicer), than I have been. Sorry to the three Bill and Sookie fans that still exist and sorry about the bitch and moan as well – I had to get it out! Let’s end on a positive note – the gif above is everything.

Charmaine – Firstly, that GIF is pretty much the best part of the season finale. Eric bopping along in that car was just perfect Eric-ness and this last episode needed all of the Eric-ness it could get. Now aside from that, I feel kinda bleak on the whole thing. I know that no matter what, when a TV show ends you can’t please everyone… I know this. But this went beyond that. I find it hard to believe that many people would be loving the fact that in the end, after everything fans have invested in the characters, Sookie ends up with a faceless, nameless, no-body. I know that the aim was to show her leading a somewhat normal life in the end like she apparently always wanted… but really, if she wanted that would she have not given up her light when Bill asked? Would we not find it so damn hard to believe? Because, honestly, I don’t for a second believe that Sookie was meant to end up as Mrs average Bon Temps. If this ending was, from the start, the point of 7 seasons of this show then it would’ve been nice to have a heads up so that we could anticipate being lead so far astray there was no chance we’d make our way back to any semblance of a decent conclusion.

Back when I was reading the books, well before the final book came out, I was totally Team Sookie & Eric. Same goes for when this show started, I just wanted Bill to back the eff up and leave those two to find their own version of HEA. But by the time I’d finished the books AND now that the show has finished, I hate to say it but I’m GLAD Sookie and Eric don’t end up in each others lives. I’m glad he’s off doing a million other more deserving things than her. Sookie turned out to be probably one of my least favorite main characters ever. By the end of this series I didn’t want to watch one more second of her storyline (probably didn’t help that they all contained Bill and his time consuming BORING life flashbacks, or the two of them rambling on to one another about feelings.) So if I came away with anything from the finale it was the realization that really, Bill and Sookie were probably the two characters I cared about the least out of the core group. I just couldn’t bring myself to feel anything. There was nothing there. Oh and I have to take a sec to mention that the whole ‘she could hear Bills thoughts’ near the end was probably one of the STUPIDEST things I have seen. Whoever came up with that one obviously wanted to smash us across the head with their apparent love for each other, no room for subtly there obviously.

Now while it seems like I didn’t like anything, I promise that’s actually not true. Like Kristal, I was a huge Jessica fan. I actually read somewhere in a review that she was the ‘beating heart’ of this last season and I believe that is absolutely the fact. Her storyline was just perfect, all of it. It was the right way to end a series for a character. Likewise with Jason, he, like Sookie got the typical normal ‘happily ever after’ treatment, but in his case it ‘seemed’ right. I’ve always loved his character, and I finished watching the finale loving him more than ever before. Since I’m totally team Eric and I love Pam too, I don’t have any complaints about them ending up taking over the world one infomercial at a time together, these characters seemed to be designated to be responsible for the comedy of the season so of course that would extend to this episode… and it was fine. Not amazing, but you’ll hear no complaints from me.

So that’s the end of that. True Blood is finished for good, which is probably a good thing because I just don’t think I could’ve committed to another season. After the last few seasons being pretty darn average, I knew some type of mind blowing ending was probably was too much to hope for, but even so, I don’t think I was fully prepared for how flat it was. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good… it was just an ending. After 7 seasons I think we deserved something more, even if it was big and terrible, at least I could’ve respected them trying and failing. Here it didn’t even feel like trying…

Can we just talk about True Blood for a quick second…

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A few weeks back I was throwing a blog-tantrum over season 7 of True Blood. BBH and I were at that time BEYOND unimpressed with the direction we were being taken… You can read that grumpy post HERE.

But I take it back! The last two episodes (4 & 5) have been Ah-mazing! AMAZING I TELL YOU! Episode 4 was like comedy hour, I don’t think we’ve laughed so much in a fair few seasons…

Episode 5 however was not all laughs (although there were some freaking awesome one-liners thanks mostly to Pam and Eric.) For the rest of the cast however, episode 5 was almost tear-jerker material.

Finally it feels like we’re coming back round full circle. We’re half way through this final season now and this weeks episode did EXACTLY what needed to be done. It brought most of the characters together into one storyline so we managed to cover a lot of ground (which really needed to happen since we’re fast running out of time) AND we got to see a few interactions that I didn’t think we would see before the show was out. So THANK YOU to the writers for condensing the storyline spread a bit.

Now if it’s not too much to ask could we please quit the Bill & Sookie stuff (whatever that’s about, we will NEVER be converted to a Bill + Sookie endgame) and pretty much just focus on the storylines of Eric & Pam (not dying thanks), Lafayette (getting his well deserved happily ever after) and Jason Stackhouse & Jessica (happily ever after for these two as well please?)…. We’re crossing our fingers but maybe it’s too much to hope for… Although we’ve been surprised once so maybe they can pull it off again…

Sunday Loves – 13.07.2014

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How’s your True Blood watching going?

Episode 4 preview…

Our True Blood nights seem to be flying by. We’re already staring down the barrel of episode 4?!!!! Extra depressing since this final season is only 10 episodes long. Anyway I thought I’d take a quick minute to discuss the happenings…





Ok, firstly… BOOOOOO!!!!! Why did they kill off Alcide! I care about him as a character a lot more than I care about characters like Lettie Mae (Tara’s mum) and even worse than the fact he was killed off, why did they kill him off in such a non-scene. It seemed a wee bit of an anti-anything to have him shot in a passing camera angle. His character definitely deserved something more. If you’re going to kill off a character like that then do it with some effort. Tara was also killed off in a non-way (her death didn’t even get camera time except for the before and after) But that I could live with, it was a different way to approach it. Now after adding Alcide to the non-event death it just seems a wee bit bitter. Lets hope more characters don’t get added to the body count… Also, I would like to note… Like Kristal and I discussed, as IF Alcide and Bill wouldn’t have heard the shooter in the trees. Ridiculous.

This brings me to Sookie and Bill, Alcide is out of the picture now, seemingly so is Eric (more on that soon) So now suddenly Sookie and Bill are having deep and meaningful conversations about life and love? And conveniently he’s ‘not the same vampire who did terrible things to her’ since he was drained last season? If this is a play to have these two end up together I am unimpressed.

Now to the next issue. Eric. I’m sure you all were hoping Eric would be back after last seasons events…


Good news is that he is back. Bad news is, seriously they’ve given him Hep V?! And for some reason that’s turned him into some wuss of a vampire that’s just laying around waiting to die? That is not the Eric that has been portrayed right through this series. Not at all. So not only do I feel a bit miffed that he’s got whatever that zombie vampire illness is, but I now have to put up with him being a shadow of his former character. Come on, us viewers need a little smidge of good to get us through the last ever season!

And who the heck had even heard of this ‘Sylvie’ before episode 3’s flashback scenes. I’m not buying it.

I’ve decided to finish on a good note, with the things/characters that have Kristal and I enjoying TB… Lafayette. Honestly, love this character. Always have, he’s just freaking awesome. Jason Stackhouse. Hilarious, love that he keeps the humor ticking over that this show needs. (especially this season) Also his eye-candy appeal is not hurting either. Pam!!! Who doesn’t love Pam. I wish that she was getting way more screen time this year so I’m hoping we start to see more of her soon. And finally, Kristal and I both agree that it’s so good to have the story based back in Bon Temps. The last few seasons have seemed like they’ve been everywhere BUT Bon Temps, so we’re loving it.

So we haven’t quite decided where this is going yet… we do have a few ideas. A few hopes and a few fears. Luckily a lot can change in the last 7 episodes… otherwise, could we possibly be looking at the apocalypse? I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are you loving? What are you not?



Sunday Loves – 08.06.2014

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More True Blood goodness…

Yes, I know… MORE True Blood posts. But it’s June now which means we are on the countdown to the first episode of the LAST season! So in a few short weeks my BBH and I will be settling in to start watching/eating…

Kristal and I...

Kristal and I…

So Last week Trailer #2 was released for the upcoming season, many of you guys have probably already seen it but in case you haven’t….

My only issue, (apart from the vampire zombie thing, we all know how I feel about that…Ahem…) is once again where the EFF is ERIC!!! True Blood you better not mess with us, he better be coming back!

Eric Northman AKA Future Ex Husband #2

Eric Northman AKA Future Ex Husband #2


So take this as a warning… there will be much more TB discussion here at OUBB… It’s just that time of year!

Sunday Loves – 27.04.2014

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In the name of all things WTF! I bring you this weeks Sunday Love… This has apparently been around for a while, so how have I not seen this ‘tribute’ to Sookie by Snoop Dogg before?! Who came up with such an idea? What would Sookie think of this? And Eric for that matter?!!! Seriously is EVERYONE in love with Sookie, even rappers? And whose plan were the dancing Merlottes waitresses?! Honestly this is just everything.


I. Just. Can’t.

This made my night.

Sunday Loves – 06.04.2014

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So this happened this week… Now I admit it’s not much… but it’s a start of something. We are preeeeetty excited! We have a tradition of watching True Blood together every week. We have both read the books as well, and we can get quite passionate about anything and everything to do with the series, especially Eric (and TV Alcide.) Kristal even has a VERY impressive GIF of Eric from last season…Ahem… If you watched last season I bet you can guess what I’m referring to! Weow Weeeowww!

Anyway, not long to wait. My only hope is, at the end last year it looked like maybe we were dealing with a version of zombie vampires, I really really hope that this is not the case…

Throwback Thursday!

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This is our first Throwback Thursday, to share the love of a past read and have a bit of a chat. So it just comes down to picking one for this week to kick it off….Right now I’m sitting here listening to the rain and staring at my bookcase for inspiration, hoping a book will throw itself at me begging me to dust it off and reminisce…Ahem…

So this was my thought pattern: I need a book for throwback Thursday…It’s raining… Hmmmm I like to eat dessert when it rains… Damn! I have no dessert… That dessert I had at Kristal’s the other night was good I wish I had some of that… Oooohhhhh I can’t wait for TB (True Blood) Tuesdays to start back up because it’s guaranteed desserts every week… Wait… TB Tuesdays… I know what my first Throwback Thursday is!


Dead until Dark  (#1 Sookie Stackhouse Series) – By Charlaine Harris

This is the first story in the series written by Charlaine Harris. I still remember my BBH telling me about this book I HAD to read a few years ago. So off I went to the bookstore, found it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to read about Vampires? At this point I hadn’t read much Urban Fantasy and the like. It was all Historical Fiction and Chick-Lit. But I bought it, read it, loved it, went back and started reading the rest. Now, I’m putting aside all of the soul destroying issues the books further on in the series caused my BBH and I, and am JUST focusing on this first book for TT. I know a bunch of you would’ve read it and more than likely the rest of them too. Do you remember the start? Before things got twisted? The possibilities for the storyline and characters? Learning all about Sookie and Bill and Bon Temps? Before you got too many books in? Before it was splashed across our screens in True Blood? (Oh do not worry we will be blogging about TB’s final series later this year as it plays out!) As my first foray into UF this book was a good start. It was easy to dip my toes in and not get too badly bitten (ha!) It definitely has a special place in my heart. So up on my bookshelf this book stays as a reminder of the start of my supernatural love. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back and revisit Sookie in Bon Temps, as her and I have had some disagreements over the years, but I don’t regret meeting her for a second.



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