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Book Review – Stolen Songbird (The Malediction Trilogy #1) by Danielle L. Jensen

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When I first saw that this book was about trolls I absolutely knew I HAD to read it. Immediately. I had never read a book where the trolls were the main event. So straight away this was new and exciting for me. Holy hell, I am SO glad I read it.

 Cécile de Troyes is returning home through the forest one day when she is kidnapped and sold to the trolls beneath the mountain for a pretty price. The trolls have been cursed and trapped under the mountain by magic for centuries. They believe that Cécile holds the key to setting them free, so she is bound to the troll heir to enable her to start fulfilling the prophecy. The trolls are cruel, unfeeling, and deceitful, and Cécile is desperate to escape their underground world. However not everyone is as they seem, especially troll prince, Tristan de Montigny.

“She foretold that when a prince of night bonded a daughter of the sun, the curse would be broken.”

This world was incredible, both within Trollus and outside of it. I love, love, LOVED it. The description of Trollus was brilliant. The darkness, the desperation, the need to get out and feel the sun again – I could see and feel it all, also the hope that someone might be able to help them, and the desire to live a different life. Even though they were hugely flawed, I loved the trolls. One of the main things I enjoyed about this story was its originality. I have read books with trolls in them, but they are usually supporting or filler characters. 

I didn’t actually know this book was a YA when I picked it out as my next read so I was a little weary of it when I did find out, but I forgot about it quickly. My biggest problem with YAs is that I tend to find the main characters incredibly immature and irritating. However, in Stolen Songbird the heroine didn’t behave like a typical immature teenager (probably a testament to the world she grew up in), so I didn’t find her at all annoying. She didn’t spend all her time pining away and living for the hero either – thank god.

Cécile and Tristan were gorgeous together. I loved the slow build of their relationship. We got to know both characters individually, before we knew them together. The story is told from both Tristan and Cécile’s POV, which made it a lot easy to connect with the characters. When they eventually did come together it was a definite swoon moment. Not a single eye-roll from me.

My only complaint – it’s a series! With a cliff-hanger. Not good for my patience (or lack of).  I NEEEED book 2 ASAP! I’m absolutely dying to find out the fate of Tristan, Cécile and Trollus. Can’t wait to see where this story will go next!

“Under the sun, with your family. That’s where you belong.”