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Shame on You & Shame on Me (Fool Me Once #1 & #2) By Tara Sivec

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I effing LOVE Tara Sivec. Have you read her Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics series? If not, and you love to laugh, (Especially laugh at HIGHLY inappropriate subject matter) you need to read them! So being that I loved those books and pretty much cracked up the entire way through each installment, I was super excited to see that she had a new book out this month (Shame on you) Which is when I realized I hadn’t read the first book in the series… so I purchased them both and read them in a couple of evenings…

GD Tara Sivec! Two school nights I was up waaaaayyyyy too late reading these two books. Because when it comes to anything from Tara, I start reading and can’t stop until it’s finished and these books were no exception.

The books are based around three best friends, Kennedy, Paige and Lorelei, who each have been wronged by their significant male others and band together to start Fool Me Once Investigations, a private investigation business that amongst other things, targets good for nothing men. With that, let the good times roll.

I love my best friends, but sometimes, I want to punch them in the face. Lovingly, of course.

Sentences like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m pretty sure that this sentiment is the cornerstone of any great friendship. And this is where these books and these characters are so great. They are us. Ok so they have much more drama in their lives then we do, but essentially, when you read these books you can relate to these women. They’re busy being kick-ass and independent, they’re witty, they have a love/hate relationship with the male species, they drink, swear and perve. Actually, they perve a lot… but to be fair with the men that they come across I’d be spending a lot of time perving too.

Also did not get to see the peen   

Each book focuses on a different girl as the main character, with the others in supporting roles. And these 3 lead characters are as different as different can be. The books follow a quick and fun formula. There’s a bit of time for work, some time for drama, time for friendships and pep talks, time for meeting a new love interest and berating the last one, of course there is plenty of time for sexing…and maybe even more time for thinking about sexing…

Oh, and there’s time for drinking. Always time for drinking…

“Nothing is wrong. This champagne is just delicious. I didn’t feel like waiting to pour it into my glass. It’s such a waste of time.”

These books were a heck of a lot of fun to read. Just what I wanted and needed after the last few heavier type reads. I am still the Chocolate Lovers series biggest fan, and it’s hard to beat. This series (so far) isn’t to me what Chocolate lovers is, but it’s good un-clean fun with the certain kind of wit we expect from Tara Sivec. If you’ve enjoyed her other books you’ll get a thrill out of these. There’s a reason she’s on my favorite author list!