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Book Review – A is for Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen Curtis (A is for Alpha Male #1)

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A is for Absolutely Freakin Hilarious! What a laugh! The sass, Haley’s smart-ass mouth,  the adorable and slightly scatterbrained mother, the amazing Dan Smith – it all made for a fantastically fun read.

Haley Whitfield is sick to death of boring mommas boys so she and her mother, Allison, make a list of all the things they are looking for in the perfect man and embark on an adventure to find him. Setting off on a cross country road trip, they plot their route and make a plan to track down their men.  At their first stop they encounter the delicious Dan Smith. He doesn’t have all the qualities on the list exactly, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? For the rest of the book we get to witness Haley and Allison’s shenanigans on their trip and discover just who Dan Smith really is.

First off – I just LOVED this mother/daughter duo. Their relationship was fantastic and they truly were best friends. The banter between them was written in a comical and engaging way, and while I don’t share anywhere near as much info about my life with my mother as Haley did with hers, I think the open and honest communication in their relationship is definitely something I would want to have with my daughter. The ability to discuss absolutely any emotion, without judgement, is a rare quality a lot of relationships strive for. Allison was the perfect antidote to Haley’s crazy dramatics, and Haley had the street smarts that sweet (and slightly naive) Allison, lacked.  They really stole the show for me in this book.

“Haley, you need a shower. Sweet Lord, you look like you’ve been given a makeover by homeless people.”

I had to admit that reasonably early on I could see where the story was going with Dan. Not all of it, but the main twist, I think, is quite obvious. Even though I had figured this out, it didn’t take away from the story. After all, it’s a romantic comedy not a suspense novel. I enjoyed the cute exchanges between Dan and Haley, and loved how he seemed to ‘get her’ in the same way her mother did. I would have liked a little more background story on Dan. I think that just a smidge more info would have made me feel more connected with his character. 

“But there was something about Danny. Some kind of comfortable understanding. Some kind of pull.”

Which leads us to Haley. A warning – DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY THE F WORD. Haley has a mouth on her like a sailor. But not just any sailor – a sarcastic, witty, inappropriate sailor. Her dramatics were just so ridiculous and over the top! Those who knew and loved her seemed to take it all in their stride but I think most people would film it for youtube if they were to ever run into someone like Hayley. She was priceless –

“I’ll admit, it was a struggle getting us both down to the ground gently under her weight, but I somehow managed it.
However, I would never, ever tell her that. If she asked I would be all ‘Light as a f-cking feather, Madre. You were so light I balanced you on my pinky finger for a few seconds, just to show off.’ Honesty is my policy. Always. Except when talking about a woman’s weight. When confronted with this timeless issue, lie, lie, lie your ass off.”


There was a lot of Kristen Ashley fangirling in the book so I think if you are familiar with Kristen Ashley books then you will probably get a little more out of the story than those who aren’t. There are a few things that may go over your head if you haven’t read any KA. However, it’s pretty easy to fill in the blanks. I really enjoyed this for my weekend read. Just what I needed!