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Book Review – Eight Days a Week by Amber L. Johnson

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Once again Amber L Johnson has managed to write a vibrant and engaging story filled with colorful characters. Eight Days a Week is a very different book to Puddle Jumping (my other favorite ALJ read) but I was still captivated by this story and hated having to put it down in order to deal with real life (AKA my children). 

Eight Days a Week is about Andrew Lyons and Gwen Stone. Andrew is a (hot) directionless twenty-something, who needs to get a job (and a life) and get out of his sisters apartment as soon as possible. Gwen is the working mother of two children and finds herself in a bind childcare wise. Flustered by her current predicament, she hires Drew on a whim and shenanigans ensue. As attraction between Drew and Gwen grows, so do the secrets between them and an emotional disaster is inevitable. 

Eight Days a Week is solely told from Drew’s point of view, which made for a refreshing and exciting change. I LOVE when a male point of view is done well and this was done extremely well. Drew’s personality shone out of the pages on this story and there was none of the same-same feeling I often get while reading a male POV. It was chock full of humor, and the predicaments Drew found himself in while learning the ways of the ‘manny’ had me laughing out loud more than once. Things that mothers don’t even think twice about can be real conundrums for the average manny!

“I didn’t feel too awkward around them yet. Maybe I was a natural at this childcare shit. Of course, it had been less than two minutes.”

Amber L Johnson has a knack for writing charismatic and lovable characters. I have adored every character in her books and have found each of them relatable in different ways. I felt drawn into this story immediately and loved the time I spent getting to know these characters. This story did have serious undertones but with the humorous situations and hot romance peppered throughout the book, it was the perfect balance of both serious and fun. I never felt pulled too far in one direction.

Eight Days a Week is another hit for me from Amber L Johnson. It’s safe to say I’m a fan for life and I can’t wait to see what Ms Johnson gives us next!

“Where have you been all my life?”

“I guess I was waiting for you to find me. I’m sorry I’ve been so scared.”

*ARC recevied in exchange for an honest review