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Blog Tour and Review: Justified by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Meet Nolan & Chloe is this HOT, quick read

by Aurora Rose Reynolds




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Justified  (Alfha Law #1) Novella

After the first sighting, he’s fascinated.

After the first smile, he’s infatuated.

By the first kiss, he’s obsessed. 

Nolan sees Chloe through a window of a bakery in downtown Manhattan. At first sight, something about her calls to a piece of him he thought was lost. Without thinking, he begins watching her, and when the moment presents itself, he strikes, claiming Chloe for himself. For a man who is used to getting what he wants Nolan wont let anyone or anything stand in his way.


“You look stunning.” I step towards her, running my index finger down her bare side. “I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the evening without killing every man who looks at you.” That’s not a lie, I think, tracing the edge of her breast.

“You didn’t pick this, did you?” she asks. I lift my eyes to meet hers and shake my head.“I can change.”

“No. You look…” I shake my head, trying to think of a way to describe her. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

My Review

I’m going to just keep this review short and sweet. Justified is a super quick and easy read! It is one SCORCHING HOT novella. It is completely told from the male pov. If you are a fan of steam, possessive-over the top alpha males, and super sexy scenes, you will not be disappointed!!

The only complaint that I have is that I did feel like the story was rushed at times. Everything just happened so quickly. It just left me wanting more. However, that being said, I really enjoyed Nolan’s pursuit of Chloe. Nolan was not going to take no for answer. He’s definitely the type who’s not afraid to go after what he wants! 

Overall, I did find this novella to be very enjoyable. This book had lots of sexy times, romance, mystery and intrigue. This is an exciting new series from Aurora Rose Reynolds and I’m looking forward to seeing where she’ll take us next!


*An ARC copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review*



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About the Author:

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who’s husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She’s married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it’s beauty.

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Book Review – Wings of Hope (The Veil Series Prequel) by Pippa DaCosta

Book provided by author in return for an honest review

“I am his muse. But not for long…”

When Mammon, the Prince of Greed, ‘acquires’ a half-blood slave known as ‘Muse’ for three nights, and bespells her with tales of a world where people live like kings and queens among towers of steel and glass, the seed of hope takes root in Muse’s soul. But hope, for a half-human half-demon creature like her, is a dangerous thing. Especially when that tentative hope springs from the honeyed words of a Prince of Hell. What is Mammon’s price for freedom?

Meanwhile Da’mean, her ruthless owner, would rather see her dead, than free. She belongs to him. She is his muse. And no beast will take her from him.

The world of the elemental demons is harsh and violent. Muse’s kin are merciless, blood-hungry beasts, but little do they know, Muse has something far more dangerous coiled inside her, desperate for a taste of freedom.

Her humanity.

A small seemingly insignificant half-blood demon, a cruel and sadistic demon owner, a powerful Prince of Hell with an ulterior motive and a description of the netherworld so rich in detail, clear enough that you can see it in your mind, yet foreign enough that you can’t quite grasp the realities of surviving in such a place… It’s safe to say I was excited to sink my teeth into this novella. I’ve been loving this series and have mentioned on occasion how much I was dying to discover more about Muse’s past. Well luckily for me Pippa DaCosta has taken the time to write this beautifully descriptive piece and in doing so, has well and truly done justice to Muse’s story.

This story is set in the netherworld, this place is full of demons of all shapes, sizes and brutalities, this is a place where blood, pain and death are the norm and if you intend to venture out alone you better know how to protect yourself. Chaos and violence rule, domination is king and there is no room for emotions, wants or dreams. The Muse we meet here in not the human half of Muse that we are accustomed to… No, here we have been taken back to where Muse lived and thought like a demon. Muse can’t understand her seemingly weak and pathetic ‘pink’ human half, she cannot fathom the thoughts and strange feelings she has when she is in her skin, all that makes sense to Muse the demon, is that she is worthless and that someone will always own her to use her.

Here we also get to see more of her owner Da’mean and the atrocities he committed against her, but even more so, we get to see Ahkeel (Akil) through her eyes as they first meet. As we know, he turns out to be a pretty integral part of Muse’s future, but to see him here at the start, to see him as the Prince of Greed, in his world, in his castle, seemingly in his element but hankering for something else, really helps to not only flesh out his Mammon self a bit more, but also sets the tone of their relationship

Now that I’ve delved into Muse’s past I can’t wait to get back into her current day self. Every single encounter in the netherworld has made Muse who she is today and armed with a more in-depth understanding of her and her world, owed to the fact that we were viewing everything through her demons eyes, I feel so much has ‘clicked’ into place. This darker toned novella is the perfect accompaniment to this series and in my opinion, it is a must read.

 photo credit: KomodorO // Paco LopeH via photopin cc

Book Review – Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson #5) by Darynda Jones

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Here at Once Upon a Book Blog we are HUGE Charley Davidson fans.  We love her with the fire of a thousand suns. And Reyes too. We looooove Reyes. I have actually left Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson #5) for a while, waiting until I knew the sixth one was nearly out. And THANK GOD I did because it’s semi cliffy. 

Grim Reaper and P.I extraordinaire Charley Davidson has a problem. Her neighbour/boyfriend(?)/Son of Satan is the lead suspect in her arson case, so she decides to keep her distance from Reyes Farrow until she figures out the truth. However, her apartment is slowly filling up with terrified, frantic, and confused dead women. When Charley thinks that her sister Gemma might be the next victim in the serial killers sights she enlists Reyes help to keep her safe. Adding to the drama is Garrett Swopes who, after spending some time in hell, is determined to find out answers about Charley, Reyes and the battle ahead. 

So much happened in this book. SO MUCH! If I’m honest, Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4), wasn’t my favorite book so far and I was getting worried that the series was going downhill. I was starting to get frustrated with Charley and pissy at Reyes, but Fifth Grave Past the Light got the whole story and its characters back on track for me. One of my biggest frustrations was that Charley never seemed all that determined to learn more about who she is, and what she could do. It just got swept under the rug a lot. I couldn’t understand it because I think anyone else would be running around begging answers of people, rather than putting it all in the too hard basket. In this book we definitely start to get a lot more answers about who Charley ultimately is, what her purpose is, and what may be ahead for her. Which I loved. It feels like the author might be setting things up for something epic to occur and I can’t wait.

In Fifth Grave Past the Light I found that there was a slightly more serious undercurrent.  It was there in her relationships with her family, friends and Reyes and also in her work. I think this series really needed it. I didn’t even realise how much, until I was reading certain scenes and thinking how badly that needed to happen. We got to see a softer, more serious side to Charley, which was perfect and absolutely heartbreaking all in one. There was still plenty of that quirky Charley humor though –

“I’d dressed to the nines. Or, at the very least, the eight-and-a-halves.”

And that brings us to Charley and Reyes. These two slay me. If anything happens with them, other than HEA, I don’t think I will ever recover from the heartbreak. They just seem to be a match made in heaven, and they are smoking hot together as well. Reyes finally came through for Charley in this book and I started to believe that he was a lot more invested in this than I thought him to be in earlier books. His actions spoke louder than his words. Finally. And that ending!!! Ohhh!!! I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it but swoooooon! I melted into a puddle and don’t think I’ll solidify again until I start reading Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson #6).

“You are everything to me. How can I not empathize with you for what you’ve endured?”

I would have to say that Fifth Grave Past the Light was my favorite Charley installment so far. It was perfection from start to finish. I absolutely cannot wait to read more of this series.  Bring on May and October!!