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Neanderthal Marries Human (Knitting in the City #1.5) by Penny Reid

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Sooooo you all knew after I read Neanderthal Seeks Human a few weeks back that I was DYING of anticipation to read Neanderthal Marries Human. And I had high hopes. High, high hopes! And I am happy to report this book was EVERYTHING I hoped it was going to be and more. This book is another slam dunk for Penny Reid and her writing genius and I just want to issue a disclaimer now: After reading these two books I can honestly say I will now read ANYTHING Penny Reid writes, literally anything. I am officially obsessed and I can’t hold it in. Sorry.

There are three things you should know about Quinn Sullivan: 1) He is madly in love with Janie Morris, 2) He’s not above playing dirty to get what (or who) he wants, and 3) He doesn’t know how to knit.

After just five months of dating Janie, Quinn—former Wendell and unapologetic autocrat—is ready to propose marriage. In fact, he’s more than ready. If it were up to Quinn, he would efficiently propose, marry, and beget Janie with child all in the same day—thereby avoiding the drama and angst that accompanies the four stages of pre-matrimony: engagement, meeting the parents, bachelor/bachelorette party, and overblown, superfluous wedding day traditions. But Janie, much to Quinn’s dismay, tosses a wrench in his efficacious endeavors and challenges him to prove his devotion by going through the matrimonial motions, no matter how minute and mundane.

Will Quinn last until the wedding day? Or will he yield to his tyrant impulses?

Regardless, one thing is for certain, Quinn Sullivan will have to learn to expect the Spanish Inquisition (i.e. the unexpected) if he plans to have and keep Janie Morris as his wife.

Ok so as the blurb says, Janie and Quinn are getting married. (Eeeep! Happy dance!) This timeline follows on pretty much directly from where we left them in NSH. Which is perfect really because I reeeeeally wanted to continue on the Janie/Quinn storyline and I didn’t want to miss a thing. And we don’t miss anything. Not a single thing. Thanks to NSH giving us a lot of background story it really felt like we could sit back and just focus on Janie and Quinn’s relationship.

Proposing is like giving someone your dick and a sharp knife, then waiting to see what they do next.

I really loved how in this book it we got to read from both Janie AND Quinn’s point of views. It was mostly Janie but the odd chapters where we got to hear the story from Quinn really made sure that this book was focussed on both characters. I LOVE when you get to get into the mind of multiple characters and in this book the split between the two telling the story is just right. I definitely still wanted mostly Janie because I just love her to bits and it is after all, her story that I started to follow so I didn’t want to share her page space too much. I love that she was still essentially the Janie we knew at the end of the last book, just this time we scratched beneath the surface even further. And Quinn, his voice was just spot on. He was so essentially Quinn-ish in his chapters it really bought variety and a certain edge that the story really benefited from. I also loved how between them they both didn’t just keep rehashing the story, each of them kept the pace going and the parts of the story that were assigned to Quinn to tell were perfectly selected. Only he could’ve narrated that Vegas scene (well ok, doubly so since I don’t think Janie was in any state to speak but still!)

Oh and I haven’t forgotten the other characters! I love that they are all back for this instalment and are just as awesome as ever. There were some very poignant family related developments on both sides and as far as the knitting girls go, the scene in Vegas at the beauticians has to be one of the best ‘girl talk’ moments in the book. Who knew there were so many creative terminologies for waxing ones lady garden? Also Dan was another favourite of mine and I’m so glad we got to see a bit more of him in this book

Some people say, “I can’t – I can’t even…” Some people say, “bitch, you crazy.” Some people say, “I have no words.” Dan just glances at the ceiling and takes a deep breath.

As you probably can tell from my above ramblings, this story was very character focussed. That doesn’t mean that there was little/no storyline because there definitely was. But I really feel that this book did exactly what it needed to do, it continued with the story of Janie and Quinn. After all I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that after NSH I desperately wanted more about these two characters and this book certainly delivered that. Both NSH and NMH have now been allocated to my ‘Best Books Ever’ list and I am DEFINITELY going to read them again because I know they won’t lose any of their charm no matter how well acquainted I become with them. Now please excuse me… I’m just off to add all of the other books in this series onto my wish list…

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Shame on You & Shame on Me (Fool Me Once #1 & #2) By Tara Sivec

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I effing LOVE Tara Sivec. Have you read her Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics series? If not, and you love to laugh, (Especially laugh at HIGHLY inappropriate subject matter) you need to read them! So being that I loved those books and pretty much cracked up the entire way through each installment, I was super excited to see that she had a new book out this month (Shame on you) Which is when I realized I hadn’t read the first book in the series… so I purchased them both and read them in a couple of evenings…

GD Tara Sivec! Two school nights I was up waaaaayyyyy too late reading these two books. Because when it comes to anything from Tara, I start reading and can’t stop until it’s finished and these books were no exception.

The books are based around three best friends, Kennedy, Paige and Lorelei, who each have been wronged by their significant male others and band together to start Fool Me Once Investigations, a private investigation business that amongst other things, targets good for nothing men. With that, let the good times roll.

I love my best friends, but sometimes, I want to punch them in the face. Lovingly, of course.

Sentences like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m pretty sure that this sentiment is the cornerstone of any great friendship. And this is where these books and these characters are so great. They are us. Ok so they have much more drama in their lives then we do, but essentially, when you read these books you can relate to these women. They’re busy being kick-ass and independent, they’re witty, they have a love/hate relationship with the male species, they drink, swear and perve. Actually, they perve a lot… but to be fair with the men that they come across I’d be spending a lot of time perving too.

Also did not get to see the peen   

Each book focuses on a different girl as the main character, with the others in supporting roles. And these 3 lead characters are as different as different can be. The books follow a quick and fun formula. There’s a bit of time for work, some time for drama, time for friendships and pep talks, time for meeting a new love interest and berating the last one, of course there is plenty of time for sexing…and maybe even more time for thinking about sexing…

Oh, and there’s time for drinking. Always time for drinking…

“Nothing is wrong. This champagne is just delicious. I didn’t feel like waiting to pour it into my glass. It’s such a waste of time.”

These books were a heck of a lot of fun to read. Just what I wanted and needed after the last few heavier type reads. I am still the Chocolate Lovers series biggest fan, and it’s hard to beat. This series (so far) isn’t to me what Chocolate lovers is, but it’s good un-clean fun with the certain kind of wit we expect from Tara Sivec. If you’ve enjoyed her other books you’ll get a thrill out of these. There’s a reason she’s on my favorite author list!

Book Review – Can you keep a Secret? By Sophie Kinsella

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I’ve read the Shopoholic series by Sophie Kinsella, loved it! So was definitely expecting to be just as entertained by this book and I wasn’t disappointed. The basis of the book being, what happens if you blurt out all of your secrets (including ones you didn’t know you had) to a complete stranger thinking you’d never see them again?…but then you do… a lot! The result of this unlikely set of circumstances is a totally endearing read…

I’ve always had this deep down conviction that I’m not like everybody else, and there’s an amazingly exciting new life waiting for me just around the corner. – Emma Corrigan

This book was exactly what I was hoping for it to be, fun, witty and a lot of laughs. The lead character Emma is so lovable that you know you would love to have her as a bestie because life would be so darn entertaining! Also, for me a lot of Emma’s charm is that she reminded me of myself and of my BBH. For example…This next paragraph is my BBH through and through which had me giggling…

Shit. Another bloody red traffic light. I almost can’t keep still on my seat and the driver’s just sitting there, like it doesn’t matter. OK, it’s green! Go! Go now! But he’s pulling off in this leisurely way, as though we’ve got all day…he’s chuntering down the street…now he’s giving way to another driver! What is he doing? Ok. Calm down, Emma. Here’s the street. We’re finally here.

Road rage! Hilarious! And totally lovable!

Add into the mix a couple of hilarious friends ‘The mink like being made into coats’ A work place bully, a (semi) dysfunctional family, a not quite right boyfriend and a (very) magnetic boss you’ve got a recipe for success. I love Chick Lit stories that don’t take themselves too seriously, but at the same time have a lot of heart and sincerity. And this is where Sophie Kinsella is always so brilliant.

‘Slowly he leans towards me and my heart starts to pound. Oh my God. Oh my God. He’s going to kiss me. He’s going to – ‘Argh! Arrgh! Arrrgh!’ I leap up off the bench in total panic. A spider is running up my leg. A big black spider. ‘Get it off!’ I say, frantically. ‘Get it off!’

So all and all, a really enjoyable read. The pace didn’t get bogged down with anything too complex and I was entertained from the first page till the last. Once again Sophie Kinsella has put a fresh spin on typical Chick Lit and for me, it’s a winner.

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Book Review – Love and Lists (Chocoholics #1) by Tara Sivec

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For anyone familiar with Tara Sivecs’ books, Love and Lists is a Chocolate Lovers spin-off. This new series follows the kids of the clan from the Chocolate Lovers series. You don’t need to read Chocolate Lovers to enjoy this series – but you should because it’s awesome. We all remember Gavin from Chocolate Lovers series, right? The hilarious son of Claire and Carters with the filthy mouth. God, he was funny but imagine if he was your kid? The shame! Anyway, Gavin is all grown up now and has his own book. I’m a little surprised he turned out to be such a well-rounded adult to be honest!

Gavin has it bad for Charlotte (Liz and Jim’s kid) and decides to make a to-do list to win her over, with help from his best friend – the completely idiotic, Tyler. As you can imagine it all goes wrong and, seriously, at times its like watching a car wreck. So cringe worthy! But so, so, SO funny. Poor Gavin. 

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to be a dude and tell a woman you love her only to have her shoot you down? Neither do I, but i’m guessing it would cut me deep.”

“I want her to love me. I want her to see me as something other than a friend. I want her to realize that we’re soul mates. F-ck. Maybe I am getting my period.”

We get to see all of our old favorites from the original gang and they haven’t changed AT ALL. Claire is slightly more maternal maybe, but only very slightly. They are still up to their usual shenanigans and its great. There are some classic lines from people like Drew and Liz dishing out their own special brand of advice  –

“Honey, he doesn’t have a feminine side. He has a vagina.”

“You are a disgrace. Your mother should have swallowed.”

And there’s a lot of talk of body parts in this book but really, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Gavin’s story. Or any story in this series, actually.

“I think my balls just ran away in fear. Oh look, there they go, right out the front door. GOOD-BYE, BOYS!”

The conversations between Liz and Claire about organizing their kids wedding (well before they are even an item) were gold! It reminded me so much of how BBH and i would be/ already are when talking about our own children. Ahem.

There’s is only one teeny gripe really and that is that i found the timeline/ character development a little confusing. It was almost like Gavin and Charlotte were coming in more as friends rather than kids of original cast members. It’s quickly overlooked though because, who cares? It was still hilarious and I loved every second of it.