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Wednesday Anything – Happily Ever After?

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This weekend I’m going to be visiting my parents and so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to drag one of my sisters off to see Divergent with me. I have read the first two books in the series but not the third. I’m not going to lie – I haven’t read the third book because of the ending. I read a spoiler about Tris dying before I read the book and that just completely put me off. I’m not even sure if I’ll see the final movie when it comes around because of it. I’m not totally against characters dying in movies and books. Sometimes it’s completely necessary (hello Harry Potter) and adds a lot more depth to the story.  Sometimes the story would be nothing without character death e.g. Game of Thrones. Often, when no one dies in a long running series, the story ends up being a bit ridiculous. Case in point – Twilight. Every single person lived Happily Ever After. Including Jacob, who ended up being paired up with his soul mate aka The Baby. It was bizarre (and creepy) and made the whole story blah. But in the Divergent series I just feel like Tris’ death was not necessary. It had depth without it. What would The Hunger Games series have been if, after ALL of that, Katniss had died at the end? One of the most powerful parts of The Hunger Games series for me was the Mockingjay epilogue, explaining that while Katniss and Peeta did live, it took a long time for them to heal enough to live a normal life and it certainly wasn’t Happily Ever After. It’s the difference between and good series and a great one.