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Wednesday Anything – Caramello Slice

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I had a dilemma this week and completely forgot about my Wednesday post. The dilemma involved my lip, my toddlers head and (eventually) the doctor. I have been drinking through a straw since Tuesday! Even my cups of tea have been consumed via straw! Ridiculous. Anyway, I’m semi back to normal now and ready to roll. 

So the post for this week is food related (surprise!). You may have seen this recipe already as it seems to be doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment but I recently tried it and Oh! so good! Perfect with a cuppa and book. It’s also incredibly easy to make – only 4 ingredients. Warning – it’s quite intense and that’s without the chocolate topping. 

Caramello Slice


1 pack of Marie (plain) biscuits

1/2 tin of condensed milk

220g block of Cadbury (or any other brand) Caramello Chocolate

125g of butter


* Line a slice tray with baking paper.

* Crush the biscuits into small pieces โ€“ you can use a food processor, or just bash them with the end of a rolling pin.

* Melt the butter and chocolate together in microwave. 

* Add the melted butter & chocolate as well as the condensed milk to the crushed biscuits.  Mix together to combine and then pour into the slice tray.

* Using a metal spoon, spread slice evenly over the tray and push down to smooth.

* At this point I just chucked mine in the fridge for a bit to set but I have seen people melt a block of plain choc and spread it over the top or sprinkle coconut over the top. Both options sound delicious. Once set, slice into squares and enjoy!