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Cover Reveal: EXtortion by J. Derek Teevan

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EXtortion Cover Reveal:

Release Date: August 30, 2017

Genre: Erotica Novella

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A job is just a job, right? Just because a man gets paid to do bad things, doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. At least that what he’s been telling himself these past few years. He’s just a man who enjoys the perks of the job: money, travel, women, and lots of cash. It doesn’t come without cost, and the years of deception have taken its toll. He’s done. Almost.

One final job. One final conquest. One last heartbreak until he’s free of The Company and their hold over him.

Little does he know, he’s about to face the toughest job of his life. Follow Ethan on his titillating path of self-actualization and turmoil in J. Derek Teevan’s debut novel eXtortion.

Author Bio:

Derek Teevan is a thirty-year- old kid who just has to make adult decisions sometimes. He

married his best friend at age nineteen and they enjoy their quiet but somehow always exciting

lives in the burbs of Dayton, Ohio. Derek owes his success to his wife who talked him out of

another service and into the Ohio Air National Guard. Through ups and downs, mission changes,

and career field changes the Guard has been the springboard to his successful civilian career.

Having just entered his thirties, Derek decided to challenge himself by taking up and falling in

love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Even as he sits here with his newly torn ACL, feeling weird because he’s writing in third person, he wishes he was at his Wednesday BJJ class.

When not injured or at class he enjoys long bike rides with his wife on the paved trails through Dayton and the surrounding cities. And when they’re feeling lazy, they both enjoy taking long drives in their 1965 Mustang Convertible. They also enjoy traveling, a lot of times it’s across the

country or globe to go an author signing. He looks forward  to being able to sign a few of his own books at these events instead of hiding behind Tessa’s book rack and making change.

Cover Reveal: Red Velvet (A Drazen World Novella) By: Lauren Luman 

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Red Velvet (A Drazen World Novella) By: Lauren Luman 

Coming 7/12 exclusively to Amazon Kindle


It’s what Carrie Drazen thought she wanted until a violent attack leads her to a life outside of the BDSM world she knew. 

Until Malakai Jackson.

His presence makes her question the life she’s been living and her vow to give up kink. He embodies the perfect Dom. Commanding. Attentive. Masterful.

But someone from Carrie’s past has other plans for her.

Scarred for life, is Malakai the one who will lead her back into the world of submission? Can he keep her safe?

Book Review: Erased by K.Webster and Elle Christensen

Joss Parker’s life is a fairytale come true. She’s a concert pianist in New York who lives with her longtime boyfriend and is close with her fiercely protective father—until one fateful night when she is taken in the middle of the night.

In a desperate attempt to access a program that could be a threat to national security, her ability to play the piano is threatened. Her world comes crashing down when her father puts his need to protect a program over his own daughter.

At the last minute, Joss finds herself whisked away by an unlikely ally. 

She later lands in the protective custody of none other than small-town bad boy and bar owner Derek Slade. Slade is entrusted to look after Joss and see to it that she hides behind her new persona, Jill, so that bad people don’t find her ever again.

Joss has been erased. Joss is now Jill.

As Joss trades her blond locks for Jill’s mahogany ones, she also takes on the strength of her new persona. Jill is someone who doesn’t put up with crap. Jill doesn’t trust easily. Jill must protect the broken heart of Joss.

Joss and Slade battle an intense attraction, but she isn’t the only one with secrets. Behind Slade’s silver eyes are mysteries he’s unwilling to share. Slade knows better than to get involved with Joss, yet he finds it nearly impossible to push her away. 

What happens when Slade crosses the line of protector? Can he protect her when the evils of both of their pasts come back to haunt them?

My Review

An amazing debut novel by author Elle Christensen! When I heard that K. Webster and Elle Christensen were teaming up to write a novel, I was super excited. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, and I was not disappointed!!

Erased follows the story of Joss and Derek. Joss’s life seems perfect, a dream come true. She has her dream job, boyfriend and protective father. Everything is perfect until one night. This one night, her entire life will change. She will find that people are not who they seem to be. Someone she’s known and trusted her entire life wants access to a program and Joss is the key to getting that program. But, her father isn’t willing to give up the information needed and at the last minute, Joss is saved by an unlikely person…..Joss finds herself in a small town with Derek Slade. Slade’s job is give Joss a new life and keep her safe. Joss no longer exists. Joss has now become Jill…..As Joss starts her life over as Jill, she’s suddenly taking charge of things. She’s stronger, feistier, and doesn’t put up with anything. She doesn’t trust anyone and will protect her heart at all costs. The last thing Joss ever planned on, was falling for her protector, Slade.  Their attraction is instant and intense. But, Slade has secrets and the lines of protector become blurred. Will they give into their attraction? What will happen when the past catches up with the both of them??

I was hooked on Erased from the very first page. The plot and  writing kept me completely captivated. I got lost in the suspense and the mystery of the story. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. The characters were easy to connect with and had scorching chemistry. I couldn’t get enough of Joss and Derek. I loved the push and pull of their relationship and watching them try to fight their attraction! Derek was the perfect dirty talking bad boy. Let’s just say, the two of them together: SCORCHING!!

“I just want to stay here forever, block out the real world and fuse our bodies together, living as one, making up for those jagged pieces we are on our own”

Erased was a quick and easy read for me. It was impossible to put down. I devoured this book in about 4 hours!! It had it all for me: angst, action, romance, suspense, and lots of sexy times.  This is one of those books that once I was finished, I immediately wanted to read it over again. That’s how much I enjoyed it. Erased is the debut novel by Elle Christensen and  adding K. Webster into the mix, makes for one exciting read! Elle Christensen is definitely an author to watch out for. 

*I recieved an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*