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It’s here!! And it’s smoooooking hot!!!!

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It’s finally here!! The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Reow! We’re loving Jamie Dornans broody, angsty vibe he has going on. Swoooooon!!! Who else is excited for this???

Wednesday Anything – Vampire Academy movie

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I read the Vampire Academy series a while ago now. I’m talking years. I didn’t even read the last book because I was over it by the time the movie came out, but I have read the first three Sydney and Adrian books because I freaking loved Adrian. I wanted him to be the winner, even though I knew it would never happen. I was hoping for a miracle.

So, on the advice of my (youngest) sister (who loved the whole series) I watched the movie. Uuuh did I miss something in the books? It was a little odd because I didn’t really get the comedy vibe from the books but it was definitely there in the movie?! Like Mean girls with vampires. I actually didn’t hate it though. The girl that played Rose (just googled her name – Zoey Deutch) gave me Ellen Page vibes and I adore Ellen Page to infinity and beyond, I also found Rose’s one liners to be quite witty! Do I need to grow up? Maybe. 

I read on Wiki that it under performed at the box office and that there more than likely won’t be another one. That might be for the best…ahem… I secretly wish there was a follow up though.

Anyway I just wanted to share that little weekend experience with you all. If you have watched it let me know your thoughts! If we’re still friends now that liking the Vampire Academy movie is no longer my secret shame.

Oooh! While I was hunting out the above clip on YouTube I also found this! Beauty and the Beast!! I’m dying!! Since my French is pretty much limited to basics like hello, goodbye, telling people my name and commenting on the weather, I’m going to have to watch this with subtitles. Worth it. 

Wednesday Anything – Loved Divergent! Great movie.

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I ended up seeing Divergent last night. What a great movie! Epic is definitely the world I would use to describe it. I love that dystopian business.

One of the biggest things that stood out for me, was how the movie looked so much like I imagined when I read the book. It was almost familiar. Crazy!

There were some hideously awkward parts that almost had me shrinking down in my movie chair but that’s a sign of a good movie. When it makes you FEEL what that characters are feeling. I think I even blushed a little for Tris at one point there. And Four…Reow.

The movie wasn’t enough to make me change my mind about reading the last book but maybe I will see the final movie after all. If you haven’t seen this yet GO SEE IT! Today. Now. You wont regret it. 


By Veronica Roth