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Release Blitz with Review: An Act of Courage (Acts of Honor #4) by K.C. Lynn

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Title: An Act of Courage (Acts of Honor Series – Book 4)
Author: KC Lynn
Release Date: March 20, 2017
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She’s the light from his past.
He’s the one her heart has always longed for. 
Trained by the best, Christopher Walker has fought hard for his country and even harder to forget the only girl he’s ever loved. He spent countless nights submerged in death and destruction only to find himself clinging to the memories of her when the darkness crept in. 
When her life is threatened, Christopher will stop at nothing to protect her. Even if it means having to confront his past.
Alissa Malone never thought she would find herself face-to-face again with the only boy she’s ever loved. But she soon realizes Christopher is not the same man he once was. 
His touch is still electrifying—his voice still earth shattering. But there’s a darkness about him that wasn’t there before. A pain he harbors so deep that she can feel it all the way to her soul. 
One fateful moment destroyed his very existence, and only one person will be able to make him realize that what he considers an act of dishonor was truly an act of courage.
This is Book Four in the Acts Of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men Of Honor. It is not necessary to read all of the other books in the series. However, I do highly recommend that you at least read Resisting Temptation, the third book in the Men of Honor series, since this is where these Characters story began.

My Review

“Mama says there’s always something to smile about, you just have to find it.”

“Whether it was playing the drums or strumming the guitar, he always took me to a sacred place with him. A place he never shared with anyone else but me.”

“The taste of her burns within my blood, reminding me of our past. One we shared. One I lost. And everything I want to take back.”

“Even heroes have the right to bleed.”

Read it with tissues, a glass of wine and a box of chocolate they said. But, even that warning could not prepare my heart for the story it was about to read.

As I sit here trying to put all my thoughts and feelings for Christopher and Alissa’s story,  I realize that sometimes books just speak for themselves. Sometimes there are stories that are so beautiful, so heartbreaking that they just rock you to your core and leave you utterly speechless. Sometimes, the only thing you can say is stop everything you are doing, run and buy this book, read and absorb every painful and beautiful moment.

I’ve been a fan of KC Lynn for many years now and with each book, I set the bar higher. I wonder how she can possibly beat the last book and with each new release, she blows me away.

Christopher’s story slayed me and kept me utterly captivated. It left me breathless and had my heart racing. It is a story about choices and mistakes. It is a story about living and reclaiming the love that you were meant to have. It is a story about family and second chances.

Christopher’s story is the reason why I love to read romance. It is a story that my heart never saw coming and one that I know I will never forget. It was just incredible and is easily one of my top reads of 2017.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


One minute I’m drumming to a beat I could never play on my own then the next I’m flipped around to face him, his fingers digging into my hips possessively. I gasp, my breath racing as I stare back at him.

Something passes between us.

A decision.

A choice.

No more fighting this.

“Fuck complicated.” His earlier words fall past his lips then our mouths become one.

The connection slams into me, sending my heart reeling. Our tongues duel in a beautiful battle, the sound of our passion filling the air as our past ignites.

A growl erupts from him, vibrating against my lips. “You taste as good as I remember.”

I want to tell him the same thing but can’t. All I can think about is his mouth never leaving mine, not even for a second, or it might kill me.

At this moment, I’m not even sure how I survived so long without it—without him.

He slides the stool closer to the drum set before his hand moves between us and presses on my chest. I seize the opportunity to suck in air and let him guide me to my back, my shoulders resting against the musical cylinders.

His hands move to mine and it’s then I realize I still have the drumsticks gripped tightly in my fists. With a sexy smirk, he pries them both from me, throwing one on the floor but keeps hold of the other.

His dark eyes never sever from mine as he unbuttons the shirt I’m wearing, exposing me to his stare. The cool air whispers over my heated flesh, my nipples straining for his touch.

                “So fucking pretty.” The wild lust in his eyes triggers an intense desire in me.
                 I bite my lip to keep from moaning but all silent caution is thrown out the window the moment he takes the stick and brushes the tip of it over one aching bud.
                Another gasp parts my lips, a fiery whimper purging from me at the cool, hard feel. My back arches, the small touch igniting an inferno in my body.
                “Remember the things I used to do to your body, Alissa? How wet you would get when you’d hear me sing?” he murmurs, dragging the smooth wood down my tummy. “You’d beg me to take your ache away. Remember?”
                “Yes. Do you?” I ask. I’m dying to know. Has he thought of me as much as I have him?
                “Yeah, baby. There isn’t a moment of our time together that I’ve ever forgotten.” 
                His admission has my throat burning and heart aching. Aching at the loss of him, of what we could have had. 
                What we did have. 
                “The good,” he whispers. “The bad.” He slips the stick in my panties. “And the fucking beautiful.” 
                “Oh, god, Christopher.” His name spills past my lips on a cry of pleasure as he glides the stick through my wet flesh, slowly working it against my swollen clit. 
                He plays my body like he plays every instrument. With skilled perfection and grace. Keeping his momentum, he leans down just enough to suck a hard nipple into his mouth. His teeth graze it with a pressure that borders on a beautiful pain and it’s enough to send me over the edge.
                Blissful cries rip from my throat as I’m swept up into an intense storm of pleasure. 

                “Good girl, scream for me, Alissa. Let me have your pleasure because next it’s going to be my cock working this hot little pussy.”

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About the Author
K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She married her high school sweetheart and they have four amazing children: two lovely girls and a set of handsome twin boys. It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. When she is not in her writing cave, pounding out new characters and stories, she can be found living between the pages of a book, meeting new tattooed, hot alpha males with very big…Hearts.
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Book Review – Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

“This life feels so damn long”

I have so many things I want to say. I have so many FEELINGS about this book that I just want to let out but I want this review to be as spoiler free as possible for those that haven’t read this story yet. Becoming Calder and Finding Eden are the types of books that need to experienced, rather than read about. 

Finding Eden is the follow up to Becoming Calder, and the epic conclusion to Calder and Eden’s story. After the life changing events of Becoming Calder, we get to see the rest of their story unfold in it’s entirety and discover how their journey will end. 

“I know all the dreadful sorrow inside of you. I live it, too. I know. I know. But I also believe we are going to be okay – we are going to love so hard and with so much intensity, that it’s going to melt away all the pain.”

I was curious about the separation of this story into two parts but after reading Finding Eden I can absolutely see why the author chose to do this. Each story is different in it’s own unique and exceptional way. Separately they are amazing, but together…there are hardly words. This is an intensely emotional story of enduring love and it is the best series I have read this year.

Mia Sheridan’s writing is absolutely flawless and utterly captivating in both Becoming Calder and Finding Eden. At times I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. She has managed to capture the emotions involved in Calder and Edens situation so perfectly that I felt like I was there, alongside the characters, experiencing everything that they were.

Because this was such an emotional story I’m sure there are many curious readers out there who are wondering if this story ends well. All I can say is that while this is an intense read, it was also a beautiful, EPIC love story that has left a mark on my soul. I will not be forgetting this story anytime soon. 

“It felt like a miracle. It felt like destiny.”

**I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Mia Sheridan for providing me with an ARC of both Becoming Calder and Finding Eden. I ❤ you for life. 

**Images via Mia Sheridans Facebook page


Book Review – Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan

From the very first paragraph of the very first page of Becoming Calder, I was completely captivated. This is a powerful story of first experiences, forbidden love, and hopeless situations. It’s about bravery and sacrifice and the lengths that we would go to for the people we love. 

There is a place in modern day America with no electricity, no plumbing, and no modern conveniences. In this place, there is no room for dreams, no space for self-expression, and no tolerance for ambition.

In this place, there is a boy with the body of a God and the heart of a warrior. He is strong and faithful and serves his family honorably. But he dares to dream of more.

In this place, there is a girl with the face of an angel and a heart full of courage. To her family, she is the vision of obedient perfection. But she dares to want that which she has been told can never be hers. 

Becoming Calder is the story of good versus evil, fear versus bravery, and the truth that the light of love has always found its way into even the darkest of places… From the beginning of time, to the end of the world.

The story starts off with the prologue being told from Edens POV. She’s in a pretty desperate situation and her helplessness screams off the page at you. I had tears in my eyes as I willed her to keep going, to not give up. As the prologue comes to a close, we head back and learn how Eden got to this point in her life…and this is where we meet Calder. 

Calder and Eden are living in a religious community that is cut off from the rest of the world. They have strict rules to abide by which are set by the community’s leader, Hector. They live a simple life with no modern conveniences and are schooled from a young age on obedience, scripture and the virtues of living a simple life away from the evils of the rest of the world. They live their lives for a greater purpose – to serve their Gods so that one day they will live eternally along side them in Elysium.

Calder and Eden both have very different purposes in the commune. Calder is a ‘worker’, a lower member of the community, and Eden is to marry Hector and lead their people by his side. But from they moment Calder and Eden laid eyes on each other they are truly ‘meant to be’. Their paths were always on a collision course and over the years a couple of innocent moments of friendship and warmth develop into something deeper. A love that is so strong and so right that they would forsake everything and everyone to be together. 

“Where do you find your strength, Morning Glory?” 

“From you”

The enormity of the situation between Calder and Eden can be felt throughout every page of the book. I felt on edge and almost breathless at times wondering how this love story could ever work. This is the story of forbidden love at it’s deepest. Their situation was desperate and hopeless. It makes you want to jump in the pages and do something, ANYTHING to help them find their way. I was celebrating small victories one moment and screaming about the injustice of it all the next. 

The world they live in is so far removed from anything most people will experience in their lives but Mia Sheridan’s brilliant ability to weave a story and capture her audience brings it all to life. Their story is completely engrossing and I felt like I was there with them at times. I could see it all play out in my head and I LOVED every second of it. The emotion, the heartbreak, the desperation and love all had me unable to tear my eyes away. 

“Until there is no breath in my body and my bones have turned to dust, you, my love, you and no other,”

Calder and Eden stole my heart, and their story will stay with me for a long time. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this story plays out in Finding Eden, which is also due to release on the same day as Finding Calder. I LOVE that Mia Sheridan has done it this way so we aren’t waiting around for a year to learn the fate of Calder and Eden. This story is so emotional that you will be diving into Finding Eden the second Finding Calder is done. 


* ARC received in exchange for review

* Images via the authors Facebook page 

Book Review – More than Forever (More #4) by Jay McLean

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This is the story of a boy, and a girl, falling in love. Or at least it should be. But its more than that.

Wow. There’s just something about Cam and Lucy. In the previous installments in this series Cam and Lucy have always been my favourite. They’re the childhood sweethearts that had been together forever and were always just so happy to be with each other. But there’s so much more to their story. So much more. And finally we get to know Cam and Lucy from the very beginning of their epic love story…

There is a love so fierce it cannot be measured. 
A heart so strong it will never slow. 
There is a promise so sure it can never lie.
He promised me that love forever.
Even when it wasn’t enough.
Forever. Everlasting. Eternal.
There is no measure of time. 
No sounds of the ticking of a clock. 
Just the rising and falling of the sun.
And our own sense of forever. 
But our forever isn’t always

Where to start…

I have not read a book that has made me feel like More than Forever did in a very long time. One moment I was swooning, then laughing, and then the next I was shedding heartbroken tears for both Cam and Lucy. Cam and Lucy were so perfect, so completely meant to be, that reading about them was like discovering the very definition of soul mates. 

“You still make my world stop, Luce.”

There were so many ups and downs in this book. No one’s life can be perfect, the bad needs to be there so that we can appreciate and fully understand how good the good really is. I loved that this story was told in such a real and refreshing way. Cam and Lucy’s story felt real from start to finish –their experiences, their lives, their turmoil and love. I adored every single minute of it and it was like I was living it right there with them both.

“I’m sorry,” she says.
I try to kiss her, but she pulls away.
She always pulls away.
I want to stay. I want to fight her on this, but I know it won’t do any good. If anything, it would only cause bad.

Cam and Lucy’s story has it all – sweetness, love, angst, humor and heartbreak. But even the angsty heartbreaking moments were so beautifully written that I was completely consumed. I LOVED More than Forever every step of the way and every word I read was perfection. More than Forever is without a doubt the best book I have read in 2014. It just leaves everything else in the dust.  

“Love has no limits. No boundaries. No time. It’s eternal. Forever.”



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Mammy Walsh’s A-Z of the Walsh Family (Walsh Family #6) by Marian Keyes

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CALLING ALL MARIAN KEYES FANS!!!! Have you read this..HAVE YOU READ THIS???!?!?!?! Mammy Walsh has always been my favourite character in the Walsh sisters books. She is just BEYOND. She is everything. This A-Z guide has ruled my life this weekend. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while reading a book. Not even while I read It Happened in Paris by Molly Harper. This series was rounded out perfectly by Mammy Walsh’s very own Walsh family guide. Every second of it was perfection. Marian Keyes you rule my life. Here are a couple of awesome snippets –

“J is for Jumped-up Cauliflower. Or, as Claire insists on calling it: ‘broccoli’. But – and I know this for an absolute true fact because I spoke to a well-known greengrocer about it – broccoli does not exist. It is simply a cauliflower with notion. It is a cauliflower with ‘big ideas’. It is a cauliflower which refuses to accept its limitations. It is cauliflower which has, by dint of its desire to be different, dyed itself green. In short, it is a cauliflower looking for notice.”

“However – without any prior warnin – someone somewhere invented this new type of knicker called G-string. But nobody told me, so when I was doing Rachel’s laundry, I thought I’d done something wrong. I thought I’d somehow ‘unraveled’ a good pair of black lace knickers, so that all of the front was gone, leaving only a bare string of a thing and most of the back was gone too. But no, she says. That’s the way it’s meant to be, and by the way, the bit you think is the front is actually that back.”



Book Review – The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons

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Hmm this review is going to be hard to do because I don’t think that anything I write can express how much I loved this book. I’ll try and refrain from  fangirling all over the show, bear with me. It was just that good. 

The resurrection of Aubrey Miller is about a young girl who ends up experiencing more loss in her short life than most people would experience in a lifetime. Desperate to find reason or lay blame for these losses she turns inward. She changes who she is, the way she looks and how she behaves in an effort to keep others away – and, she believes, keep them safe from her.
On her first day of University she meets Quinn and Kaeleb and an unbreakable bond is formed that changes her whole world. Over time she starts to emerge from her self-imposed darkness, find herself and start living again. When death once again rears its ugly head, Aubrey reverts back to her old ways to try and protect herself and those around her.
Will the unconditional love, friendship, and strong bonds be enough to help her heal or will the darkness consume her again…

“I know you’re still in there Bree. And I will find you.”

Ok, deep breathe. WOW…this story was a super emotional read. I am not kidding when I say that, at times, I was bawling so much I had to put the book down and just take a freakin breather. The heartache the Aubrey endures is just so immense that you wonder how she’s still functioning. Some may argue that she is not. While at times I really wanted to jump into the book and tell her “Girl, this is not your fault!” I didn’t feel any frustration towards her. Only empathy. And a little bit of awe. Because I’m pretty sure I would have been rocking in a corner somewhere if I was her. The evolution, or, resurrection of her character was an amazing process to read about. The moment where she finally realises that this is not her fault, it is just life, is such a profound and beautiful moment. I cried then too (of course). 

“Sometimes in life there are these random moments when everything just clicks. When all the fragments or your fractured past fall together, merging in your mind to form a lucid image of your future.”

The supporting characters, Quinn and Kaeleb, each have their owns problems. They each have their own secrets and emotional baggage, but these three friends are amazingly supportive of each other (and fiercely protective). There is no shame, only absolute love.  And ultimately it was love, as well as Aubreys own strength, which eventually pulled her through the darkness.

“I think some people are just inexplicably bonded. Drawn by forces beyond their own comprehension, they have no choice but to gravitate toward one another. Destined by fate to keep crossing paths until they finally get it right.”

The situations and emotions that accompanied each characters story were incredibly relatable to a lot of people. Even if you haven’t personally experienced any of the issues raised in this story, the emotions that came while reading about them was something I think most people can relate back to certain moments of their lives, whether it’s not being brave enough, pretty enough,  strong enough, or just not being enough in general.

“As long as you continue to travel through like in this darkness, you will never know how beautiful your light shines when you let yourself love and be loved.”

The writing in this book was amazing. The story flowed effortlessly and at times I was almost highlighting whole pages on my kindle because it was all so beautifully written. I would give this book a thousand stars if I could. It’s an absolute must-read for everyone.  But have tissues handy.

(Don’t despair! The story ends with an HEA)

“These ties can’t be broken. Our bonds are secure.”