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Review: Perfect Ruin (Unyielding #2) by Nashoda Rose

perfect ruin


There is nothing I care about.
No attachments.
No connections.
Outwardly, I’m a perfect gentleman.
Until my target sees my knife.
I fear nothing, not even death.
In my world, death is considered a privilege.
But my life comes with unbreakable cruel strings and
when I met her, I should’ve walked away.
I didn’t.
I was too selfish.
And that sealed her fate.
Because one week with me led her into the hands of ruin.


We all have unique layers that make up who we are.
What makes us vulnerable or strong.
What we fear and what excites us.
But peel back those layers and you’re left naked and exposed.
They did that to me.
Each piece was slowly stripped away then burned.
I merely existed.
But there was one layer they overlooked.
The most important of them all—the tie to one man.
The man responsible for me being this way.
The man who found me.
And the killer who would do anything to protect me.

Perfect Ruin is the story of Kai and London.

My Review

“I will always come for you, braveheart.”

“I never thought I’d love so firecely that it ruined me. Because no matter how I looked at it, that was what he did to me. Kai ruined me. For other men. For life without him. I’d hated him. Feared him. Desired him. Needed him. And loved him.”

Wow! Just wow! Nashoda Rose has done it again. I am totally blown away by the intensity and awesomeness of this book. Perfect Ruin is the second book in the Unyielding series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but is highly recommended that you read the first book beforehand. I have not read the first book in the Unyielding series and although I was not lost, I should warn you that there will be spoilers for that first book, so reader beware.

Perfect Ruin was a fantastic, action packed story, from start to finish. You will be taken on one heck of a rollercoaster ride. I loved every second of this book. It captivated me from the very first page and didn’t let go for one single second. I loved that this story was told from dual points of view and you really get to experience the pain, the heartbreak, the devastation and the romance throughout the years.

As a fan of the Tear Asunder series, I loved seeing the parallel between that series and this one. It gave me a little more insight to what Sculpt and Emily went through in Torn From You and if anything, I was more intrigued. I had a thirst to find out answers and a thirst for some much needed justice for all of the characters.

So, yes this book is intense, but that’s not all it. It is a story about survival. About doing things you never thought you would. It is a story about finding yourself again, when all hope is lost. It is a story about hope; hope is a dangerous thing in this world that Nashoda Rose has created, but even with everything these characters have gone through, they still have hope. And lastly, this is a story about love; intense, life altering love. “I didn’t know what love felt like, but what I felt for her was indescribable with a single word. It was more powerful. It was all consuming. “London, what we are can’t be explained with  a word, only experienced.” Kai and London may seem like an unlikely pair, but the connection and passion between these two is like no other. They are the perfect match. The light to the darkness.

Perfect Ruin was an intense and thrilling read for me. I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in one sitting. What I love most about this book, is the writing. It will take you out of your comfort zone with the intensity and the darkness, but it’s so well written that you can’t put it down, even if you tried. And there is so much more to this story than the darkness. There is light and there is love and there is heart. This is one of those stories that will completely captivate you and the story will linger with you long after you read THE END. Would I recommend this book to a friend? Yes, I absolutely would. I can’t get enough of Nashoda Rose’s writing and I definitely can not wait to see where this series will take us next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*