Subversion (One Bright Future #2) by Melinda Friesen

Publisher:  Rebelight Publishing

Publication Date:  August 31, 2016

“I surrender my days, my efforts, myself to the OneEarth Bank . . .”

After fleeing slavery, Rielle James burns with the desire to topple OneEarth Bank and end its enslavement of young people as Contracts. When she learns that her friend Nathan has been sold to a logging company where Contracts die or vanish without a trace, she assumes a false identity and becomes a slave again to help him escape.

Her act of subversion uncovers the horrific truth behind the OneEarth Bank’s role in Contract disappearances and its link to a global pandemic.

Can Rielle and Nathan escape and expose the truth before it’s too late?

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31813293-subversion


Outside, I ensure the coast is clear before I jog into the forest. About thirty feet in, I turn north 
toward the restricted area and walk through the woods parallel to the path, skirting trees and ferns. Just 
outside the northernmost point of the camp, I reach the infirmary. Thistles jut out of the ground around 
its foundation. I tuck myself under the eaves and peer around the side into the distance. The restricted 
sign shouts its warning, and a chain link gate guards the narrow roadway beyond. A fence pushes 
through the underbrush on either side of the gate and disappears into the woods. 
I stick to the edge of the clearing in front of the infirmary, dashing from tree to tree for 
concealment. I hike up the slope, estimating the minutes I have left before the drones come out. I climb 
the hill until I see dim light reflected off a fence just ahead. Squatting behind a fern, I strain my eyes to 
peer at what’s beyond. More trees. 
I follow the fence farther. Still nothing. No buildings. No guards. Just more damned trees. I hop 
over ferns and climb over moss-covered fallen trees. An unnaturally straight outcropping creates a 
and then drop to my haunches beneath evergreen boughs. I peer between the wires. A cracked concrete 
structure juts out from the underbrush and cuts into the sloping side of the mountain. Saplings sprout 
beside rusted steel doors leading who-knows-where. Judging by the decayed concrete, the structure has 
been around far longer than the logging camp. But it can’t be all that’s up here. There has to be more 
hidden by the forest. I’ll have to get over the fence— 
A bird squawks and dives. My heart jumps into my throat. I throw my hand over my racing heart.  
Stupid bird.  
Something scuffles in the woods behind me. I slowly stand, listening. I peer into the dark, 
beyond the ferns, and a breeze raises goose bumps on my arms. Something rustles and thumps like 
footfalls, closer this time. A stick snaps.  
Someone’s coming. 
I lunge behind a thick fir tree and press myself against it. I pull in a deep breath, hold it and 
listen. More footsteps. 
I need an excuse for being here . . . I’m just taking a walk.  
Up here? Why? 
I saw a rabbit and I followed it. 
No, that story’s been done. If I’m very, very quiet, they’ll go away. They’ll assume they saw an 
animal. I hold my body tense and listen.  
Did they leave? I venture a slow, careful peek around the tree. Beneath the canopy of branches, 
it may as well be midnight. Nobody seems to be out there, but I can’t see much other than fern fronds 
waving in the wind.  
Was I just hearing things? 
A figure steps out from behind a tree, and my heart leaps into my throat. 

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“One world. One currency. One bright future.”

That’s the promise made by OneEarth Bank after a global economic collapse–but only for those who accept the insertion of a commerce chip.

When Rielle’s parents refuse to comply, government officials tear her family apart. As punishment for her parent’s crimes, Rielle is forced into a Community Service Contract–a legalized form of slavery–and sold to a wealthy, abusive banker.

The Banker’s secrets hold the key to Rielle’s freedom, but will she risk prison or even death to escape and search for her family?

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23585287-enslavement

Buy Links:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | TBD | IndieBound

Melinda Friesen writes novels for teens and short stories. Her contest winning short stories have appeared in various periodical and an anthology. Enslavement, book one in the One Bright Future series, is her first novel.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest

Giveaway Details:

Two (2) winners will received a physical copy of Subversion by Melinda Friesen (US/Canada)

Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Subversion by Melinda Friesen (INT)



Review: Lost Rider (Coming Home #1) by Harper Sloan


In Lost Rider, the first Western romance in New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Harper Sloan’s Coming Home series, an injured rodeo star encounters an old flame but will she be just what he needs to get back in the saddle?

Maverick Austin Davis is forced to return home after a ten-year career as a rodeo star. After one too many head injuries, he’s off the circuit and in the horse farming business, something he’s never taken much of a shine to, but now that it’s his late father’s legacy, familial duty calls. How will Maverick find his way after the only dream he ever had for himself is over?

Enter Leighton Elizabeth James, an ugly duckling turned beauty from Maverick’s childhood—his younger sister’s best friend, to be exact, and someone whose heart he stomped all over when she confessed her crush to him ten years back. Now Leighton is back in Maverick’s life, no longer the insecure, love-stricken teen—and Maverick can’t help but take notice. Sparks fly between them, but will Leighton be able to open her heart to the one man who broke it all those years ago?

Written in the vein of Diana Palmer and Lindsay McKenna, this Texas-set series is filled with sizzle, heart, and plenty of cowboys!

My Review

“She was my compass when I was lost without direction. She was the pull I always felt to come home but never had the balls to try, knowing that it might be too late. She was my biggest regret, but she will be my biggest accomplishment.”

“He’s stronger. I’m stronger. Together I just know we’ll be unbreakable.”

Lost Rider is the first book in the Coming Home Series by Harper Sloan. I have to say, I was pretty excited when I heard about this new series. I don’t read a ton of Cowboy stories, but as a fan of Harper Sloan’s, I just knew that I had to give it a try.

Lost Rider is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Leighton and Maverick. Leighton has been in love with Maverick for as long as she can remember. She always hoped that one day, Maverick would feel the same. But, as time went by, Maverick never saw what was standing in front of him. In the end, his actions hurt Leighton in ways he never expected…Maverick doesn’t mean to be a jerk. It’s just easier for him that way. He pushes away those who are close to him and would do anything to escape the pain of his home life. Now, many years later, fate will force Maverick to return home. Not only will Maverick have to confront the pains of his past, but he also must face the woman who he’s always wanted, but pushed away….

Overall, I thought this was a great start to this series. I thought that Maverick and Leighton’s story was really enjoyable. My heart went out to the both of them for all that they had been through and all the missed opportunities. I thought that Maverick and Leighton were easy to connect with and I loved the chemistry that they shared. I loved the push and pull between the two of them and I couldn’t wait for Maverick to get his head out of his ass and own up to his feelings in regards to Leighton.  I really liked Leighton and Maverick as a couple. I felt that despite the bumps in the road from the past, they really got each other. Not only did they steam up the pages with their passion, but they also challenged each other and were a great support to each other when needed.

For the most part, I think this story was pretty light on the drama. This is an honest to goodness sweet second chance romance. I loved the family element and am hopeful that Maverick’s siblings will get a chance to tell their stories.

Lost Rider is a great friends to lovers/second chance romance. I think this series is off to a really good start and I look forward to checking out more from this series in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*


Release Blitz: The One That Got Away by Magan Vernon


Title: The One That Got Away
Series: Friendship, Texas #4
Author: Magan Vernon
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 24, 2017
A brand new standalone from Friendship, Texas featuring everyone’s favorite awkward baker and the one that got away.I looked up and standing there was my ex-boyfriend, Jordan Webber. Maybe ex-boyfriend wasn’t the right word. Maybe the boy who I dated for almost two years. Then he graduated early, leaving for art school in New York. He wanted me to come with him, but what future did I have in New York? My parents weren’t paying for me to go to school unless it was a state school with a real degree and all I ever wanted was to do photography. So the portrait studio worked for the time being until I realized I really needed to get out of the house and took the part-time job at the bakery. Between my parents’ divorce, work, and trying to get over my break up, I was basically a hot mess the first two years after high school. Joey came in at the right time as a distraction then the job at the bakery. But I still never forgot about the one that got away.

I hadn’t seen Jordan in over four years and there he was, standing there with a hand on one of the boxes and his blue eyes wide open like he’d just seen a ghost.

“Abbey Dillinger?” he asked, it wasn’t so much of a question as it was a breathless statement.

I hated him for leaving me. He could have gone to art school in Dallas. He could have stayed if he really did love me. I should have hated him. But seeing him, standing in front of me, I couldn’t hate him. The past four years had been very good to him.

**This book is a standalone in a series of standalones taking place in the fictional town of Friendship, Texas. You don’t need to read any of the previous books to understand this one***

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Author Bio

Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short
story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters,
pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this
all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch.

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It’s LIVE!! The LIFT 4 Autism Auction is open for bidding!


It’s LIVE!! The LIFT 4 Autism Auction is open for bidding!


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Release Day Blitz: Love Happens: An Anthology

Love Happens: An Anthology

Release Date: April 24, 2017

In this must-have short-story collection, Melanie Moreland introduces us to Ethan Thomas in When Love Blooms. Melanie Harlow shares her novel, Some Kind of Love. Molly McLain and Rhonda James share Luke and Mia’s no strings weekend that could lead to love. Claudia Burgoa visits New York City in How We Met. Leap with Dylan Allen to London where we meet Cara’s dream man. Emery Jacobs revisits the Beautiful Torture Duet. Go on vacation with the beloved characters of the Unspoken Series by Gabbie Duran. I See You is based on secondary characters in Ginger Scott’s How We Deal With Gravity. Fall in love with Jeanne McDonald’s Shadow Kingsley in All Of Me. Lisa Kamps takes us to the ice arena with First Shot At Love (A Baltimore Banners Story). Bad girl Delilah meets Lance, her total opposite, in Wild Pumpkin by Martha Sweeney. Mia Kayla brings us Kent and Beth from Marry Me for Money, a couple with different views in All Work And No Play. In Love on The Edge, Molly Lee’s Dash and Blake from the Edge of Chaos spend their honeymoon chasing storms. Rockstar Silas Palmer finds love on the side of the road in Hitch by S.M. West.Fifteen authors come together to celebrate Autism Awareness month with proceeds benefitting SARRC and Myles-A-Part.

Love Happens features stories about finding love, falling in love and being in love.


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B&N: http://bit.ly/2pPZkhT

KOBO: http://bit.ly/2oT3HMb


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Connect with the Authors

Claudia Burgoa: http://bit.ly/2dq1gfX

Dylan Allen: http://bit.ly/2kp67Ri

Emery Jacobs: http://bit.ly/2ctSfOk

Gabbie S. Duran: http://bit.ly/2oBLoM9

Ginger Scott: http://bit.ly/2naNBxx

Jeanne McDonald: http://bit.ly/2ahMlB3

Lisa B. Kamps: http://bit.ly/2naP1YS

Martha Sweeney: http://bit.ly/2nDT0bV

Melanie Harlow: http://bit.ly/2o2ZWTm

Melanie Moreland: http://bit.ly/2nXpkbv

Mia Kayla: http://bit.ly/2a1nfnv

Molly E. Lee: http://bit.ly/2c6GO2r

Molly McLain: http://bit.ly/2oCY3hh

Rhonda James: http://bit.ly/2naFe5c

S.M. West: http://bit.ly/2o33lSe



Release Day Blitz: Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet by Violet Duke

Today we have the release day of Unfinished Nights – Complete Duet by Violet Duke! Check it out and grab your copy of this great series today!

About the Unfinished Nights – Complete Duet:


Before that night, Addison Milan had been just a college dropout secretly raising her two young siblings in a beat-up minivan she’d bought with her first semester’s tuition refund–the only money her addict mother hadn’t taken off with when she’d abandoned them nearly two years ago.

Before that night, Caine Spencer had been just a rough, gruff cop sent to check out the phoned-in claims of suspected child neglect involving the same woman he’d met just months prior when she’d first served him the city’s worst diner coffee…which he’d been drinking daily ever since.

Before that night, Addison would never have thought the man she’d been fighting hard not to fall for–her only friend in her new shadow of a life–would be in a position to rip her family apart.

Before that night, Caine would never have believed any woman could make him fall head over heels, let alone make him feel so damn compelled to look the other way when it came to his job.

Then that one perfect night changed everything.


Seven years.

Seven damn years of wondering whether the woman was still alive…whether she’d spent the last two thousand five hundred fifty-five days wondering if he was still alive.

Wondering whether that night was as burned into her memory as it was his.

Seven years having his heart tethered to Addison―and now she’s back. With even more reasons to run than she’d had then.

Only this time, Caine isn’t letting the gorgeous little flight risk out of his sight.

Regardless of how noble her reasons may be.

Get your copy today!

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Caine stopped with his hand on the doorknob and studied her for a bit, with those deep, stormy eyes of his that always saw too much, read her too well. Then, he quietly pushed open the door to the darkened room and walked in.

But he made no move to flick on the light switch.

Instead, he simply stood there, just inside the doorway, holding the door open for her silently, waiting for her to decide if she wanted to go into the pitch-blackness with him.

Addison knew the choice to step over that threshold, into the unknown, was symbolic of so much more than what he was asking in that moment…a fact she was certain hadn’t escaped him.

He didn’t back down. But he didn’t push, either.

“Alec thinks there’s no way you and I can be friends,” she whispered, in a feeble attempt to keep them away from a ledge they’d be tempted to jump off of, where there would be no coming back from. “This is sort of an experiment he’s conducting to prove his hypothesis.”

“Did I mention I hated that ‘just friends’ idea from the start?”

Yeah. Her too.

“You want to know what I was thinking about when you suggested it?” he continued, reaching up to put his forearm against the door jamb, crowding the opening with his broad, six-foot frame.

She shouldn’t. No good could possibly come from being allowed inside Caine Spencer’s head. “Yes.”

The gravelly rumble of his voice turned hypnotic. “I was remembering how those soft, sexy sounds you’d make when I’d kiss you on your neck—right where that new tattoo is—would test me, nearly break me of my control every time.”

When his eyes began tracing intently over the lines of her tattoo, the air in her lungs thinned, and slipped past her lips before she could stop it.

His jaw tightened, and his forearms flexed. Once. Twice. Before his voice dropped a full octave lower. “A test. Every. Single. Time.”

Oh God, she wasn’t going to make it.

He took a step back.

She followed him in.



About Violet Duke:

NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education ecstatic to be on the other side of the page now writing emotion-rich stories with fun, everyday characters and sweet, sexy match-ups. Since her debut series in 2013, over a million readers have put all four of Violet’s laugh & cry contemporary romance series on bestseller lists and Top 10 charts across the major eretailers, both in the U.S. and internationally.

When she isn’t feeding her book-a-day addiction, Violet enjoys doing far too many things without checking the directions first (often with outrageous power tools she has no business operating), and cooking impossible-to-replicate ‘special edition’ dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. She lives in Hawai’i with her kids (Violet & Duke) and Mr. Violet Duke (their ringleader), with a PJs-and-rubber-slippers work dress code she takes very seriously.

Connect with Violet:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

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Review: Betrayed by Lies by Rebecca Shea

As an ATF agent, bringing down the Estrada cartel has been my sole mission. I’m a skilled agent, determined and fearless, but a relentless pursuit and a willingness to risk everything almost killed me.

A year later, when an opportunity in Los Angeles presents itself, I jump at the chance to start over and rebuild the career and life I almost lost.

Kate Stevens was not part of my new plan. I never expected she would be the one to save me from my past. She was exactly what I needed—smart, beautiful and independent. I finally have a future I look forward to.

Only nothing in my life ever goes according to plan. Losing Kate is not an option, but fate seems poised to ruin me, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.

My Review

“Sometimes you have to throw out the rules and just roll with what’s happening.”

This is the book that I’ve been waiting for!! If you’ve been following the Bound and Broken Series, than you have been waiting with baited breath, just as I have to get your hands on Sam’s story. And I gotta tell you, Sam’s story was so worth the wait. One thing I must tell you before I continue on with my review is that Betrayed By Lies is not a stand-alone novel. Even though it is Sam’s story, you will need to read the other two books before starting this one. The other two books are amazing, so you won’t regret it!

Betrayed By Lies picks up right where the last book left off. Sam is in need of a fresh start, so when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps at the chance. What he didn’t plan on was Kate. Sam moved to rebuild his life, his career and in turn, he found love in the most unexpected place. Kate would become the salvation he never expected. However, as you must know, nothing in Sam’s life is ever easy or goes as planned. The stakes are high and the risks even higher. The only thing Sam knows for certain is that losing Kate is not an option…

Betrayed by Lies was a quick and easy read for me. I loved the fast pace and couldn’t get enough of Sam’s story. I think that Kate was the perfect match for him. While she didn’t know every aspect of Sam’s job, she understood the stress and demands of it. She listened, accepted and understood the man that Sam was. She brought him back to life and made him want to risk his heart again.

Kate and Sam together were a terrific match. Their chemistry was instant and scorching. I loved seeing these two together and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see how their story was going to play out.

Betrayed by Lies was the perfect ending to this series. The story-line was a ton of fun and was a story that I could easily finish in just a few hours. As I previously stated, I loved the pacing. It was fast and there was never a dull moment. This story had the perfect amount of drama, sex, action and of course a few twists along the way.

Overall, a really great read to spend the afternoon getting lost in!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*