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Release Blitz with Review: Give Me a Reason by A.L. Jackson

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Release Blitz with Review: Give Me a Reason by A.L. Jackson

A Single-Dad, Enemies-to-Lovers Romance from A.L. Jackson

Available Now on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited

“Sexy and heart wrenching, with twists and turns that will have you gasping and begging for more. Give Me a Reason is an unputdownable rollercoaster ride of epic feels.”-Catherine Cowles, author of the Wrecked series

“What a ride! Dark, gritty and undeniably sexy, this romance stole my heart and didn’t let go until the very end.”– KC Booklover

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From NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson comes a single-dad, enemies-to-lovers stand-alone romance about a jaded club owner and his son’s teacher…

Eden Murphy came into my club looking to make some extra cash.
A girl like her didn’t belong in a place like this.
She’d get ripped to shreds.
Most likely by me.
There’s nothing but sweetness dripping from her sexy little body, and I’m the monster who’s salivating to get a taste.

Trent Lawson is the last man I should want.
So wickedly gorgeous he makes my knees weak.
He’s also an arrogant jerk who happens to be my new boss.

When I discover his adorable son is also in my kindergarten class, I know I have to keep my distance.

But neither of us can ignore the attraction that flames.
One glance, and our hearts race.
One touch, and we’re aching for what we can’t have.
One night, and we’re falling fast.

Dragging her into my sordid world is wrong.
It doesn’t matter.
Eden Murphy is mine.


“Life is a series of choices. Some are easier made than others. Some take days or weeks or even years of contemplation, while others are made in a split second. Some are destined to be mistakes and others are made of sound judgement and mind. Fueled by wisdom and foresight and discernment. Black and white. But sometimes? Sometimes they are grayed. Blurred. Obscured in a hazy cloud of smoke. Vapors and mist and uncertainty.”

“Heaven. It’d be Heaven, gettin’ you for one minute while on my way to Hell.”

“But guys like us? We didn’t get to rewind or rework our pasts. we didn’t get to make amends because you couldn’t right wrongs this bad. We didn’t get a second chance. Even when we ran, the demons would be right there. Our sins written on our souls. The horrors emblazoned on our minds.”

“We were opposites. All wrong. But I couldn’t shake the sense that I was supposed to be right there. Right then.”

“You said I brought your heart back to life, but Eden, you made mine beat for the first time.”

“Tell me you’re mine. Tell me you’re ours. Tell me you’ll protect him right alongside me.”

Trent Lawson is the complete opposite of what Eden Murphy should be going for. He’s dark, mysterious, and has an air of danger that surrounds him. But, the pull she feels towards him is undeniable. One look. One glance. And all bets are off. Wild horses wouldn’t be able to keep them apart….

Give Me a Reason is the latest emotional and soul-searing romance from author A.L. Jackson. From the moment you are introduced to Trent and Eden, all bets are off. Their story will consume you as the lyrical writing flows through the pages and leaves readers hanging on each and every word.

True to A.L. Jackson fashion, Give Me a Reason is filled with passion and written with a lyrical style that I have come to know and love from this author. The story between Trent and Eden is all consuming. These two characters couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. They seem so wrong for one another, but at the same time, they are oh, so right. Eden is the sweetest woman with a heart of gold. When she loves, she loves fiercely and there is nothing she won’t do for those lucky enough to make it into her inner circle. She is no stranger to pain and heartache and is a character I was able to easily connect with. And Trent…OMG Trent!! He appears to be this rough, tough, broody biker. But, man, once you get to know him, you will be hooked just like I was. He is an amazing father and he too loves those in his life so fiercely. He’s got his fair share of demons and is afraid to fall in love, but Eden makes him want to throw all his issues aside…

There is so much I would love to say and just gush over this book about. At this time, it is incredibly hard for me to put all of my thoughts and emotions into words. Give Me a Reason took me on the most amazing journey and what can I say, A.L. Jackson absolutely slayed me. She slayed me in the best possible way. I was given a powerful and emotional story filled with romance, betrayal, and unexpected twists and turns. It hit all the marks and in the end has just blown me away. Books like this are the reason I love reading. I hope you’ll pick up this book and fall in love with the story just as I have.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, BLEEDING STARS, FIGHT FOR ME, CONFESSIONS OF THE HEART, and FALLING STARS novels. Grab her latest stand-alone, GIVE ME A REASON, now!

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

Be sure not to miss new releases and sales from A.L. Jackson – Sign up to receive her newsletter or text “aljackson” to 33222 to receive short but sweet updates on all the important news.

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Review: True Love Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

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Review: True Love Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

Cowboys live by their word, their wits, and their loyalty.

Jon Crawford has returned to Montana, determined to take over his father’s ranch and raise his daughter in Big Sky Country, leaving the big-city life behind once and for all. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, but he doesn’t count on stubborn but beautiful Trinity McGrath, who arouses his protective instincts even as she tries to push him away.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Trinity, but now she has everything she needs—her family, friends, and a safe and secure life. With a business to build, Trinity doesn’t have time for romance…until Jon comes barging into her life and all her intentions are turned upside down!

Still, an attraction like theirs is too powerful to deny, and sometimes true love comes along when you least expect it. But when someone from Jon’s past comes back with a vengeance, Trinity and Jon will have to do everything they can to save themselves and their new love…

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Cowboys live by their word, their wits, and their loyalty. Truer words have never been spoken.

When Jon Crawford returns to Montana, he’s determined to leave big city life behind him and raise his daughter in the town he grew up in. What he doesn’t have time for is falling in love. But, when he meets Trinity, all bets are off. The attraction between the two of them burns hotter than ever and even though the timing is wrong, it’s impossible to deny…

True Love Cowboy pulled me instantly. I liked the connection between Trinity and Jon. They seemed like two truly genuine characters that I couldn’t wait to learn more about. Sometimes I think the best romances are those when neither person is looking for love and love finds them anyways. The road to happily ever after wasn’t an easy one for these two. Jon had a lot of drama in his life that just wouldn’t leave him alone. It made me absolutely crazy sometimes, and I couldn’t help wanting to yell at the characters and shake them in frustration.

Overall, I thought this book was an enjoyable read. I really liked the characters and their story. There was no shortage of romance or drama. If I had to make one complaint, it would be a small one about the epilogue. There is nothing I love more than a glimpse into the future of my favorite characters, and I would have loved it if we could have gotten more than just a few sentences. Other than that I had a lot of fun getting lost in this story. I have been wanting to check out this author for quite some time and am so happy I finally picked up one of her books. This might have been my first book by this author, but it most certainly won’t be my last…

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: All Night Long with a Cowboy by Caitlin Crews

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Review: All Night Long with a Cowboy by Caitlin Crews

If you play with fire…

One of the most notorious cowboys in Cold River, Jensen Kittredge always has willing women with sweet smiles vying for a place in his bed. So when the prissy high school librarian sidles up to him in the most disreputable bar in town with a scowl on her face, he has no idea what to make of it. Much less the attraction he feels toward the bespectacled creature who wants something from him… but not that.

Someone gets burned…

Harriett Barnett doesn’t care for dens of iniquity– or the insolent cowboy she certainly shouldn’t find attractive. But one of her students needs her help, and if she needs to corral the infamous Jensen to save him, she will. Trouble is, the town’s favorite Kittredge brother is a lot more than she bargained for. Harriett’s happy little life is orderly and neat, just how she likes it–until Jensen blows it all apart with his particular brand of addictive passion. Can a modern-day schoolmarm really tame the wildest cowboy in town? Or is Harriet headed for a terrible fall?

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All Night Long with a Cowboy follows the story of Harriett and Jensen. Harriett is your stereotypical schoolmarm librarian. The complete and total opposite of Jensen. Jensen is the kind of guy that should send Harriett running for the hills. He is a notorious playboy, who could have any woman at the drop of a hat. These two shouldn’t even be on each other’s radar’s. But, fate has other plans. When a troubled student challenges Harriett, she has no choice but to try and reach them and bring in the one person she thinks can help. But, when it comes to Jensen, he is a lot more than what Harriett bargained for…

I thought this book was an ok read. I could tell right away that Harriett was going to have her hands full with a guy like Jensen. These two couldn’t be more opposite if they tried, but somehow found themselves drawn to one another. I do think their story had a bit of a slow start, but I was intrigued enough to see where their story would go.

The road to happily ever after for Harriett and Jensen wasn’t without some bumps along the way. Both of them had pasts that they felt defined them and needed to overcome the hurdles of their past. There was definitely more to these characters than meets the eye and I enjoyed getting to know the two of them.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher & NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: There with You by Samantha Young

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There With You by Samantha Young is now live!

For Regan Penhaligon, there’s no better place to run to than the exclusive Ardnoch Estate in the remote Scottish Highlands. Her impulsive behavior has finally caught up with her and Regan’s visit with her sister, Robyn, is an opportunity to hide from someone who has grown dangerously obsessed with her.

Determined to make amends for her mistakes, Regan plans to repair her relationship with Robyn by staying close. And when an offer of help comes from Thane Adair, Regan gratefully accepts.

Widower, Thane, needs a new nanny housekeeper for his two young children and when they bond with Regan Penhaligon, he offers her the job. But as the weeks pass and the complex American reveals who she really is, Thane struggles with his growing attraction to her.

Regan never expected to feel so intensely for Thane, but she can’t deny her passion for him or her love for his children. When someone from Thane’s past threatens his family, Regan wants to be his pillar of support. However, his continued inability to trust her might just destroy their chance at future happiness… and the person who drove Regan to Ardnoch might snuff out her chance for any future at all.

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For Regan Penhaligon, her impulsive behavior has finally caught up with her, so a long over due visit with her sister Robyn is just what the doctor ordered. Regan is determined more than ever to make amends for her mistakes and repair her broken relationship with her sister. The last thing Regan planned for was Thane Adair. Widowed father of two is in desperate need of a nanny and Regan’s past job experience fits the bill. The more time Thane and Regan spend time together, the more their attraction grows…

There with You is a fabulous read from beginning to end. I was captivated from the very first page and was left hanging on each and every word. I connected with Regan right away. On the surface, she appears young and flighty, but once you get to know her, you realize that there is so much more to her than meets the eyes. Regan has amazing strength, determination, a huge heart, and is passionate about the things that make her happy. Thane was the broody single father next door. He doesn’t trust many and thanks to his past, has a lot of insecurities. No matter how hard he tries, Thane can’t stay away from Regan…

While Regan and Thane’s relationship started off with an incredible slow burn, the two of them certainly burned up the pages together. I loved watching the two of them navigate their way through everything life threw at them. They certainly experienced a lot of ups and downs. I loved the fight. The pull. The delicious tension. And those incredible moments that just left me begging me for more.

There with You was everything I wanted and was hoping for. This story was filled with heart and misunderstandings. It had an incredibly satisfying slow burn that will leave readers aching for more. The romance and tension is off the charts. There’s suspense and so much delicious angst! Ugh! I just loved every single minute of Regan and Thane’s story and never wanted it to end.

Fans of Samantha Young, you will not want miss this must-read romance!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Meet Samantha

Samantha is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty books, several of which have been nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards. She writes adult contemporary and paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy and YA contemporary fiction. Her books have been published in 28 languages in 30 countries. She resides in Scotland.

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Review: Dawn Unearthed by Carrie Ann Ryan

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Title: Dawn Unearthed

Series: Ravenwood Coven #1

Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: August 17, 2021

Releasing August 19 in Kindle Unlimited

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan begins a new witchy paranormal series where a magical town keeps its secrets, but those in it must find a way to keep themselves safe.

The moment Sage Reed makes her way to Ravenwood, she knows the small town lives up to its mystical lore—even if she doesn’t believe that she’s a witch. After losing her husband, she’s ready for change, and her aunt’s bookstore affords the perfect opportunity.

Rome Baker has secrets of his own—even some that he’s kept from the town he calls home. But when a striking and intriguing stranger saves his life the moment she steps into his path, his inner bear knows that she’s the one for him. However, with the town under fire, he worries he might run out of time before he can show her what they can have together.

A new enemy is on the horizon, one who hides in the shadows, whose history is steeped in lies. And if Sage and Rome aren’t careful, Sage’s new powers won’t be the only thing that spirals into flame.

Available now at the following retailers for a VERY limited time

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Releasing in Kindle Unlimited on August 19


Pre-order audio & print copies for August 19



Dawn Unearthed is my first paranormal romance from author Carrie Ann Ryan and is the first book in the Ravenwood Coven Series.

Ravenwood is a town filled with magic, mystery, and secrets. Sage thinks she’s going to Ravenwood for a fresh start and to move on from the loss of her husband. But, fate has other plans for Sage. An unexpected meeting with Rome will turn her life upside down and lead her down the most unexpected path. Suddenly everything she thinks she knows is being thrown out of the window. As secrets are revealed, a new threat is on the horizon that threatens to destroy everything…..

Dawn Unearthed kicks off the Ravenwood Coven Series and hits the ground running. I was hooked instantly and could not wait to see what this story had in store for me. One of the things I really enjoyed was how unique this story was I mean it has different kinds of shifters, witches, fae, and other paranormal entities. I loved how all of the paranormal elements came together and just how intertwined they were.

Rome and Sage had amazing chemistry right off the bat. I loved how patient and understanding Rome was. He knew that Sage was his destiny, but didn’t want to burden her or force her into anything. And Sage, well, here world was turned upside down and she just kind of went with the flow. She was so open to this world that she never knew existed and wasn’t afraid of who Rome was or what he was destined to be with her. Together, these two are an undeniable force. They left me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t wait to see how their story was going to play out.

Dawn Unearthed was an intriguing read from beginning to end. I loved the magic. I loved the paranormal creatures. I loved the romance and the moments that left me breathless. This book had its fair share of twists and turns and surprising moments, and I enjoyed every second of it. And while this story may wrap up Sage and Rome’s story for now, I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for us readers in the next book…

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


#2 Dusk Unveiled – Releasing January 13 in Kindle Unlimited


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#3 Evernight Unleashed – Releasing March 17 in Kindle Unlimited


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Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and young adult romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over seventy-five novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not losing herself in her emotional and action-packed worlds, she’s reading as much as she can while wrangling her clowder of cats who have more followers than she does. 







Review: The Introvert’s Guide to Blind Dating by Emma Hart

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Review: The Introvert’s Guide to Blind Dating by Emma Hart

Blind dating: the act in which you date a stranger and hope it’s not the kid you once babysat. And try not to freak out when it’s your one-night stand from two weeks ago.

As the last woman standing, I, Piper Carter, am officially a loner.

Apparently, that means it’s time for me to get out there and find myself a man. My protestations that I have no time for it falls on deaf ears and the next thing I know, I’m on a blind date with someone my best friends assure me will be perfect for me.

Maverick Donovan, the guy I, uh, know very, very well…

After one conversation that makes my disdain for this setup very clear, the superstar playboy author asks me for only one thing: my help with his research for his next novel.

Turns out, the heroine in his next hot romance is the owner of a bakery, but all his ill-fated efforts are baking is the batteries in his fire alarm.

I agree. I’ll create some recipes for his leading lady, and he’ll credit me and my store, giving me the recognition I need to help me on my way to franchising.

If only we didn’t have to spend almost every free waking moment together to make it happen.

I don’t want to give my heart to the guy with a trail of broken ones behind him, but there’s a fundamental problem with that plan.

I’m pretty sure I’m doing just that…

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As the last woman standing, Piper can’t help but feel like a loner. Despite having no time or real interest in dating, Piper’s happily paired and good intentioned friends, can’t help but set her up on a blind date. Unfortunately, Piper knows her blind date, Maverick Donovan all too well and after a single conversation with him, it’s quite clear that the only thing he wants from Piper is help researching his next novel.

Overall, I thought this book was a really cute read. I loved Piper and her independence. She’s thrilled that her friends are happy and have found love, but that just isn’t a priority of hers right now. As for Maverick, I thought he was a really interesting character. I mean, a man who writes romance! Please tell me more. Together, these two made for a most interesting pairing. I enjoyed their banter and the push and pull between them. I enjoyed their chemistry and was excited to see where their story would go.

This wouldn’t be an Emma Hart novel without her signature humor and wit. And let me tell you, this book delivered on those fronts. The Introvert’s Guide to Blind Dating is smartly written and entertaining. It’s filled with heart and well meaning friends and family. And of course, it’s got just the right mix of romance and a dash of drama. In the end, this is a book that you can easily finish in a single sitting and it will leave you with a huge smile on your face.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Blog Tour with Review: Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost by Lindsay Marcott

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About the Book

Title: Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost

Author: Lindsay Marcott

Release Date: August 1, 2021

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

In a modern and twisty retelling of Jane Eyre, a young woman must question everything she thinks she knows about love, loyalty, and murder.

Jane has lost everything: job, mother, relationship, even her home. A friend calls to offer an unusual deal—a cottage above the crashing surf of Big Sur on the estate of his employer, Evan Rochester. In return, Jane will tutor his teenage daughter. She accepts.

But nothing is quite as it seems at the Rochester estate. Though he’s been accused of murdering his glamorous and troubled wife, Evan Rochester insists she drowned herself. Jane is skeptical, but she still finds herself falling for the brilliant and secretive entrepreneur and growing close to his daughter.

And yet her deepening feelings for Evan can’t disguise dark suspicions aroused when a ghostly presence repeatedly appears in the night’s mist and fog. Jane embarks on an intense search for answers and uncovers evidence that soon puts Evan’s innocence into question. She’s determined to discover what really happened that fateful night, but what will the truth cost her?

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A Jane Eyre re-telling?! Sign me up please! Those were my first thoughts when I came across this book. Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost is a unique modern re-telling of Jane Erye that is creepy, yet intriguing at the same time. I was captivated from the first page and couldn’t wait to see how this author’s version of the story would play out.

What makes this re-telling truly unique is that we get chapters of the past from Mrs. Rochester’s point of view. I think those were my favorite part of this story. They really made you think and left me wondering if Mrs. Rochester was giving us a true account of her fate or was she truly crazy and brought it upon herself. I personally thought this added a lot to the mystery of the story.

Overall, I thought this book was a really interesting and unique read. I enjoyed getting to know Jane and the mystery surrounding Evan. I have some mixed feelings about Evan and Jane as a couple. I didn’t LOVE them together, but I didn’t HATE them together, either.

Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost is one of those stories that I think will be a hit for some and a miss for others. I’d love to know where you stand on this re-telling…

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Jane Eyre for the Modern Age with Lindsay Marcott 

What is it about Jane Eyre that has made it a blockbuster for over a hundred and seventy years? The breathtaking writing, yes. The gripping plot: part Gothic romance, part coming-of-age story. The swooning romance between a rich man and a poor orphan, and the shock of the mad wife secreted in an attic.

But I think most of all it’s the voice of Jane herself: a young woman with an extraordinary sense of her own worth and independence. A voice that was revolutionary in 1847 when Charlotte Brontë published it. At the time, women had little say outside family and home. Their career opportunities outside of marriage were limited to underpaid servants and schoolteachers. Female characters in early Victorian novels were usually portrayed as either sugary too-good-to-be-true angels or fallen women seeking repentance.

Jane is neither. She’s constricted by the society she lives in–she needs to keep a stifling job as a governess or else starve to death—but she makes it clear she’d rather starve than sacrifice her will or stifle her intelligence. As a child, she has a temper and a will, even though she’s punished harshly for it. Later, when her employer, Mr. Rochester, grills her, she responds with strong opinions and engages in spirited debates. And when he tempts her to go live in sin with him in Europe, she escapes through the only means available to her—by running off to the surrounding moors, though it probably means she will die in those wilds. And she will not return to him until she learns he has fundamentally changed, and she can now love him passionately and physically without compromising her true self.

I believe it’s this will and independence of Jane’s that keep modern readers coming back for more (not to mention that throbbing romance!), and these are the same elements that inspire continual adaptations of the story. I had long dreamed of creating modern versions of these characters, because they so thrilled and delighted me and taught me life lessons over many years of my rereading the book. A nervy dream, yes. But also one that presented huge challenges: there are so many elements of the book that just won’t fly in an updated story.

For example: a current-day Jane would not be able to keep her curiosity under wraps about all the strange and spooky things going on in Mr. Rochester’s house. She wouldn’t just accept vague explanations or agree to his request to simply not ask about them. She would be itching to find out more.

Also a sexual relationship outside of marriage is no longer a taboo for most women of today. Jane wouldn’t have to flee that temptation. And of course a modern Mr. Rochester would be able to divorce a mad wife, though no doubt having to pay a heavy alimony for her future care. So that’s no longer even an obstacle.

But lies are always a problem in a relationship. Especially big lies.

A secret bigamist is a pretty big lie.

Being a secret murderer would be an even bigger one.

It was thinking about this that gave me the idea of adapting the book as a modern thriller. One in which Rochester does not have a stashed-away wife—instead he’s suspected of murdering a famous wife who has now disappeared. Jane would have to surreptitiously seek out the truth about him–guilty or not?–before she could give in to falling in love. And when spooky things happened, she would need to confront those as well. She would be risking an enormous amount. Losing the love of her life. And maybe also losing her life.

And so I set about writing a thriller, adding startling new twists, putting in jumps and shivers. The result is Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost. It was a joy to write, and I certainly hope it’s an equal joy to read.

Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost Excerpt

The fog streamed in white scarves and pennants, with a bright half moon playing hide-and-seek among them. I walked briskly down the asphalt drive, Pilot racing figure eights around me. We cut across switchbacks toward the highway. I kept to the gravel shoulder as the grade descended.

A pair of headlights glowered in the mist, then swept swiftly by. 

The highway continued to dip. Pilot romped ahead and disappeared from my sight around a curve. 

“Pilot!” I heard him barking but couldn’t see him. I quickened my steps. 

I found myself in the middle of a dense cloud. Fog gathered in the depression in the road. 

“Pilot?” I yelled again. “Where are you?” 

Excited yapping. But he was a ghost dog. 

The roar of a motorcycle echoed from around the far side of the bend. Through the blanketing cloud, I caught a glimpse of the poodle trotting onto the road. 

“Pilot, get back here!” I screamed. 

The motorcycle’s headlamp glowed dimly as it appeared on the near side of the bend. Pilot barked with sudden frenzy. The headlamp veered crazily. Pilot darted off the road into the underbrush. A sickening sound of tires skidding out of control on gravel. A shout. 

With horror, I watched motorcycle and rider slam down onto the gravel shoulder. 

I ran toward the rider. He was sprawled crookedly next to the bike, but his limbs, encased in black leather and jeans, were moving stiffly. Alive, at least. With a groan, he hoisted himself up onto his elbows.

“Are you okay?” I shined my flashlight on him. He whipped his head. “What the hell are you?” 

“Just a person,” I said quickly. 

He yanked his goggles down. “For Chrissake. I meant who are you? What are you doing here?” 

“Taking a walk.” 

“What kind of lunatic goes out for a walk in this kind of fog?” 

“Maybe the same kind of lunatic who drives way too fast in it.” 

“You call that fast? Christ.” He gingerly gathered himself into a sitting position, then flexed his feet in the heavy boots experimentally. He took off his helmet and shook out a head of rough black curls. A week’s tangle of rough salt-and-pepper beard nearly obscured a wide mouth. The prominent nose might be called stately on a more good-natured face. “What the hell was that creature in the middle of the road?” 

“A dog.” 

“A dog?” 

“A standard poodle. Unclipped.” 

He put the helmet back on, then pulled a cell phone from his jacket and squinted at the screen. “Nothing,” he muttered. 

“The reception’s kind of iffy around here.”

He flung out an arm. “Help me up, okay?” 

I approached him tentatively. He was over six feet and powerfully built. About twice my weight, I guessed. “I’m not sure I can pull you.” 

“Yeah, you probably can’t. Stoop down a little.” 

God, he’s rude. I did, and he draped his arm around my shoulder, transferring his weight. My knees buckled a little but didn’t give. He began to stand, crumpled slightly, then got his balance and pulled himself up straight. 

I suddenly became aware of his intense physicality. The power of his arm and shoulder against my body, the taut spring of the muscles in his chest. As if he sensed what I was feeling, he shook off my support and stood on his own feet.

“At least you can put weight on your feet,” I said. “That’s a good sign.” 

“Are you a medical professional?” 


“Then your opinion doesn’t count for much at the moment.” 

Go to hell, was on the tip of my tongue. But the fog’s chill was making me sniffle. It seemed absurd to attempt a stinging retort with a dripping nose. I swiped it surreptitiously with the sleeve of my jacket. 

He walked, limping slightly, to the Harley. “This thing’s supposed to take a corner. That’s the main reason I bought it!” He gave the seat a savage kick. Then he hopped on his nonkicking boot and shook a fist as if in defiance of some bully of a god who particularly had it in for him. 

I laughed. 

He whirled on me. My laughter froze. The look of fury on his face sent a thrill of alarm through me. I edged backward; I felt at that moment he could murder me without compunction and leave my corpse to be devoured by coyotes and bobcats.

But then, to my astonishment, he grinned. “You’re right. I look like an ass.” 

Pilot suddenly came crashing out of the underbrush.

“Is that your mutt?” 

“Yes. Though, actually, not mine. He’s a recent addition at the place I’m staying.” 

He stared at me, a thought dawning. I forced myself to stare back: deep-set eyes, dark as ink. I was about to introduce myself, but he yanked the goggles back over his eyes and stooped to the handlebar of the bike. “Help me get this up. Grab the other bar. You pull and I’ll push.” 

“It’s too heavy.” 

“I’ll do the heavy lifting. Just do what you can.” 

Obstinately, I didn’t move. 

“Please,” he added. He made the word sound like an obscenity. 

I took a grudging step forward and grabbed hold of the handlebar with both hands. I tugged it toward me as he lifted his side with a grunt. The bike slowly rose upright. 

“Hold it steady,” he said. 

It felt like it weighed several tons—it took every ounce of my strength to keep my side up as he straddled the seat. He grasped both bars. Engaged the clutch, cursing in pain as he stomped on the pedal. He glanced at me briefly. 

And then, sending up a heavy spray of gravel, the Harley roared off into the enveloping fog.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Rochester!” I shouted into the deepening gloom.

About the Author

Lindsay Marcott is the author of The Producer’s Daughter and six previous novels written as Lindsay Maracotta. Her books have been translated into eleven languages and adapted for cable. She also wrote for the Emmy-nominated HBO series The Hitchhiker and co-produced a number of films. She lives on the coast of California. You can contact the author on her website at

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Release Blitz with Review: King of the Court by R.S. Grey

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Release Blitz with Review: King of the Court by R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey’s next standalone rom-com, King of the Court, is out now! Check it out and grab your copy today!

About King of the Court

We don’t get a lot of NBA superstars coming through little ol’ Pine Hill, Texas. That’s why everyone is all in a tizzy over the fact that the USA men’s Olympic basketball team will be training here of all places before this year’s Summer Games. With little else to talk about, rumors about the players have been spreading like wildfire, and there’s one man in the middle of it all holding a match.

Ben Castillo.

NBA champion.

Olympic gold medalist.

Widely hailed ‘King of the Court’.

The morning he walks into my dingy diner, I have enough sense to keep my head down and go right on wiping tables, pouring coffee, and serving up short stacks. A man who looks like that—superstar or not—has only ever meant trouble, and more trouble is the last thing I need, what with taking care of Nan and scraping by on tips from truckers.

If anything, he seems drawn to my indifference. His steely gaze pierces me behind the counter. My knees nearly buckle under the weight of his attention. But while Mr. Pretty Boy is probably used to snagging city girls with a smile, this gal is country strong.

I won’t be some clichéd convenience for him on his way through town.

So look over your choices carefully, Benny-boy. We serve up sides of hash browns here, not heartbreak.

Get Your Copy Today!

My Review

“I could forget everything, fall into those brown eyes, and never come up for air.”

“He was the very definition of too good to be true.”

King of the Court is the latest release from author R.S. Grey and is sure to leave readers with a huge smile on their faces.

Everyone is all a buzz over the NBA Players passing through Pine Hill, Texas. Of all the places they could be training for the Olympics, they’re training here. The morning he walks into my diner, all bets are off. Whether they like it or not, their chemistry is too hot to be ignored….

I thought this book was a super cute read. I loved Raelynn and Ben together. They were total opposites, but you know what they say, opposites attract. Ben and Raelynn both were hard working, determined, and had hearts of gold. I loved watching them try to navigate all the ups and downs life threw at them.

King of the Court is a quick and easy read that will have you laughing one moment and swooning the next. This book hit all the marks and in the end left this reader with a huge smile on her face.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

About R.S. Grey:

R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels. She lives in Texas with her husband and daughter, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at

Website | Facebook | R.S. Grey’s Little Reds Facebook Group | Newsletter | Instagram

Review: Break Your Fall by Malynda Schlegel

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Review: Break Your Fall by Malynda Schlegel

Reyna Stokes.
The two loves of my life, and I’m losing both.

The first—the sport I’ve dedicated most of my life to—has been slipping from my head and my heart since spring.

Setting foot on a college court, playing college ball, has been my dream since I was a kid. It’s bad enough that my dream is dying, but I literally can’t afford to not play ball. If I don’t play, I’m out. Everything I’ve worked for is gone. I keep telling myself it’s just a funk, because if I lose this for good? My future is done.

The second—the girl of my dreams—I’ve never really had.

I’ve loved Reyna for as long as I can remember, but I’ve been firmly planted in the friend zone. Julian’s the guy who got the girl. In the case of our friend group, he got both girls.

He hurt me by hooking up with Reyna, but he deceived Reyna by trying to love her when he knew he couldn’t, then let her go to be with the girl he could.

Julian and Camille broke her and left me to pick up the pieces.

As much as I’ve tried to play referee, friendships have been shattered. Sides have been taken. Lines have been drawn. And I’m now all Reyna has. She needs a friend. A line made deeper by the loss of two. A line that’s going to be harder for me to cross. But I’d be a fool not to try. A complete moron not to show her that I’m the guy for her. That I’ve always been the guy for her.

It’s our last summer together, and I have but a short time to turn everything around before I leave Bellsby behind for good.

First? Salvage friendships.
Second? Reignite my love for basketball.
And third – the biggest one of all? Get the girl.

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Break Your Fall is the second book in the Bellsby Beach series and follows the story of Reyna and Tommy. Tommy has only ever loved two things, basketball and Reyna. So when Julian hooked up with Reyna it destroyed not only Tommy, but Reyna as well. You see, Julian wasn’t over Camille and ended up breaking Reyna’s heart. Tommy’s tried to be the good guy and help keep the peace, but that is proving to be easier said than done. Reyna may be broken, but Tommy is there to be the guy she needs and pick up her beautifully broken pieces.

Overall, I thought this book was a really great read. It was filled with lots of heart and I loved the way Tommy was with Reyna. He was in her corner when she needed him the most. The kind of guy that you hope will finally get the girl. My heart broke for Reyna and couldn’t help but root for her to find her much deserved happily ever after.

Break Your Fall was a terrific read from beginning to end. It captivated me from the very first page and I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for Tommy and Reyna.

Review: Playing with Words by Kelly Elliott

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Review: Playing with Words by Kelly Elliott

Hudson Higgins had fond memories of Boggy Creek from his childhood. So what better place to escape New York City for a few weeks to finish up a book that was nearing deadline than the small town in New Hampshire his parents visited nearly every summer.

What he couldn’t have known was how his life would be turned upside down when he walked into Greer Larson’s bookstore his first day in town.

Greer Larson lived a quiet life in her hometown of Boggy Creek. She had worked nearly her whole adult life to make her dreams of owning her bookstore come true—and now, Turning Pages was her everything. She lived, eat, and breathed the success of owning her own business.

That is, until a stranger came to town and showed Greer that there was more to life than simply working. A friendship between Greer and Hudson quickly formed over their love of books and the outdoors.

When Greer’s bookstore is threatened, Hudson soon realizes he hasn’t simply fallen for the charm of Boggy Creek and Greer, he’d fallen in love…with both the town, and the woman who stole his heart from the moment she first smiled at him.

Playing with Words is book two in the Boggy Creek Valley series and is a stand alone novel.

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Small-Town Romance ✅

Light Drama ✅

Feel-Good Romance ✅

All The Feels ✅

Playing with Words is the latest addition to the Boggy Creek Valley Series and is just the read I was looking for. Playing with Words checked off so many of my boxes and left me grinning the entire time.

Playing with Words follows the story of Hudson and Greer. From the moment I dove into their story I was hooked. Greer is an incredibly likeable character who is adorably awkward when it comes to good looking men and she loves books almost as much as I do. Hudson is the stranger who blows into town and can’t help but be intrigued by the shy local, Greer….

I knew right away that Greer and Hudson would be great together, and I wasn’t disappointed. Their chemistry was instant and I loved their interactions. As previously stated, Greer was adorably awkward in the beginning, but that just added to her charm. And while Hudson came into town looking for a quiet place to work, he couldn’t help be smitten by Greer. Together, they had a whirlwind romance that left me with a smile on my face and all the feels.

Playing with Words is such a fun read. I loved the small-town charm and the gossip factory. I loved that while there was some drama, it was on the light side and made sense to the story. This book has a lot of humorous moments that had me laughing out loud one moment and swooning the next. In the end, I couldn’t help falling head over heels for Greer and Hudson.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*