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Loves & Loathes – November 2nd

Loves, loves, loves

1. The new TAYLOR SWIFT album. I know, I know, it’s Taylor Swift. But there’s no shame here! This album is epic. I love the new direction she’s gone in. Sounds like the 80’s and who doesn’t love the 80’s?! Fave song off the album has got to be Blank Space…follow by I Wish You Would, I Know Places and Out of the Woods. Girlfriends grown up. Awww. – K

2. I’m kinda obsessing over this girl and her music… -C

FKA Twigs – Two Weeks on MUZU.TV.

3. I have a long list of books on my kindle (and pre-ordered) that I can’t wait to read this month! Eeeep! – C (Me too-A)

4.  Daylight Savings Time:  I love when the clock falls back and I get that extra hour of sleep! Which also translates into an extra hour of reading!! -A

5.  I bought my advanced tickets to see Mockingjay!!! I am so excited!! -A



1. Guy Fawkes… Don’t get me wrong, a few sparklers are a bunch of fun but I can already tell I’m so going to get over the nightly amateur fireworks displays in our suburb. Sigh – C

2. I loathe the fact that an oil company is drilling a well right next to the playground in the park right behind my house and didn’t even have the common courtesy to let any of the residents know about it! It’s loud and they start working way too early 😦 -A

3. This month is going to be WAY too busy for my liking. I’m worried I wont be able to fit a ton of reading in… Which is obviously unacceptable! – C

4. I have the dentist this month!!! I have cavities (four…ahem…oops) and I’m getting them filled. I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!! By first appointment is this Thursday. Someone hold my hand? – K

5. My husband is going to be in Australia this month for work for a week. It’s quite nice because I enjoy the peace and quiet (sorry husband!) but I just really hope the boogeyman doesn’t get me at night. – K

Loves & Loathes October 19th

Love love loves

1. Fresh fish, strawberries and sunshine. A random sounding mix I know but those three things were what my evening consisted of…. Summery deliciousness – C

2. I love being able to talk to an author when I’m freaking out about something that is happening in their book- A

3. Cooler Weather! It’s finally starting to feel like Fall here in Colorado! I was so amazed yesterday by the vibrance of all the colors of the leaves….-A

4. Double Dare, a short story by Penny Reid… I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this to read and review. It’s part of the SHIVER anthology (all proceeds from this collection of short stories go to a very worth cause) AND the beginning of the first Winston Brothers book Truth or Beard… I cannot wait for this full length book to release. It is going to be SO good! – C

5. A new Hunger Games clip!! Not long to wait now!! – K



1. So my son has a little girlfriend from school. She was texting him in the weekend so they could play Minecraft together. Am I ready for this?! My baby is growing up. Soon he’s going to leave me and I’m going to have to start dropping by his house with random offerings of food to make him keep loving me (joking, joking. About the ‘making him love me’ part. Not the randomly showing up part). I don’t really ‘loathe’ this, I’m just surprised this time has come around so fast. – K

2. The nightmares I am now going to have from attempting to watch just one episode of American Horror Story…shudder… – C

3. Not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things that I need to.-A

4. Waiting for the next installment in a REALLY good series is torturous… It’s always worth the wait I know, but still…. Patience is not my forte! – C

5. Why am I constantly on a never ending hunt for good Urban Fantasy?? I wish UF got as much recognition as the romance genre (which I also love)!  It would make finding my next UF read so much easier to find. – K

Loves & Loathes – October 12th

Love Love Loves

1. This music video… Need we say more…

2. Our first buddy read as 3 was a roaring success, our review will be posted soon, but in the meantime you can check out the details of The Harlequin Doll by S.K. Munt HERE

3. It seems to be a musical L & Ls this week because I’m loving Lordes single ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ from the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Super proud of this fellow kiwi girl! She’s ridiculously fierce and she’s only SEVENTEEN. Check it out –

…red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart.

4. One (two?) of my all time best ever urban fantasy writers, Ilona Andrews, has a new book coming out on the 28th of October called Burn For Me. It’s the first book in a new series they are working on. And I just want to share the news that I, Kristal OnceUponaBookBlog, have an ARC. I’m dead. It feels a bit like when a celeb touches you and can never wash that body part again (unless they touch your lady garden AKA vag, then you should definitely continue washing). I’m never deleting the ARC email or washing my Kindle EVER AGAIN. (This right here is just everything that is good about book blogging -C) (Best feeling ever!!!-A)

5. I have an exciting surprise that I am love love LOVING right now! More to come later on this… -C (what surprise??? – K)(Inquiring minds want to know!!-A) (Nawwww I wish I could tell you both right now but we have to wait… – C)


1. Both my boys are starting swimming lessons this week… That means I need to jump in the pool too… which means I need togs… which means I need to go tog shopping, my all time worst type of shopping! – C

2. Is lying by omission really lying? Those who know me know I am the worst ever liar. I look guilty as soon as I even try it. But a few years ago (ahem…ten) I failed to correct someone about something (nothing major just something small) aaaaand now ten years later I feel like it’s sort of too late to correct them so…I’m taking this secret to my grave. But I think about it often! Oh shit…I’m going to hell aren’t I? – K (Ok, colour me intrigued… I’m off to harass you via text to find out what this is! -C)

3. Negativity… There is always an abundance of it in the world I know, maybe I’m just noticing it a little more at the moment… But please remember, a little positivity can go a long way – C

4. My hair used to be a brown ombre. I was keen to change things up so my hairdresser did a dark brown to red ombre instead. I am LOVING this. It’s stupendous! I thought I was too old and lame to pull it off but somehow it works (see below). HOWEVER, I am not loving that my ends feel so dry now. I use a really good conditioner and having been applying argon oil to the ends but is there anything else I can do to help my poor hair out?? HEEEEEELP! – K

5. My internal alarm clock. My inability to sleep in is so frustrating! Once, just once, I would love to sleep in. But, no matter how late I stay up, I am always up by 5am……-A

Loves & Loathes – October 5th

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1. Gone Girl is out at the movies! Amy has already seen it and we (Kristal & Charmaine) are going to see it sooon! Can’t wait!! (even though the picture below is enough to give me nightmares *shudder*)

2. Becoming Calder & Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan have been released!!! The two book made one EPIC love story! See review for Becoming Calder HERE and Finding Eden HERE

3. I’m going to look on the bright side at all of the outrageous wind and rain we’ve been having. It’s been gorgeous snuggle and read weather and considering we here in NZ are being told to be ready for 30 days of rain, I guess it’s a good thing I have about a billion books on my kindle to read! – C

4. Blog Buddy reads!! The three of us here at Once Upon a Book Blog are currently reading S. K. Munts latest release, The Harlequin Brothers. We are having a ball sharing our opinions with each other and discussing who our top picks are for love interest! 😉

5. Caramel Chai Tea. Literally is THE most delicious thing I have ever drunk. Perfect for while reading a book in a storm ❤ – C


1. I went to the dentist today. This was hideous for two reason. Firstly, I hate the dentist. I know a lot of people have dental phobias and I am one of them.  I constantly wonder to myself how the hell it’s 2014 and they haven’t come up with anything better than a DRILL to sort out a cavity. Which brings me to my second hideous reason – I need four fillings. FOUR!! Admittedly I am a dentist avoider, but not anymore. I am reformed! Never again and will I have a four filling dental visit. – K

2. Internet Issues: I have been having internet issues for almost two weeks and tech support has been anything but helpful!! It has improved some, so fingers crossed the whole issue will be resolved quickly! -A

3. Dickheads on the internet. Some people have such dangerous opinions about really important issues. I wish those people would stop sharing their opinions with us via social media. It’s gross. Also, I hope those same people move to an isolated and remote island (Asshole Island has a nice ring to it) and all live happily together there forever. With no internet access. – K

4. Spring sickness – Feeling pretty over it and tired! Nothing more needs to be said I’m sure – C

5. I literally have no programs to watch now that Outlander is on its mid-season break. I am feeling like I need to invest the time into something, literally I watch NO TV at the moment. I probably know more about Alex’s cartoons than I do about popular shows, anyone have any goodies that I should watch? -C

    Loves & Loathes – 28th September

    Love Love Love

    1. Coconut Lime Cake!!! I’ve just half invented this new cake recipe and it’s seriously smelling SO damn good as it’s baking! Someone is going to have to help me eat it this week! Any takers? – C

    2. Angst. I am SUCH an angst lover and I’m in a angsty book mood at the moment. So if you know of any super angsty books that are must reads, let me know! I need more, more, more! – K 

    3. Took my biggest boy to the library today to get his very own library card. Exciting stuff! We now have a bunch of dinosaur books to pour over in the next month. Love watching him get the same enjoyment from books as I do! – C

    4. So many fantastic books coming out in October! The three of us here at OUaBB literally cannot wait!

    5.We have an amazing friend. Her name is Kristin, and some of you may also know her as KrisTris or Kris(KC). Kris is a BAD-ASS writer and she is writing her very own book, which you will all get to see eventually. In the meantime though, she has started her own blog. Head on our and check out her beautiful reviews at Pretty Words Book Blog!!



    1. Can someone please tell us why there is a mid-season finale for Outlander!!! And even worse, why is Outlander not coming back from it’s ‘mid-season break’ until April next year?! We are going to have serious Jamie withdrawals…


    2. It’s school holiday time. Heeeeeelp!! – K

    3. Charmaine is having tech issues – she hates ALL things battery powered (heh heh) – K

    4. THIS. I’m a pretty easy going person. Reasonably relaxed and ‘go with the flow-ish’. I don’t take life too seriously. However, when I read stuff like this it makes me RAGE. There are so many people out there that need life-saving operations or medicines, so many children that are sick or going hungry, so many people with true needs. If you have that much money to throw around then please PLEASE give it to someone that needs it. Please. – K

    5. Earlier this week UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave an excellent speech at the UN about feminism and gender equality to kick off the HeforShe campaign. The speech itself was well written and well spoken and Emma Watson, as per usual, totally delivered. What I loathed though, was all the disgusting sexual threats and trolling that went on afterward. I just…..what the actual fuck. This is a big loathe for me. – K

    Loves & Loathes – September 21st


    1. Mia Sheridan – Not only are her latest books AMAZING, she is also so so lovely. ❤ this author!!! – K

    2. Giveaways!!! We have had so much fun with our latest giveaway! Stay tuned for more giveaway fun from us!

    3. I’ve got Outlander wedding fever at the moment. I’m not that keen on living back then (no toilet paper or antibiotics = no thanks) but GOOD GOD I wish Jamie would join me here. Kilt and all. In fact, he could leave the kilt/clothing behind if he wanted. I’d even live in the middle of nowhere for him so he feels at home. It’s no hardship. I’m sure we could find something to do to pass the time…right? – K

    4. This. I love this so hard (told you I was obsessed at the moment, and I haven’t even read the books). These are the most enchanting opening credits EVER. – K


    5. Book buddy chats! Been chatting a lot with some of you guys this week, book related and non book related and it’s just so awesome to meet new friends and have geography not be a barrier! – C ❤


    1. Mean people! They suck. Magic! said it best – 

    2. I loathe that I am impatient. Especially when it comes to a soon-to-be-released book in a series that I love… sigh. Need to work harder at patience! – C

    3. So, the iphone 6 comes out and suddenly my cell starts playing up BAD. I feel like it’s some kind of apple conspiracy. – K

    4. My laptop is being a serious a-hole at the moment. Honestly technology drives me insane sometimes! WHYYYYYY!!! – C

    5. Once again my eyeballs are playing up. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s from WAY too much screen time reading/blogging but still. Honestly eyeballs just try and co-operate please! When I win lotto I am so getting them lasered. That will learn em! – C

    Loves & Loathes – 14th September


    1. Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan. This book! Oooooh, this book. READ IT PEOPLE. -K

    2. My baby boy is now a big one year old! His big brother had the best time ‘helping’ him celebrate and we (husband and I) feel so lucky that we had friends & family set aside the time to come by to eat cake and party!!! – C (It was really good cake – K)

    3. Twitter friends and the blogging community. One of our absolute best things about being bloggers is all the amazing book friends and fellow bloggers we have had the chance to get to know. ❤ you all!

    4. Guys we have a COMPETITION coming up!!! We are so excited to share some love with you all so stay posted!

    5. Today my oldest kiddo was awarded ‘Player of the Year’ at his football (soccer) club. He has worked damn hard for that, spending hours and hours every week on his fitness and training so we are pretty proud of that kid ❤ – K (So awesome! He’s SUCH a star! – C)


    1. My baby boy is now 1 😦 Yes, yes I know it’s also in the loves and I do LOVE that he is 1 don’t get me wrong! But at the same time I’m oh so sad that I no longer have a baby in the house, time just goes too fast. Sigh. – C

    2. I have a big ass moth phobia. Yes, I know moths can’t actually do anything to me but an ‘irrational fear’ is ‘irrational’ for a reason. So, today I’m casually eating breakfast and scrolling through Facebook when what should I stumble upon? The most horrendous picture of a moth that, I swear to god, was the size of a bird. Well, I almost stroked out, right there at the breakfast table. Needless to say my Vogels and peanut butter went to waste. I’m also now on ‘high moth alert’ at all times. Click HERE if you would like to live the horror with me. – K (I still have no idea why you made me look at that!!! – C)

    3. Is this the 3rd week running when I’ve complained that I’m behind on my reviews?!? Enough said. – C

    4. My stupid laptop just does whatever it likes. I have tried to rein it in but I am bad with technology and I think it knows this and it is taking the opportunity to walk all over me. However, I will be getting the last laugh when I throw it out of the window onto concrete… – K (Erm, just do what I did and attempt to blow it up! – C)

    5. I kinda would like Outlander to have subtitles!!! I know Kristal is with me on this one, I just am too nosy to not know what is going on at ALL times in detail! – C (Definitely. We NEED subtitles -K)

    <img src="; alt="Just us two hanging with Jamie Just us two hanging with Jamie ❤

    Loves & Loathes – September 7th

    Love, Love, Loving

    1. This first week of spring has been BEAUTIFUL! Warmer temperatures and sunshine. Bliss – C

    2. Charmaine’s review convinced me to read Beauty and The Mustache by Penny Reid. I’m LOVING it. Quirky in the best way. And it’s the first book I have read in ages that I’m not writing a review for, so it’s nice just to enjoy the ‘book moment’. – K

    3. Having a fab book run at the moment, even reading and loving some outside of my go-to genres. Gotta love that! – C

    4. ARCs. I LOVE not having to wait as long for a book to come out. It’s AWESOME. And this week I have got one for a book I was DYING to read. *happy dance* – K

    5. Peanut M&Ms. And so my random food addictions continue. I will be glad when this one runs it’s course.It can NOT be good for me. – K 



    1. Mondays. Hate them. Hate them even more after a night of not enough sleep! – C

    2. How come we don’t get pumpkin spice anything in NZ? What the hell is going on. I feel like we’re missing out. – K

    3. Sometimes I feel that I literally do not understand half of the ways of twitter. I feel like I need to read a manual?! – C

    4. Google! Honestly I know it’s a bad plan to google things sometimes, I know the road it leads down… Yet I still do it and then spend half the night awake over it! Ugh – C

    5. Speaking of Twitter…I really wish Twiiter would grant me special dispensation, that would allow me to use more characters. I’m always running out of space & then I look like a fool when I squeeze what I’m trying to say into one tiny, weird sentence (that probably doesn’t make sense half the time). – K

    People reading my Tweets –

    Loves & Loathes – 31st August


    1. I am LOVING that it is the first day of spring tomorrow! Finally we are leaving winter behind… – C

    2. Buddy reads! I love discussing books with literally anyone who will indulge me, so buddy reading with my BBH and some of our amazing online book-buddies is going to be ridiculously fun! – C

    3. We are currently reading Black Lies by Alessandra Torre and oh my bloody god, what a mind f-ck. Seriously. 

    4. Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid has been out for a few days. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the ridiculously talented Penny Reid. LOVE. Like I already feel like re-reading! Look out for my review ASAP and HERE is where you go to purchase… – C

    5. We each have our own Twitter accounts now! We still have our main Once Upon a Book Blog account where we post all of our reviews, promo stuff and Goodreads updates but we were finding that there was a lot of confusion sharing one so – ta daa! Now we each have our own too. These will be a little more ‘us’ so expect mild insanity. Add us! – @KristalOUABB  & @CharmOUABB 

    6. I’m adding a 6th thing here because it’s worthy. We have had a ton of new Facebook followers this week and so we wanted to say thanks for following us and we are looking forward to chatting books with you all! Definitely a 6th love week 😉



    1. The Goodreads iphone app. I have so many dramas with that thing. – K

    2. We keep being promised rain. Downpours even! But nothing. We have clouds but no rain –

    3. The True Blood Finale was not good. Thank GOODNESS Kristal and I made up for it by making sure we had delicious food to eat – C

    4. I’ve had literally NO reading time for the last few days… make for a very cranky Charm!

    5. This is more of an apology than a loathe – I’m really behind on my emails at the moment. I am working my way through them so bear with me! If you have sent an email and haven’t received a response know that I am getting there and that I’m very sorry it’s not sooner! – K

    Loves & Loathes – 24th August

    Loves loves loves…

    1. Beautiful sunny days. We’re nearing the end of winter here in NZ and luckily for us we’ve had a whole weekend of beautiful warm sunshine. Life always seems so much better with the sun out…

    2. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from Penny Reid for her new book (being released end of the month) Beauty and the Mustache. I kid you not, this beautiful romance gave me the butterflies AND the giggles at the same time! ❤   – C

    3. The Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd. I have been making my way through this series over the last month and the final book, Get Me, is out today. I’m loving this series! I was a big Gossip Girl fan and this series gives me major GG vibes. I’ll be writing a review on the whole series once I’m done but the first 5 books in the series are either free or only $0.99 at the moment!! Total bargain. Check it out – 

    4. We won a prize recently! We entered a competition on The Fairytail Sagas facebook page. All we had to do was post pictures of hotties – easy and fun! If you haven’t checked out The Fairytail Saga by S. K. Munt yet, I definitely recommend it. Mermaids and smoking hot heroes…what more could you want! We may also have a signed copy of S K Munts newest release Venom up for grabs to pass along to you thanks to the competition win! – K

    5. Another book love – finally, after what seems like an eternity, Rival (Fall Away, #2) 
    by Penelope Douglas is out tomorrow! Eeeeeep!! Excuse me while I go and dance with happiness!! – K



    1. I can NOT get Taylor Swifts new song out of my head. Everytime I get in the car it’s on!! I’m in bed singing and dancing even. It’s driving me insane! I don’t mind Taylor Swift (side note – Good on her for dating around! Live it up girls!!!!) but damn her for this! Now you can all suffer with me – K

    2. I hurt my toe on our night out last weekend. It’s STILL so sore! Hating it! – C

    3. I’ve decided my standards have been set too high after my last couple of books because nothing that I am starting is really clicking – C

    4. Peanut M&Ms. Holy shit M&Ms are my biggest weakness in life. I’m going to have to run for a hundred miles to burn all those calories off. Having raw oats, yogurt and goji berries for breakfast really has no effect when I’m stuffing my gob with M&Ms by arvo. Damn it. – K 

    5. Loathing that we’re going to have to pretty much ban ourselves from all internet related activities for a whole day so we don’t catch any spoilers for the True Blood finale. It better not end stupidly…Ahem… (ahem… -K)