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RELEASE BLITZ: Compel by Rachel Van Dyken & Patti Stanger

RELEASE BLITZ: Compel by Rachel Van Dyken & Patti Stanger

Compel by Rachel Van Dyken & Patti Stanger is now live!

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken and bestselling author Patti Stanger comes a gripping love story of cursed soulmates who are forced to relive tragedy over and over again until their curse is broken…

Compelled to seduce, designed to kill.

What do you do when your love destroys the only person you are designed to be with?

For centuries I’ve been trapped in a curse with my soulmate, only she has no idea… until history finally repeats itself.

The Matchmaker of the Fae felt wronged when we both chose our own destinies, and now, we’re forced to relive our fate over and over again.

I try like hell to fix the curse, but I remember nothing after each death, only that I’m lonely and heartbroken.

The small town of Orca Cove, Oregon, doesn’t help matters.

Filled with paranormal lore from all over the world… if anything, they’re just as trapped as I am.

My only help is the large library on my estate.

If I can just find the notes I know I would have hidden, along with texts, maybe this time will be different.

The house groans with need for its mistress.

My heart breaks with sorrow that she doesn’t recognize me until it’s too late.

Her blood will always be on my hands, just like her heart is in mine.

The path to your soul mate isn’t a fairytale—at least ours isn’t.

My Fae queen thinks she’s nothing more than a normal college student. She believes that the world is just as she sees it, without a clue that the darkness lurking in the shadows, the man she’ll fall for once again, the man who will be her demise…

Is me.

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Meet Rachel

Rachel Van Dyken is the #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over 110 books ranging from new adult romance to mafia romance to paranormal & fantasy romance. With over four million copies sold, she’s been featured in Forbes, US Weekly, and USA Today. Her books have been translated into more than 15 countries. She was one of the first romance authors to have a Kindle in Motion book through Amazon publishing and continues to strive to be on the cutting edge of the reader experience. She keeps her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, adorable sons, a naked cat, and two dogs. For more information about her books and upcoming events, visit

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Meet Patti

Patti Stanger is the star and executive producer of her own television show, the wildly successful Millionaire Matchmaker, on Bravo. But Patti had been receiving worldwide kudos long before her show aired. A third generation matchmaker, she founded the Millionaire’s Club in January of 2000 after serving five years as the Director of Marketing/Special Events for Great Expectations, (the oldest and largest dating service in the U.S.).   Her wildly successful matchmaking efforts have been featured on Oprah, E!, MTV, Dateline, Dr. Phil, Ellen, Tyra, NBC News, The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch and numerous other television shows, as well as in Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, the New York Times, Forbes, The National Enquirer, the Washington Post and many more. She is a popular guest on talk and news shows throughout the world, and is frequently accessed as a dating resource by international media outlets.

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New Year. New Reading Challenge.

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New Year. New Reading Challenge.

It’s that time of year again! As you know, there is nothing more that I love than challenging myself when it comes to the books I read. Whether it’s a new author, series, a genre that takes me out of my comfort zone or being able to tackle some books that have been on my tbr for far too long; I live for a good reading challenge. In the past few years, I stepped up my game not only with the books that I read but also by attempting to clear out that never-ending to-read list. As always, my challenges have been hard, but a ton of fun at the same time.

For 2023’s Reading Challenge, I really wanted to once again challenge myself and kick my never-ending to-read list’s butt!! And I am more than ready for the challenge……

Re-Read a favorite book
A book by an author new to me
A Contemporary Romance
A New Adult Read
A Biker Novel
A Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
A Sports Romance
A Romantic Comedy
A book chosen for its cover
An Accidental Pregnancy Romance
An Older Brother’s Best Friend Romance
A Holiday Romance (any holiday)
A Forbidden Romance
A Billionaire Romance
A Jilted Bride Romance
A Workplace Romance
A Fake Relationship
A Marriage of Convenience
My Favorite troupe
A book with a red cover
A Book with a One-Word Title
A Book with a pink cover
A Book with an illustrated cover
A book set in a different country from where I currently live.
10 books on my TBR
6 New Releases
A Rock Star Romance
A Book picked by a friend
A Dark/Taboo Romance
A Historical Romance
A Reverse Harem Romance
An Enemies to Lovers Romance
A book that will make you Ugly Cry
A book with an Age Gap
A book with Friends to Lovers
A book with a Blue cover
A Book with a White Cover
A Book with no people on the cover
A Book that will be made/has been made into a movie/tv show
A Diversified Read
A Romantic Suspense
A Book with a black cover
A book, where the main character is/, was in the military
A Small-Town Romance
A First Responder (Police Officer/Firefighter/EMT)
A Second Chance Romance
A Dystopian/Science Fiction Romance
A Grumpy/Sunshine Romance
A book with a yellow cover
2 Books that’s been on my tbr for 3 years or more
A Book with a Purple Cover
A Book by my favorite author
A Royal Romance
A book with a Cowboy on the cover
A YA Book
An Insta-Love Romance
An Opposites Attract Romance
A Forced Proximity Romance
A Romance With A Bearded Man On Cover
A Fighter/MMA Book Romance
A Bad Boy Romance
A Bully Romance Romance
A Mafia Romance
A Gothic Romance
A Stand-alone Novel
Finish A Series I Started
2 Novellas
3 Duets
1 Box Set

5 Books I Already Own Per Month

Blog Tour: Anastasia by Sophie Lark

Blog Tour: Anastasia by Sophie Lark
“Those who never face something that could break them will never know the satisfaction of finding yourself whole and triumphant on the other side.”

Anastasia, an epic, must-read, dark fantasy romance from bestselling author Sophie Lark is available now!

Anastasia is the princess no one needs: the fourth daughter born to an emperor without a son, and the only royal lacking a magical gift.

Until she collides with a young Cossack rebel, changing both their lives forever.

Damien is taken from everything he knows and raised as a ward of the Romanovs.

Anastasia develops a strange kind of magic shared only by the Black Monk Rasputin.

While her power grows in secret, boosted by forbidden contact with Damien, Anastasia makes a mistake with terrible consequences.

Fate grants her a single chance to set it right… but saving what she lost may cost everything she loves.

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Keep reading for a look inside Anastasia!


All sorts of beautiful and stylish people frequented the Gezirah, yet this girl yanked his head around like she’d hooked a finger in his mouth and pulled. It was something in the way she moved, gliding above the corner of his page like she was underwater and everyone else in dry air.
Husani wondered if she was a dancer. She wore embroidered slippers and silk trousers with a head wrap of the same material. Her glossy dark hair hung loose underneath, black as an Egyptian’s though her skin was fair.
She took a seat at the bar, just three down from Husani. With all the empty chairs, she could easily have taken a seat by the window overlooking the fountains. Her eyes met his as she slipped onto the stool. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her hands looked smooth and soft as cream. Husani could imagine her making shapes with them like a belly dancer.
She asked the bartender for a gin and tonic. Her voice was lower than he expected and sounded close, right in his ear almost. The little hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He could feel every shift in the air.
Even Monto, who’d been serving drinks at the hotel for thirty years, couldn’t help staring.
“On the house,” he muttered.
Husani wanted to tell the woman she’d gotten the only free drink he’d ever heard of out of Monto. He’d love to tell her just about anything but never would have had the guts if she hadn’t turned and looked right at him. Her velvety eyes slid over the spine of his book.
“I’ve read that one.”
She said it like a secret, like they might be the only two who’d ever read it. Husani was dying to reply with something brilliant but his brain had emptied out like a sieve. He hadn’t realized he was even holding a book anymore.
“Did you like it?” he blurted. His voice cracked like a kid’s.
The girl only smiled.
“Immensely. I love a good disguise.
”“Are you an actress?”
That voice …it’d be wasted on a dancer.
“A writer, actually.”
She might as well have said she was the goddess Isis. Writers were the source of everything he loved best.
“What do you write?”
“Poetry, mostly.”
“I’d love to hear some.”
Now her smile was both warm and approving.
“I’m glad you know that poetry ought to be heard, not read.”
Husani felt tipsy, as if he’d been drinking much more than mango juice.
Rashly, he said, “I might like to be a writer. Someday.”
“The man who waits for ‘someday’ waits all his life …” She swirled her straw lazily, her nails lacquered red.
“I’ve written a few things. Just scribbles, really. But sometimes, once in a while, there’s a line I think could turn into something …”
“And what do you do when you’re not writing?” she said in that lilting, teasing voice. He found himself leaning closer to her, the way a plant will grow toward a window.
“You’re looking at it right now.”
She raised an eyebrow.
“Drinking mango juice?”
“No.” He flushed, wishing he were allowed to have a proper drink. He’d have ordered a gin and tonic himself, and then they’d have had all the more in common.
“I’m …well, let me show you.”
He took his chance to slide off his stool and slip onto the one directly next to hers.
“May I?”
He put his hand close to her glass.
“Go ahead.”
She leaned in, lips parting slightly. He pressed his palm against the side of the tumbler. The drink frosted over in an instant, so cold that a curl of condensation rose in the air like a ghost of a breath.
“So beautiful. Like lace …” She trailed one dark red nail against the side of the glass where the frost had formed shapes. She raised the glass to her lips and sipped gin so cold it must feel like a thousand tiny blades down her throat.
“Incredible,” she said, almost in a growl.
A shiver ran down Husani’s spine. Something else happened in his trousers that forced him to press his knees together and turn toward the bar. He was sweating, and he turned up the cold automatically.
The girl let out a sigh, her shoulders relaxing.
“Much better. Is that you?” Her eyes closed with pleasure.
“Yeah.” His voice was steady now, confident. “The ice, the frozen sherbet, and all of this …”
He swept his hand around to indicate the entire hotel at a perfect seventy-two degrees at all times, a literal oasis in the desert no matter the temperature outside.
“Remarkable,” the girl murmured. “I’ve never seen that kind of range.”
Husani thought he might just jump off a bridge to keep impressing this woman. The way she looked at him made him feel ten feet tall.
“What’s that accent?” he said. “Are you …Italian?”
“Further away than that.”
Her smile showed only the edges of her teeth. Husani couldn’t stop looking at her mouth.
He’d never been in love but he was starting to think he’d like to try it. Surely it was destiny how this girl appeared all alone just as the sun was going down. Husani was only allowed to leave when the heat of the day had all bled away.
He saw a vision of the two of them walking hand in hand down the plaza with strings of colored flags overhead, bathed in sweet hookah smoke and the music seeping from the doorways of the tea shops. She could recite one of her poems to him in that voice that felt like fingers stroking through his hair, and he might possibly have the courage to read her a few lines of a story in return.
“Have you seen much of the city yet?” he asked her. “The spice bazaar or the hanging gardens? I could show you, I’ve lived here all my life …”
“Could you really? I haven’t seen anything yet.”
Her smile was like fireworks in his head.
His mind leaped far ahead of any reasonable reality and ran straight through a kiss or even a night together, all the way to them curled up in a little flat on the north side of the city, writing all day long while eating sun-warmed figs and laying on cushions with their bare feet entwined.
He saw this vision so clearly that it almost seemed to float in the air before his eyes. When he snapped back, the woman hadn’t seemed to notice.

For more information on Sophie Lark’s books and where to contact her, visit her website:

Release Blitz: Anastasia by Sophie Lark

Release Blitz: Anastasia by Sophie Lark
Fate grants her a single chance to set it right…
but saving what she lost may cost everything she loves.

Anastasia, an all-new spellbinding, enemies-to-lovers, dark fantasy standalone romance from bestselling author Sophie Lark is live now!

Anastasia is the princess no one needs: the fourth daughter born to an emperor without a son, and the only royal lacking a magical gift.

Until she collides with a young Cossack rebel, changing both their lives forever.

Damien is taken from everything he knows and raised as a ward of the Romanovs.

Anastasia develops a strange kind of magic shared only by the Black Monk Rasputin.

While her power grows in secret, boosted by forbidden contact with Damien, Anastasia makes a mistake with terrible consequences.

Fate grants her a single chance to set it right… but saving what she lost may cost everything she loves.

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For more information on Sophie Lark’s books and where to contact her, visit her website:

Review: A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Cass

Review: A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Cass

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series Kiera Cass is back with her most epic novel yet—a sweeping enemies-to-lovers standalone romance.

“Love has a sound. It sounds like a thousand heartbeats happening at the same time.”

Princess Annika has lived a life of comfort—but no amount of luxuries can change the fact that her life isn’t her own to control. The king, once her loving father, has gone cold, and Annika will soon be forced into a loveless marriage for political gain.

Miles away, small comforts are few and far between for Lennox. He has devoted his life to the Dahrainian army, hoping to one day help them reclaim the throne that was stolen from them. For Lennox, the idea of love is merely a distraction—nothing will stand in the way of fighting for his people.

But when love, against all odds, finds them both, they are bound by its call. They can’t possibly be together—but the irresistible thrum of a thousand heartbeats won’t let them stay apart.

Kiera Cass brings her signature sparkling romance to this beautiful story of star-crossed lovers and long-held secrets.

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“Love doesn’t look like anything.” “Love has a sound. It sounds like a thousand heartbeats happening at the same time. It sounds like the rush of a waterfall or the still of the world at daybreak. You can hear it at night, lulling you to sleep, and, in the middle of your darkesst days, it breaks through like a laugh.”

“It had been fascinating to watch how love chipped the jagged edges from someone, made them sharper in some ways and softer in others. It left me, for the first time, awed by the prospect. Love is complicated. Compicated, but so unexpectedly beautiful.”

“It was so easy. I understood now why anyone dared to let someone else have control over their heart. She could do whatever she wanted. She could throw my heart back into that hurricane, and I would thank her for it. I was hers. I was Annika’s. And there was nothing to be done about it.”

I have been a fan of Kiera Cass’ books for quite some time. She captured my heart with the Selection series and stole it once again with A Thousand Heartbeats.

From the moment my eyes caught the cover of A Thousand Heartbeats, I knew I had to read this book. I mean how could you possibly go wrong with the enemies-to-lovers trope in a fantasy setting? And let me tell you, this book does not disappoint. I was sucked into Lennox and Annika’s story from the very first page. Despite being from two very different backgrounds, Annika and Lennox’s background was very similar. Both of them were broken by the direction their lives took, but their sense of duty kept pushing them along. Lennox and Annika are destined to be enemies but for these two fate has other plans. And so begins an unforgettable, fantastical story of love against all odds and the duty their lives have thrust upon them…

A Thousand Heartbeats is a fantastic read from beginning to end. I loved the plot and the rich scenery. I loved the characters, flaws, and all. I will be the first to admit that this book does start out a bit slow but, honestly, that is to be expected with a fantasy novel. But I promise the pace does pick up around the 40% mark.

As far as characters go, I absolutely adored Annika and Lennox. Annika might have been a princess, but don’t let her status fool you. There is so much more to this girl than meets the eye and she is so much stronger than people give her credit for. And Lennox, 100% had my heart from the beginning. There was just something about him that intrigued me. I loved his sense of duty and how he was desperately trying to right a wrong. Together, these two were destined to be enemies and I love watching their relationship grow and change throughout the story.

In the end, A Thousand Heartbeats was everything I was hoping it would be. I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in this story. If you’re looking for a Young Adult Fantasy novel with an enemies-to-lovers/starcrossed lovers vibe, you won’t want to miss A Thousand Heartbeats.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher & NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Review: A Light in the Flame by Jennifer Armentrout

Review: A Light in the Flame by Jennifer Armentrout

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout comes book two in her Flesh and Fire series…

The only one who can save Sera now is the one she spent her life planning to kill.

The truth about Sera’s plan is out, shattering the fragile trust forged between her and Nyktos. Surrounded by those distrustful of her, all Sera has is her duty. She will do anything to end Kolis, the false King of Gods, and his tyrannical rule of Iliseeum, thus stopping the threat he poses to the mortal realm.

Nyktos has a plan, though, and as they work together, the last thing they need is the undeniable, scorching passion that continues to ignite between them. Sera cannot afford to fall for the tortured Primal, not when a life no longer bound to a destiny she never wanted is more attainable than ever. But memories of their shared pleasure and unrivaled desire are a siren’s call impossible to resist.

And as Sera begins to realize that she wants to be more than a Consort in name only, the danger surrounding them intensifies. The attacks on the Shadowlands are increasing, and when Kolis summons them to Court, a whole new risk becomes apparent. The Primal power of Life is growing inside her, pushing her closer to the end of her Culling. And without Nyktos’s love—an emotion he’s incapable of feeling—she won’t survive her Ascension. That is if she even makes it to her Ascension and Kolis doesn’t get to her first. Because time is running out. For both her and the realms.

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“For the first time in my life, I felt like I was more than a destiny I’d never agreed to. More than the embers I carried within me. I felt like…more.”

You know you’ve read a good book when it leaves you absolutely speechless and that’s what this book has done to me.

Picking up where A Shadow in the Ember left off, we are faced with the truth about Sera’s plan and the fallout it leaves behind. Even after shattering the trust between herself and Nyktos, Sera remains determined to destroy Kolis at any cost. Nyktos has a plan, but in order for it to work he must find a way to work with Sera. The last thing these two need is to acknowledge the passion that burns between them. Bound by destiny and duty, Nyktos and Sera’s story takes readers on an unforgettable journey…

A Light in the Flame is brilliantly written and will capture your attention from the very first page. Nyktos and Sera’s story absolutely consumed me. The push and pull, the undeniable connection…Ugh! I just couldn’t get enough. You knew these two characters were meant to be, it was only a matter of time before they weren’t able to deny it anymore. I live for those moments.

A Light in the Flame is filled with romance and betrayal, revelations, and crazy twists all leading up to an unforgettable ending that will leave you begging for the next book. I lived for all of the angsty and heart-pounding action. The sense of duty, fate, and destiny had me devouring each and every word. A Light in the Flame is a fantastic addition to the Flesh and Fire series and I can not wait to see how things play out in the next book.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Release Blitz: HOUSE OF CURSES by K.A. Linde

Release Blitz: <strong>HOUSE OF CURSES by K.A. Linde</strong>


K.A. Linde

Release Date: October 18

USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde returns to the Royal Houses series with House of Curses: the story of Kerrigan Argon, a half-Fae, half-human as she seeks her place in an unforgiving world filled with magic, mayhem, and romance. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Holly Black, and V.E. Schwab.

Against all odds, Kerrigan Argon passed her dragon training. She’s now an official member of the Society. Everything should be well. But somehow, nothing is.

Her dark prince, Fordham Ollivier, has disappeared in hopes to beak his curse.

An unwanted wedding looms in her future.

And the council election draws ever nearer. An election that she’s been unceremoniously nominated for.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the Red Masks, an anti-half Fae, anti-human terrorist organization, are gaining ground. All because they have a spy inside the mountain, inside the Society itself.

Someone is leading these monsters.

And Kerrigan is determined to stop them at all costs.

Buy Links:

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Meet K.A. Linde:

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of the Avoiding Series, Wrights, and more than thirty other novels. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, binge-watching Supernatural, traveling, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super-adorable puppies.

Visit her online at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @authorkalinde.

Join her newsletter for exclusive content, free books, and giveaways every month.

Cover Reveal: Throne of a Thousand Lies by Rachel Higginson

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Cover Reveal: Throne of a Thousand Lies by Rachel Higginson

An heir to the throne . . .

Tessana Allisand might have proven that she’s the oldest living daughter of the dead king of Elysia, and that she’s the rightful heir to the Seat of Power, but that doesn’t mean she gets to be queen . . . yet. Forced to wait until her twenty-first birthday, Tess is supposed to be learning how to navigate court life and all the ways she will one day rule the realm. But circumstances and her nefarious uncle keep getting in the way of her education.

A kingdom in turmoil . . .

While Tess is pampered with the luxuries of castle life, the rest of the kingdom suffers under the oppressive thumb of the Ring of Shadows. And while no other ruler seems all that concerned with the evil rebels intent on destroying everyone and everything, Tess alone must find a way to stand up to the dark magic threatening to choke the life from her precious kingdom.

A love shaken by distance . . .

Tessana and Taelon found each other in the depths of the Blood Woods. And just like when they were children, their affection for each other saved the realm. But now, with separate kingdoms to fight for and royal duties to attend to, life is pushing them in impossibly opposite directions. Tess wants nothing more than for Taelon to be at her side. And yet, she will never ask him to leave his own kingdom for hers. Fate seems determined to keep them apart. But it was love that brought them back together. And love that will defy titles, crowns, and destiny.

Pre-Order on Amazon

Catch up on the series here!


The swooshing noise fired in the distance. Swoop. Swoop. Swoop. I was only mildly adept with a bow, but I recognized the release of an arrow. But never had I heard so many at one time.

“You’re under attack,” Caspian snarled at my ear.

I lifted my head and looked around at the chaos bursting into action around us. Guards scrambled to dive out of the way of incoming arrows. But too many were slicing through the air and coming too fast. Wave after wave of ill-fated projectiles. I watched a young man who had only just been promoted from page to my protective service get hit in the chest and fall over the balcony’s edge, his scream of pain and panic renting the air as he plunged to his death.

I clung to Caspian’s tunic, terrified and shocked. Another body fell behind me. I did not have to look to know it would be another of my guards.

“Where are they coming from?” I gasped as an arrow crashed and toppled just feet from where we lay. We were high above the castle grounds, and there weren’t buildings or other structures anywhere near this side of the castle. It was all gardens and rolling hills. And miles away, the sheer façade of the Diamond Mountains.

“The turrets.” He ducked his face into my neck as another arrow came whizzing by. It was the most intimate I had ever been with a man. Even Taelon had never pressed his face against my bare skin like this.

Obviously, now was not the time to be thinking of such things. Both of us could die in the next instant. Probably should be more focused on surviving than the way Caspian’s rough jaw scraped against my throat, or the way his chin dipped and brushed my bosom.

But then he inhaled deeply. I felt the breath move through him, down the length of his taut body.

He lifted his head again and smirked. “You smell of oranges and honey.”

There was such an intimate knowledge of me in his voice that I nearly forgot about the arrows completely. Caspian wasn’t like Taelon at all. That had been true since the first moment he spoke to me. But in this way especially. Taelon was nothing but a gentleman, proper, sweet, respectable. Yes, he was roguish and playful too. Clever. Calculating. Wise. But with me, there was always an invisible boundary of regard. Capsian was the opposite. His eyes glinted with carnal things, his hands flexing on my body where he held me—one hand on my outstretched wrist, the other at my hip. His voice was smoke and sandpaper. His skin hot against mine. And still, the arrows zipped by, miraculously missing us. But barely.

“We need to get inside,” I reminded him.

He refocused and looked to the right and to the left. The ballroom and its balcony were set into the castle, nestled between two gradually extending walls that ended in towering turrets. The design gave the ballroom privacy, tucking it away with only a view of the gardens. While I could see nothing but Caspian’s profile and long neck, the bowmen must be set up in the guest rooms and using the windows to get a line of sight on their targets.

Swoop. Then a sick crunching sound made my stomach beat against my spine.

Caspian growled in pain, his body contracting from the impact.

“Caspian!” I shrieked as he became limp over me, crushing me beneath his surprisingly substantial weight. He did not answer. “Caspian, please!” He still did not answer. “Dragon’s blood, Caspian, do not die on top of me!” Still, he did not answer.

I clutched his shoulders, my fingers brushing the hilt of an arrow on his right side. I breathed a small sigh of relief that it didn’t seem to have gone through his heart. I stilled long enough to feel a shallow breath move his chest up and down. Shaking him gently, I tried to rouse him while the party inside finally realized what was going on.

Women screamed, glasses shattered, and guards began moving outside. But as soon as someone stepped onto the patio, they were felled by a barrage of arrows.

I heard someone shouting about the princess and wondered if they could even see me beneath Caspian’s unconscious body.

“Caspian, please,” I begged, shaking him again. “I promise, I will give you a fair shot at being my consort if you will just wake up!”

I knew he hadn’t heard me, not really. But he did suck in a deep breath and make a pained growl against the pain.

His head jerked upward, and his gaze found mine almost instantly. “I’ve been shot.”

It was inappropriate to laugh at a time like this. But was he serious? “I realize.” 

Review: These Twisted Bonds (These Hollow Vows #2) by Lexi Ryan

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Review: These Twisted Bonds (These Hollow Vows #2) by Lexi Ryan

In this thrilling conclusion to These Hollow Vows—the sexy, action-packed fantasy by New York Times best-selling author Lexi Ryan that started it all—Brie finds herself caught between two princes and two destinies while the future of the fae realm hangs in the balance.

After Abriella’s sister was sold to the fae, she thought life couldn’t get any worse. But when she suddenly finds herself caught in a web of lies of her own making ­- loving two princes and trusting neither – things are not quite as clear as she once thought.

As civil war wages in the Court of Darkness, Brie finds herself unable to choose a side. How can she know where she stands when she doesn’t even know herself anymore? In this darkly romantic thrill ride, the more Faerie is torn apart from the inside, the clearer it becomes that prophecies don’t lie and Brie has a role to play in the fate of this magical realm – whether she likes it or not. 

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My Review

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl with blazing red hair who was destined to save a kingdom.”

These Twisted Bonds is the heart-pounding and thrilling conclusion to These Hollow Vows. Picking up right where These Hollow Vows left off, These Twisted Bonds will take you on a thrilling and unforgettable journey that will keep you on your toes right until the very end.

These Twisted Bonds captivated me from the very first page. I was completely obsessed and consumed by this story. I had to know what would happen next, how things would play out in the Fae realm, and who would finally win Abriella’s heart.

Now, I will say, I’m not usually the biggest fan of love triangles but found myself hopelessly obsessed with this one. Just when I thought I had chosen a side, something would happen to leave me wondering if the person I picked was the right one, and let me tell you, I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

The only issue I had with this book was that I did feel that the ending was a bit rushed. Everything seemed to wrap up really quickly and after everything these characters endured, I would have liked to have the conflict/fight play out a little bit longer. Like really make these characters earn their happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved this story and the characters, the ending just left me needing more.

Overall, I thought These Twisted Bonds was a fantastic read. This story completely consumed me and wild horses couldn’t make me put it down. I loved the world this author has created and all of the characters we met along the way. I loved getting swept up in Finn, Abriella, and Sebastian. The twists and turns kept me on my toes and I had the best time trying to figure out what would happen next.

These Twisted Bonds is a story of love, friendships, and the bonds that tie us together. It’s a story of duty and loyalty. A story about making hard decisions and sacrifices. A story that will tie you up in knots and keep you begging for more.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher & NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

RELEASE BLITZ: A Curse of Blood & Stone by K.A. Tucker

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A Curse of Blood & Stone by K.A. Tucker is now live!

From internationally bestselling author K.A. Tucker comes the second novel in her Fate and Flame series, an adult fantasy story that should be read in series order.

“I do not know how to love you and be a good king to my people.”

From jewelry thief to interloper to queen-in-waiting, Romeria flees Cirilea a traitor to all. But the yawning distance between her and Zander troubles her more than any king’s bounty on her head. While Zander may have escaped by her side, he seeks to regain his throne, and no immortal will ever welcome her as Islor’s queen. She fears it won’t be long before Zander abandons her as everyone else she’s ever loved has.

Zander sacrificed his crown to save Romeria’s life, yet he dreads what her existence means for the future of his realm. As Ybaris’s plan to destroy Islor unfurls, a more insidious threat, orchestrated by rival fates, lurks beneath the surface. He can offer his allies no honest explanation for why he protects the Ybarisan princess and takes counsel from Queen Neilina’s caster, leading those closest to doubt his wisdom—and his allegiance.

As their company aims for the Venhorn Mountains, steered by prophecy, Romeria is desperate to wield her newfound abilities to undo Princess Romeria’s treachery before the kingdom tears itself apart. But with the mortal rebellion swelling, bolstered by the gift of Ybaris’s poison, it may already be too late.

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Meet K.A. Tucker

K.A. Tucker writes captivating stories with an edge.

She is the internationally bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series, He Will Be My Ruin, Until It Fades, Keep Her Safe, The Simple Wild, Be the Girl, and Say You Still Love Me. Her books have been featured in national publications including USA Today, Globe & Mail, Suspense Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Oprah Mag, and First for Women.

K.A. Tucker currently resides in a quaint town outside of Toronto.

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