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Blog Tour with Review: Bayside Passions (Bayside Summers #2) by Melissa Foster

Warm up the winter nights with this HOT new romance!
Bayside Summers #2
Melissa Foster
Releasing January 10, 2018
World Literary Press

Fall in love at Bayside, where sandy beaches, good friends, and true love come together in the sweet small towns of Cape Cod.

BAYSIDE SUMMERS is a series of standalone steamy romance novels featuring alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They’re fun, flirty, flawed, deeply emotional, always passionate, and easy to relate to. And of course, you’ll see cameos from the Seaside Summers characters!

When Emery Andrews’s best friend, Desiree, moves away, falls in love, and opens a an inn all in one summer, she feels her absence like a missing limb. Until she visits over the holidays and meets sinfully hot Dean Masters, who’s as easy on the eyes as he is to talk to. After returning home, what starts as a flurry of late-night flirtations quickly turns into a deep connection and unexpected friendship. Now, months later, Desiree offers Emery a job teaching yoga at the inn. Adventurous Emery jumps at the chance and heads for Wellfleet, Massachusetts, to reunite with her BFF and her new close friend, Dean.

After months of sharing their lives, and their secrets, over video chats and phone calls, Dean’s ready to move things to the next level. The fact that Emery seems oblivious to the sparks between them and has recently put her foot down about dating friends just means he’ll have to bide his time.

When Emery finds a naked man in her kitchen the first morning she’s there, Dean doesn’t hesitate to move her into his guest room. Maybe now Emery will see what’s right before her eyes–although that guy she’s got a date with might be a problem.

My Review

“He was a strong man, but Emery had become his Achilles’ heel.”

“What is it about me that makes guys want to build a fortress and lock me away? I’m tough. I can handle myself. I don’t take shit from anyone and there’s no guy on earth who’s going to get anything I don’t want to give.”

“I’m too broken to be fixed.”

“Everything you want, Emery, everything you need, is standing right in front of you.”

Bayside Passions is a entertaining friends to lovers romance with a bit of unrequited flare. Dean and Emery pull you into their story from the very first page and keep you begging for more.  The banter between the two of them was so cute and entertaining. And don’t ever get me started on the sparks between these two!! The sparks between Dean and Emery were intense and held so much promise; I just couldn’t get enough. I loved the build and lead up to their romance. Emery and Dean had an amazing friendship, and their feelings only grew the more time they spent with one another. Things between these two were just so effortless, you couldn’t help but root for them.

Dean was so unbelievably sweet and protective. Not only was he a total alpha, but he totally rocked the swoon factor. He knew from the moment he met Emery that he had to have her, but was afraid to frighten her away. You see, Emery has burned by relationships with friends in the past and was determined to do whatever it took to keep Dean as her friend. She was awkward and frustrating at times, but I understood her and her actions. I couldn’t wait for her to open her eyes and see what an amazing man she had right in front of her. And Dean…. You could tell that he worshiped Emery and would give her the world if she let him.

Bayside Passions was a fabulous read from beginning to end. Melissa Foster doesn’t disappoint with her sexy and swoon worthy alphas and unforgettable love stories. And let me tell you, Bayside Passions was all of that and then some. It was fun and entertaining. It was sweet and seductive with just the right amount of drama and sexiness. I loved getting lost in Dean and Emery’s story and look forward to discovering more of this series in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


The next morning Emery woke with the sun, lying in Violet’s guest bedroom planning the first day of her new life. She couldn’t wait to check out her studios at the inn and at the resort. She planned to hold most of her yoga classes outdoors, but Desiree and Violet had renovated the den as a studio for when it rained. The guys at Bayside Resort had created a wonderful community center last summer, where she could hold classes in bad weather, and they were allowing her to use one of the offices there, too. She was excited to put up some of her decorations and make each of those spaces her own.

She climbed out of bed and stretched, thinking about last night. She’d had so much fun seeing everyone again, and spending time with Desiree. She couldn’t believe she already had a date lined up with…Oh gosh. What was his name? She winced and then remembered it was Dave something or other. They were meeting at the Beachcomber, an oceanside restaurant and bar. Dean had looked annoyed about her date, but he would be happy once he realized she’d heeded the advice he’d given her over the winter. Or rather, the mandate he’d given her when he’d read her the riot act about leaving a bar with some guy she’d just met to go have pizza. Safety 101, Emery! You don’t give up control to a guy you don’t know. You’re in his car. You’re under his control. No more of that shit. Got it?

She smiled to herself with the memory. As if her older brothers hadn’t taught her enough self-defense for her to be able to protect herself if things got out of hand. Sheesh! Though she had to admit, she liked Dean’s protective nature. It was adorable. Especially when he’d sent her a mad-faced selfie afterward.

She scrolled to one of those pictures on her phone. Austin was right; he did look like a Viking. His thick arms were crossed over his massive chest. Tattoos covered his left shoulder, pecs, and biceps. His beard was trimmed into a neat V, making him appear even more serious. His piercing blue eyes stared straight ahead, both intimidating and a turn-on. Heat tiptoed up her chest, and she blew out a breath. Don’t even go there. You suck at relationships.

She wasn’t stupid enough to ruin their friendship or to put her job at risk. Been there, done that.

Thinking about their dance, and the way his big, strong body had moved with the fluidity of a man half his size, she absently rubbed her head where she’d bonked his chin.

I am such a klutz.

She zipped off a text to him, Sorry for the headbutt, added a smiley emoticon, and then typed, You never told me you were secretly a dirty dancer. It wasn’t until after she sent it that she realized it was only six thirty in the morning. He was probably out running with Drake and Rick, like most mornings.

She set her phone on the dresser and padded out to the kitchen to get some ice water with lemon, her go-to morning drink. She opened the fridge and was surprised to find a pitcher of ice water with sliced lemons floating in it. Warmed by the thought that Violet had remembered, she took it as a sign that today was going to be a great day.

As she poured herself a glass of water, Violet’s bedroom door opened and a very tall, very naked man sauntered out. He had a mop of dark hair on his head, a sprinkling on his chest, and holy mother of hotness, he was perfectly manscaped below the waist.

“Mornin’.” His lips curved up in a crooked grin that reminded her of Dermot Mulroney.

“Morning,” she mumbled, trying futilely not to stare at his enormous, dangling cock.

He grabbed a carton of milk from the fridge and set it on the counter as if he did it every morning. For all Emery knew, he did.

“Watering the counter?” he asked.

She followed his gaze to the pitcher she’d forgotten she was holding, and the water spilling all over the counter. “Oh, shit.” She grabbed a dishcloth and scrambled to clean up the mess.

He chuckled, poured himself a glass of milk, and walked casually back into Violet’s bedroom.

If finding the water with lemon had been the sign of a great day, what the hell kind of sign was that?

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Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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Review: Dirt (Evergreen #1) by Cassia Leo

The hard-hitting, emotional first installment in a new series from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo.

Jack and I had everything. Then, in one brutal instant, the universe tilted on its side, discarding us into black nothingness.

Now, I have a cocky a**hole for a husband.

The only way we communicate anymore is when we’re fighting or f**king.

With nothing left to lose, I write Jack a goodbye letter and head for Portland, where I quickly meet a neighbor who helps me find a job.

My new neighbor—hot, tattooed ex-soldier Isaac Evans—is complicated. Nevertheless, we form a fast friendship, bonding over our mutual desire to create something beautiful from the wreckage of our lives.

But despite the distance between us, Jack and I are still trying to make things work—fighting and f**king dirtier than ever. And he doesn’t appreciate my new friendship with Isaac. Not one f**king bit.


My Review

“Forgiveness is for pussies. All I wanted was revenge.”

“How could two people who knew each other the way we did feel like strangers?”

“I think you only get one true love in this life. And if it’s not the fight-me-tooth-and-nail, leave-me-bloody-and-gasping-for-air-kind of love, I don’t want it.”

“Sometimes, all someone needs is for one person to say yes instead of no.”

I want to yell! I want to scream! I want to rage!! I can’t even right now!! I mean, what did I just read?? I can not believe this story ended the way that it did. I am so angry!! I want to throw my kindle!! But, I wont’t that. If I throw my kindle, I won’t be able to read the next book when it comes out and believe me when I tell you, I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!!!

Dirt is one of those books that I know I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Talk about a book that evokes a million different emotions!! Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Grief. Loss. So. Many. Emotions. Dirt started off with a bang and kept me riveted the entire time. I can not even begin to put myself in Laurel and Jack’s shoes. To experience what they’ve experienced….I found myself glued to Laurel’s story; totally understanding where she was coming from and why she did the things that she did. She didn’t know how to fix things or how to move on, but knew something had to be done…And Jack….His loss became his obsession. He’s dealing, but not really dealing. There is something incredibly off with him and I just know he’s hiding something…He’s no way perfect and his decisions are questionable. Is there hope for these two? And how, how, how does Isaac factor into all of this???

Dirt was an intriguing read from beginning to end. It consumed me and angered me and played with my emotions. This story is not an easy one and deals with some tough subject matter. I mean, how were these characters supposed to move on? How do they find the will to live? To keep going each and every day? How do you pick up the pieces and save what is lost? When is enough, enough? And the anger…How do you forgive and move past the anger?? I can not even begin to dissect all the feelings and emotions I have right now. But, I will say this, this book took me on one heck of a ride and I will be waiting impatiently to get my hands on the next book…..

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn

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This marriage is strictly business… until the temptation gets way too real.

Corbin: I loved my grandma, but I don’t need her money. All I care about is keeping the house—the only place that’s ever felt like home. That, and screwing over my dad, who wants to turn the property into a mall. There’s only one catch: To receive my inheritance, I have to get married within six months. Me, the guy who’s never dated a girl for more than six minutes. Now I need to find a woman I can trust. So when I’m rear-ended by a Prius, I figure it’s a sign that I’m supposed to meet gorgeous, down-to-earth Teagan Monroe.

Teagan: First I lose my job. Then I come home and find out—in the most graphic way possible… yeah, that way—that my boyfriend is a cheating jerk. And then I speed off and nearly kill Portland’s sexiest bachelor. Corbin Lane should be pissed. Instead, he offers me more money than I’ve ever seen in my life to marry him and live together in a mansion for two years. No sex. No feelings. Just cash—enough to make all my dreams come true. Then we go and break all our rules… and I realize I’m falling in love with my fake fiancé.


My Review

“I’m a Lane. I’ve been pretending since the day I was born, and this is simply one more torturous performance.”

“My grandma used to tell me when you give your body to a man, be sure to keep your heart safe. A man will take care of your body, but it’s the rare one who will care for your heart.”

“I want to kiss her. Take care of her. Her body and her heart. Show her that I’m not the asshole that I’ve been so far. Prove to her exactly how much she deserves better than Drake. I want to erase his memory from her so that she never feels another stab of pain from anyone.”

“I want his to be as desperate for me as I am for him. I need it. I need the confirmation I’m not the only one crazed and insane and overcome with emotions and realizations and hope this is real. That we can be real.”

I am a total sucker for the fake relationship/fake marriage troupe. These stories are always so much fun and they entertain me to no end. They are a total guilty pleasure and the kind of story that I just live for. And Stacey Lynn’s take on this troupe more than delivers!

Fake Wife is a sinfully sweet and romantic read. This story is well written and was so fun to get lost in. The characters are a lot of fun, they’re real and easy to connect with. I loved the instant connection and pull between them. The chemistry between Teagan and Corbin was intense and I couldn’t wait for the two of them to explore the burn. I loved watching their relationship grow. The pull was undeniable and seeing these two fall was beyond satisfying.

Overall, I really loved this book. It was such an enjoyable and entertaining romance. It was sweet and swoon-worthy with just the right amount of sexiness and angst. I just couldn’t get enough. I loved getting lost in these characters and their story. In the end, I was left with all the smiles and all the feels. This is my favorite book by this author to date and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart

Two mechanics. One rivalry.
She’ll prove she’s as good as she says she is.
He’ll prove her place isn’t under the hood.
It’s over it.

“Don’t let the bastards get you down.”
For twenty-six years, I lived by my daddy’s motto. Which is why “Mechanic Wanted” is all it takes for me to apply for the job at the garage we once owned.
And I meet the biggest bastard of them all.
Dexter Ryne. Hotter than Hell in July and a firm believer that my place is on reception, taking phone calls and looking pretty. Not getting dirty under the hood of a car.
Determined to prove each other wrong, we make a deal.
I have three weeks to prove my worth as a mechanic. If I don’t, I’m on telephone duty.
If I do, he’ll accept defeat and make my job permanent.
Now, all I have to do is fight my attraction to the cocky little… beep.
Problem is, an engine isn’t the only thing he knows how to make purr…

MISS MECHANIC, a standalone romantic comedy from New York Times bestseller, Emma Hart.


My Review

“I was sweet as pie. Until you pissed me off. Then….Well, then I’d shut you down quicker that a hooker shut down a guy after a free blowie.”

“I was attracted to him. Pin me down, flip me over, fuck me ’til next week attracted to him.”

“She was mouthy. Determined. Strong. Confident. Unafraid to challenge me. Unhesitant to call me on the bullshit I spewed every now and then. She was a force of nature–the human equivalent of a hurricane that ripped through a state viciously.”

“I felt him everywhere. All over me. He danced across my skin and he pumped through my veins. Like a drug, but better. Addictive, just as wrong, but still so much righter.”

There is just something about an Emma Hart novel that I can’t resist. It just calls to me and demands that I devour it. It’s like coming home and never wanting to leave…

Miss Mechanic was a riot! It was such a fun and entertaining read. From the moment I picked up this book, I was sucked into Dex and Jamie’s story. The moment these two opened their mouths, I was hooked. The banter between the two of them was off the charts. You know that saying ‘Anything you can do, I can do better?’ Well, that described these two to a T. They way they challenged each other and didn’t back down…. I couldn’t get enough. I found myself flipping quickly through the pages to see what would happen next and to see what they would say to one another next. I mean these two took banter to the next level. It was the hottest foreplay. All the tension, frustration and anger….Sign me up please!!

Jamie was all that and a bag of chips. She was sexy, smart, confident and knew her stuff. She had a fiery attitude and the goods to back it up. She never stepped down from a challenge. And poor Dex…The moment he met Jamie, he was in over his head. He never saw her coming. And while Dex was sexy as hell, there were quite a few times I wanted to slap him upside the head. I loved the way that Jamie constant challenged him and didn’t let him get away with anything. These two were the perfect fit….They just had to open their eyes and stop fighting long enough to see it!! LOL

Miss Mechanic was a total joy to read. This book was smartly written and entertained me. I loved spending my afternoon getting lost in these two characters. I devoured this book in just one sitting and just couldn’t get enough of Jamie and Dex. Miss Mechanic is the perfect enemies to lovers romance with delicious humor and lots of heat. This story will knock your socks off and keep you begging for more.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Release Tour with Review: Unraveled (The Ryder Boys #1) by Mia Kayla

Title: Unraveled
Series: The Ryder Boys, Book One
Author: Mia Kayla
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 4, 2017 
I once loved a boy who grew into a man. 

A man that promised me stability, loyalty, and a lifetime of security. I had it all—at least I thought so. Until mere minutes with someone else made me want for more. More than I already had. Forbidden wants that I shouldn’t wish for. 

Cade Ryder was everything my Ivy League pedigree should have stayed away from. Every sane part of my existence screamed for me to keep my distance. 

Distance from where he worked. Distance from him, his body, and his soul-searing eyes. 

But the more I stayed away, the more our lives merged. Now my life—my normal—is unraveled. My heart, my hope, my new future all in the hands of a tall, tatted bartender. 

I planned my forever with the perfect man. But sometimes the heart wants more than stability, more than security, more than what others want for you. One thing’s for sure—destiny can’t be planned.

My Review

“For once in my life, I wanted to welcome this danger. I wanted to live on the edge.”

“My whole body gravitated toward his as though he was fire and I needed the voodoo of my foul mood melted.”

“I was tired of pretending I was happy in front of everyone else and trying to convience myself that I was happy. Sometimes when you lie long enough, you tend to believe the lies.”

“His body, his being, his whole self was meant for me, too. I believed it. I believed it with every thrust of his body against mine, with every word that left his mouth and with every kiss he planted on my lips.”

Addictive. Unable to put down. Fast-Paced. An incredible story-line. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Unraveled.  Unraveled is incredibly well written and a great romance with a bit of a forbidden aspect. It also had a great opposites attract element as well. I loved the characters. I found them easy to connect with and easy to relate to. I was hooked on them from the very first page.

From the moment I encountered Cade and Angie, the sparks and chemistry were off the charts. Their connection so intense, it left me breathless with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to see them together again. I was hopelessly addicted to them and couldn’t stop myself from devouring their story.

Cade is the kind of guy that you just have to know more about. He is sexy and confident. He appears to be a total bad boy. But underneath all the tattoos is a strong, dedicated and just overall good man. A man who is broken, but who has a heart of gold. The kind of man that would do anything for those who were lucky enough to be in his life. The kind of man that knows what he wants and knows what is important in life. The kind of man that brought Angie back to life. And Angie…She’s not perfect. On the outside she appears to have it all: wealth, a great job, family. But, on the inside she is just bursting to be set free. She isn’t happy with the status quo, but is afraid to ruffle feathers. Meeting Cade showed her that she needed more out of her life and that things had to change. Angie had a lot of growing up to do throughout this story, and I won’t lie, there were plenty of times where she just frustrated me to no end. But, I knew her heart was in the right place and that she cared deeply for Cade, she just had to be willing to take the leap.

Overall, I thought Unraveled was a really great read. It was so enjoyable and captivated me right to the very end. I thought this book had just the right amount of sweet and steamy romance, drama and some interesting twists along the way. I think The Ryder Boys Series is off to one to terrific start and I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Chapter One

The clock flashed ten p.m. on the stand beside me. 
One potato. Two potato. Three.


One wiener. Two wiener. Three.


Now 10:01 and all I could think of at that moment was… six more minutes. Six more minutes until he came inside me and we were done. Done until the next time. Well, next Saturday night, just like clockwork.


Pitch darkness surrounded us in our two-bedroom condo in the most posh area of downtown Rosendell. The only gleam in our room was the brightness from the city skyscrapers outside highlighting the movement of his body against mine. The sweat of his skin slick against my skin. The scent of sex permeated the air.
Sex was always the same. Missionary style on our bed with him pumping into me. I closed my eyes and tried to let the sensations over take my body.
For once, I wished he’d call me sexy, talk dirty…do anything to make me feel as though this wasn’t a job that I was expected to perform. I wanted to feel that connection, like we used to and not feel like we turned into an old married couple when we were merely in our early twenties.
Seven years together wasn’t a lifetime. Being in a relationship shouldn’t seem like a death sentence.

Mia Kayla is a New Adult/Contemporary Romance writer who lives in Illinois. She is the wife to the husband of the year and mommy to three unbelievable cute little girls who have multiplied her grey hairs.

In her free time she loves reading romance novels, jamming to boy bands, catching up on celebrity gossip and designing flowers for weddings.

Most of the time, she can be caught on the train with her nose in a book sporting a cheeky grin because the main characters finally get their happily-ever-after at the end.

She loves reading about happy endings but has more fun writing them.


Release Blitz with Review: Hunt Me Down (Fight For Me Series Novella) by A.L. Jackson

Hunt Me Down

A stand-alone novella in A.L. Jackson’s brand-new Fight for Me series…​

“I love this story. It was short, sweet and hot and felt like a full novel to me!” – Two Book Pushers




Ahh, you guys! I’m thrilled to bring HUNT ME DOWN to you!! It was a blast writing this novella. It was originally a part of the GLAMOUR Anthology, and now is officially a part of the FIGHT FOR ME series of stand-alones. So go ahead, sink your teeth into something sexy and sweet.


Never underestimate a man who knows what he wants . . .

Broderick Wolfe is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. He will hunt it, fight for it, and make it his own.

Lillith Redd is a straight-laced attorney who’s dedicated her life to serving the people of her hometown of Gingham Lakes.

When Wolfe Industries sets its sights on leveling the old part of town and building a high-rise hotel in its place, Lillith steps up to go toe-to-toe to with its owner.

Little do either of them know, they’ve just met their match.

Hunt Me Down is a modern-day reboot of Little Red Riding Hood set in the world of A.L. Jackson’s bestselling FIGHT FOR ME series, originally a part of the Glamour Anthology and previously titled Red Hot Pursuit. This novella is a fun, flirty, uber sexy contemporary romance. The only fantasy happening here is in the bedroom. So hold on—you’re getting ready to sink your teeth into something hot and sweet.

Disclaimer: This book was originally titled Red Hot Pursuit in the Glamour anthology. It has not been changed or added to in any way. This novella does not need to be read before or after Show Me the Way and does not give away any spoilers for other Fight for Me novels.

My Review

“This woman…this fiery woman had me stepping out of bounds. Saying things I knew I should never say.”

“I worked relentlessly for what I wanted. Chased it. Hunted it until I had it in my clutches.”

“Everything about him was compelling. Formidable. Unstoppable. Irresistible.”

Hunt Me Down is a sexy and fun take on Little Red Riding Hood. Originally part of the Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings Anthology, Hunt Me Down has a new name and a whole new look. This novella might be a quick read, but I promise you, it packs a punch. The writing is spellbinding and the story-line is one that you can totally lose yourself in. The characters are fun and their chemistry is off the charts. The chase was thrilling and I couldn’t get enough of the pull. This story was sexy, smart and a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking for a quick, sexy read, look no further. Hunt Me Down is definitely worth the read.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


$25 Amazon Gift Card + Show Me the Way Paperback Giveaway

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, and BLEEDING STARS novels. Be sure to check out her newest series, Fight for Me. The first novel, SHOW ME THE WAY, is out now.

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

Be sure not to miss new releases and sales from A.L. Jackson – Sign up to receive her newsletter or text “aljackson” to 24587 to receive short but sweet updates on all the important news.

Connect with A.L.


Reader Group:
Twitter: @aljacksonauthor
Instagram: @aljacksonauthor
Snapchat: @aljacksonauthor

Review: Run Away With Me (Come Back to Me #3) by Mila Gray

Emerson Lowe and popular ice-hockey player Jake McCallister have been best friends since third grade but just as their friendship starts to morph into something more, a terrible event occurs that heralds the end of innocence for both of them. Within a week, Jake’s living on the other side of the country and Emerson is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life in a small town determined to paint her as a liar.

Seven years on and Emerson is still living on the beautiful Pacific West island of Bainbridge, helping her family run their outdoor adventure company. The last thing she needs is Jake turning up, bringing with him old memories and opening up old wounds. But Jake—even better looking than Emerson remembered and on the cusp of a bright sporting future—seems determined to revive their friendship no matter how much Emerson tries to push him away and soon they’re in the midst of a passionate summer romance that neither of them wants to end.

But if they’re to have any kind of future, they’re first going to need to confront the past, a past that most people want to stay buried.



My Review

Words can not even express how excited I was to get my hands on this book. I fell in love with the cover the moment I saw it and I got a hold of the synopsis and said “Yep, this is the read for me”.

Run Away With Me follows the story of Jake and Emerson. Jake and Emerson have been best friends for as long as they can remember, so it should be no surprise when their feelings begin to grow and change into something more. Only fate had other plans and ripped these two young lovers apart; forever changing their worlds. It will be seven long years before Jake and Emerson are reunited. Their past is painful, but the memories are unforgettable. Will Jake and Emerson be able to move on from their heartbreaking past? Will Jake and Emerson finally act on the feelings fate cheated them out of? There is only one way to find out.

Run Away With Me is my first book by this author and I can promise you it won’t be my last. I found Run Away With Me to be incredibly well written and it is the kind of story that captivates you from the very first page. The characters are real and raw and had depth. I thought they were easy to connect with and found myself desperately wanting to know more about them.

Run Away With Me was such an unexpected read for me. This story was written with so much heart and soul, I didn’t expect it grab my heart the way that it did. Jake and Emerson’s story gave me all the feels and took me on one amazing ride. I am so glad I decided to pick up this book and am looking forward to reading the previous books in this series. This author is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*