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Review: The 27 Club by Kim Karr

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the 27 club

You don’t know when…
You don’t get to choose if…
When it’s time to join…you’ll know.

You might think you want to be a member—but trust me this is one club you don’t want to join. It’s not a place where people go to live out their deepest, darkest sexual desires—there are no handcuffs or blindfolds.

The 27 Club only admits those who die young and tragically. My brother was recently bestowed membership and joined many of our ancestors before him. I know I’m next. This is my destiny, and I was ready to yield.

But then I met Nate. He awakened a sensuality in me that had never been explored, never satisfied. I knew then I could no longer accept my destiny. Nate’s presence controls me. I’m overwhelmed by his touch, his words; my every thought is consumed by desire. I believe he was brought into my life for a reason.

Nate doesn’t believe in destiny.

But I do. 

And if there’s a way to cheat it—I must.

My Review

The 27 Club follows the story of Zoey and Nate. Destiny was something that has always plagued Zoey. Her entire life she’s lived in fear of the 27 club. She prayed that her and her brother would be spared. However, Zach dies suddenly and that leaves Zoey questioning everything….Zoey now finds herself in Florida. She’s there to pack up her brother’s belongings and to get some closure about his death. While going through his things, she’s discovered that he’s kept things from her. Luckily for her, she has her brother’s best friend, Nate who can help her sort things out. From the moment that Zoey met Nate, they were instantly attracted to one another. There was a pull that neither one of them could deny. All she knows it that he makes her feel alive and for once she just wants to live in the moment and not worry about the 27 club. What started off as a trip to Florida to seek some closure, suddenly becomes more. Will Zoey be able to handle the truth about her brother’s life? Will Zoey get over her obsession with destiny and live in the now?

What would you do if you knew your number would be up at the age of 27? Would you live life to the fullest? Would you be wild and free? Would you follow the rules and live your life in fear? I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by The 27 Club. It was not what I was expecting at all. I loved the mystery surrounding The 27 Club and I was completely intrigued by it. This book was sexy, fun, intriguing, and mysterious. I loved the angst and romance in the story as well. 

I was hooked on this book from the very first page. I couldn’t wait to know more. I had so many questions: What is The 27 Club? How did Zach die? Could fate really be that cruel? It was so much fun trying to figure things out. I loved Nate and Zoey together. Zoey was so obsessed with the idea of fate having control over her life, that she wasn’t living. She played by all the rules and didn’t take any chances. Nate was exactly what she needed: Smart, Sexy, Dominate. He made her feel alive and not afraid. They both had their issues, but Zoey helps Nate to see that love does exist and is worth taking a chance on. Overall, I really enjoyed The 27 Club. I loved the message behind the story: to not let fate dictate your life and to live everyday to the fullest.

* I received an ARC copy of this book via the author & NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*