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Review: Bewitched by Laura Thalassa

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Review: Bewitched by Laura Thalassa

Come to me, Empress …

At age twenty, Selene Bowers desperately hopes to be accepted into Henbane Coven, an academy for young witches. Since one of the requirements for entry is to connect with her powers via a quest through the wilderness, Selene books a trip to South America. When a nefarious supernatural force tries to drag her plane from the sky, Selene’s magic awakens to save her life―at a cost. Using her powers devours her memories, one by one.

Worse, when Selene braves the jungle and discovers the source of the attack, she finds herself awakening an ancient evil, Memnon the Cursed, who mistakes Selene for his long-dead wife. The wife who betrayed him. Selene manages to escape and begin her studies at Henbane, but when Memnon turns up at the coven and witches are found dead across campus, Selene becomes entangled in a dangerous plot. Accused of the murders on the basis of her memory loss, Selene must rely on Memnon’s help for answers―and his plans for her will change everything.

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Bewitched is a thrilling and intriguing witch fantasy that is sure to grip readers and keep them on their toes…

All Selene ever wanted was to be a part of the Henbane Coven, but her unfortunate memory loss keeps holding her back. The only way she’ll ever be accepted into her dream coven is by meeting their new requirements for her. The tasks seem easy enough, but when nefarious forces come into play, Selene awakens her magic at a cost she never expected….

Bewitched is a unique and enthralling story. The story is well-written and the writing sucks you in from the very first page. From the moment I met Selene, I felt like Alice falling into Wonderland. Each interaction left me curiouser and curiouser. The author built an intriguing world and complex web of mystery that left me with a ton of questions and anticipation for the answers. Now, this wouldn’t be a Laura Thalassa novel with a questionable hero and a romance that would stand the test of time.

Bewitched kicks this series off to a great start. I’m intrigued and I can’t wait for more. I loved the world-building. I loved the characters. I loved the enemies-to-lovers/ betrayed soulmates vibe. This book checked off all of my boxes when it comes to a paranormal/fantasy romance and yes, it does end on a cliffhanger. Hopefully, the wait for the next installment won’t be too long. I for one can not wait to see what happens in this story next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher & NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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