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Release Blitz with Review: Promise Me Always by A.L. Jackson

Release Blitz with Review: Promise Me Always by A.L. Jackson

Promise Me Always by A.L. Jackson is now live! 

I should know better than to let Tessa McDaniels pretend to be my fiancée.

I’m a dark, dangerous disaster who leaves destruction in his wake.

But when she offers to pretend to marry me to help me get my kids back, I can’t refuse. They are the one thing I have left to fight for.

Milo Hendricks found me at my lowest.

Battered and broken by my ex with no place to call home. When he insists I stay at his cabin with him, he sparks the feelings I’ve tried to suppress.

He’s only supposed to be my friend, but every time he comes in the room, he makes my knees weak.

This gorgeous, tatted, mountain-of-a-man who’s riddled with secrets.

Tessa is everything I crave but can’t have.

I shouldn’t touch her.

Shouldn’t make it real.

But she’s a red-headed flame I can’t resist, and I can’t help but take her to my bed.

Now we’re falling into an abyss of passion and need.

Loving her is easy.

Only we’re tied in ways we don’t know.

I’ll do anything to protect her, but it’s my past that might destroy her in the end…

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Narrated by: Connor Crais & Samantha Brentmoor

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“Life is made of messes. I’d be more than glad to clean this one up for you.”

“I felt her. I felt the shift in the air and the tremble of the ground the warm energy that infiltrated the space. I needed to guard myself against it. Ignore the pull that tugged and whispered and coaxed a gravity I’d do best to resist. I never should have asked her to stay here because there wasn’t a single piece of me that could handle her presence.”

“We fight for the ones we love, Milo. It’s who we are. It’s in our blood. And we fight to the end.”

“I think I’d break any rule for you, Milo Hendricks”

Seeing a new book hit my kindle from A.L. Jackson makes me as giddy as a kid in a candy store. I know I’m in for a treat, that I’m about to be taken on a rare and special journey. And when it comes to Promise Me Always, A.L. Jackson pulls out all the stops, tugs on my heartstrings, and delivers in every possible way…

Promise Me Always is the fourth book in the Redemption Hills series and follows the story of Milo and Tessa. Tessa will do anything for those she loves, even if it means putting herself in a terrible situation. Milo finds Tessa at her lowest and offers her a salvation she never knew existed. Together these two forged an instant and unforgettable bond. A friendship that would be put to the test and blossom into something truly amazing. The odds might be stacked against them, but wild horses couldn’t keep these two apart.

Promise Me Always hooked me from the very first page. Tessa and Milo were two broken and battered souls. Like recognized like and drew these two together like a moth to a flame. Their chemistry was instant and intense and led to a delicious slow burn that left me salivating for more. All that being said, the road to happily ever after was not a simple one for these two. There were lots of obstacles and ghosts from the past that had to be laid to rest, but I can promise you, the journey was so worth it in the end.

Promise Me Always was everything I had hoped it would be. It was a beautiful story of second chances, hope, forgiveness, and redemption. A story of letting go of the past and discovering that sometimes, bad things happen to good people. That sometimes when you’re back is against the wall, you’d do the unthinkable to protect the ones you love.

A.L. Jackson has once again blown me away with this unforgettable love story and her lyrical storytelling. Promise Me Always made me feel and experience so many incredible things. And I honestly can’t say enough about how incredible this book is. I hope you’ll pick up Milo and Tessa’s story and fall head over heels for it as I did.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Meet A.L. Jackson 

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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Text “ALJACKSON” to 33222

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