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Blog Tour: The Ex I’d Love to Hate by Nadia Lee

Blog Tour: The Ex I’d Love to Hate by Nadia Lee

The Ex I’d Love to Hate, an all-new thrilling enemies-to-lovers, second chance billionaire romance from New York Times bestselling author Nadia Lee is available now!

Grant Lasker is the first guy I fell in love with.
The first guy I shared everything with.

I thought what we had was perfect…until I found out I was just a bet to him.

All the lavish gifts and attention were nothing more than tricks to fool me.
Grant always wins, no matter the collateral damage.

I ran away without a second glance and rebuilt my life, along with the walls around my heart.

Fourteen years later, I manage to find a job that pays enough to keep my beloved grandfather in a private assisted-living center.
There is just one problem…

The person I need to work for is Grant, and he seems to think I’m the one who betrayed him and is doing everything in his power to make my life hell.

But if he thinks he’s going to win again, he has another think coming.

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Keep reading for a look inside The Ex I’d Love to Hate!

Thinking of time and sanity reminds me of the redhead from two days ago. Aspen Hughes was in a ratty T-shirt and faded denim shorts. No makeup or fancy hairdo. But I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she placed her hands on her hips and demanded I do the group paper, her moss-green eyes flashing. Sadie seemed like a lifeless prop by comparison. 

That doesn’t really explain it, though. My usual taste is girls with toned bodies who are relaxed and carefree. A girl wound tightly enough to chase me to the polo field and call me an asshole over some dumb project neither of us is going to remember in a month is definitely not my type. Even if she does have curves more fitting for a Vegas stripper than a college kid. That body could revive a corpse, and my dick obviously isn’t immune because it’s getting hard at the thought of her. It’s not the body, my gut whispers. I’ve been around women who were even hotter. It’s just…Aspen looked at me like I was an annoying pest, which people simply do not do. They’re too impressed by my parents—and their fame—to notice or care that I don’t like or respect them. I shouldn’t put too much significance into her actions, though. She probably doesn’t know who my parents are. Once she finds out, she’ll smile and gaze up at me like I’m some kind of minor deity, like everyone else.

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