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Release Blitz: MARKED BY SHADOWS by Lawrence Hall

Release Blitz: <strong>MARKED BY SHADOWS by Lawrence Hall</strong>

MARKED BY SHADOWS by Lawrence Hall

Release Date: October 28th

In war, anything goes.

My mission was simple. Infiltrate Clan Disaris, eliminate their queen, and survive long enough to get the hell out of there and back home to Clan Letos.

The infiltration part was easy. I’d been mistaken for a human all my life. Familiars are very close to their vampire masters, and the perfect disguise for an assassin. But before I could complete my mission, a chance encounter changed everything.

Jasper Cane. The tall, dark, and insanely hot vampire from Clan Shaye. A rival assassin on a similar mission.

Now it’s a race to see who can get to the queen first. I could do it if I stop thinking about how sexy he is.

I’ll have to kill him if he gets in my way. If he doesn’t kill me first.

I guess it’s true what they say.

All’s fair in love and war.

Marked by Shadows is one of sixteen books within the Games of the Underworld shared universe. It is a standalone dark romance novel with scenes of violence and assault. It can be read independently, but to get the full story, it is highly recommended to read all of the books within the series.

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Meet Lawrence Hall:

Lawrence Hall writes wherever, whenever he can. Okay, that’s a lie. Lawrence Hall plays video games wherever, whenever he can, and writes when he decides to put down the controller.

Currently residing in the state of North Carolina, he lives with his wife of twenty-plus years, and three children. Looking forward to the time when he is an empty-nester, Lawrence fights the evils of drinking too many sodas during the day, while resisting the temptation to wear skinny jeans. It’s just not a good look for him. He knows this. But as fashion gets tighter and tighter, Lawrence spends hours scouring the internet searching for loose-fits. Then he rage quits and goes to play his video games to relax. Then he realizes he should be writing, and grabs his laptop, but then gets distracted and surfs the internet again.

Thus, the nasty cycle he finds himself trapped in.

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