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Release Blitz with Review: Where Love Lies by M.N. Forgy

Release Blitz with Review: Where Love Lies by M.N. Forgy


Title: Where Love Lies

Author: M.N. Forgy

Genre: Thriller Romantic Suspense

Release Date: October 24, 2022


Feeling completely sapped of life, Rain and her daughter move to the suburbs of Fairview, where white picket fences, welcoming neighbors, and immaculate green lawns make her forget the pain she’s running from. Settling into her new life, she can’t stop thinking about the guy who wrecked her car. He’s charming, says the right things, and crashed into her life right when she needs it the most. It’s only natural Mr. Handsome presents Rai with a big, shiny rock to make it picture perfect.
Then a new neighbor moves down the street. Menacing sleeves of tattoos, a permanent scowl, single with no kids—he doesn’t belong in this family-friendly community.
People are whispering.
Doors are staying locked.
Secrets are being shared.
Heart pleasing love doesn’t exist here. It digs a grave and lies in it, whispering untold truths. The quaint town of Fairview isn’t so safe anymore—and neither is Rain.




Free in Kindle Unlimited Also available in paperback:


Where Love Lies is an intriguing thriller that will keep you guessing right until the very end…

When we first meet up with Rain and her daughter Paige, Rain is looking forward to a fresh start in a new town. But when Heston literally crashes into her life, he turns her entire world upside down and gives her way more than what she bargained for.

Where Love Lies is a book best to go in blind with. It starts off as your typical second-chance romance but is filled heavily with mystery and intrigue. The author did an amazing job setting the stage and pulling her readers into the story. I for one couldn’t put this book down and found myself completely immersed in the story. I had to know what would happen next and really enjoyed trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

If I had to make one complaint, it would be that I thought the ending was a bit rushed. It felt like certain things escalated too quickly and I think if there had been a few more chapters, it would have made the ending feel and flow better.

All in all, this book was an enjoyable thriller that certainly kept this reader on their toes. Even though I had an issue with the overall ending of the story, it’s still a solid read and I’m glad to have checked it out.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


M.N. Forgy is an International best seller, best known for her romantic biker stories. Living in the country with her family she often finds herself outside reading or writing most of the time. She started creating stories at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn’t live with the “what if” anymore and finally took a chance on her character’s story. So, with her iced coffee in hand and the family dog sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her readers.








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