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Blog Tour with Review: Resisting the Grump by Ashley Munoz

Blog Tour with Review: Resisting the Grump by Ashley Munoz
Once upon a time he broke me, and for that, I refuse to fall for him again.

Resisting the Grump, an all-new small-town romantic comedy full of heat and humor from bestselling author Ashley Munoz is available now!

Stalking the town recluse wasn’t exactly wise.

Davis was five years older than me…antisocial and temperamental. And there was the little fact that he didn’t know I existed.
Still, I gave him my heart, and he crushed it.

So I picked up the pieces and ran away to New York City. I had a plan that kept my heart intact for four years.
But one phone call changed everything.

Returning home meant facing the past…and the man who ruined me.
I had hoped that the mountain had swallowed him whole. Alas, as I set out to help my parents, I discover he’s not only alive and well, but that they apparently love the jerk.

He has no idea that we have a past, which is both a relief and salt in the wound.
I promise myself I’ll ignore how his eyes linger on me, or the way his touch feels like a live wire, and I’ll remember that once upon a time he broke me and for that I refuse to fall for him again.
But I can’t control that he seems to be falling for me this time.

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“Peace was like concrete, filling in all of the fissures and cracks that now outlined my life.”

“I felt like I was spinning in place, like my entire universe had turned upside down.”

“When the rain fell hard, in heavy beats against the earth, I fell for Davis in ways I’d never recover from. I’d tie this feeling to the crushed one I had carried for so many years, and I’d make a solid chain, tie it around my neck, and drown.”

Resisting the Grump is a sexy, all-consuming romance filled with the most delicious angst that will tug at your heartstrings, leaving you breathless right until the very end…

Resisting the Grump follows the story of Raelyn and Davis. From a very young age, Raelynn has had her eyes on Davis. It was a simple, innocent, unrequited crush that was never meant to go anywhere, but that didn’t stop Raelyn for taking a chance, only to end up with her heart broken. In desperate need of escape, Raelyn flees town hoping that college and a change of scenery will mend her heart. Her plan worked well for a few years until a phone call has Raelyn rushing home. Raelyn will now be forced to not only return home but face the man who destroyed her heart….

Resisting the Grump consumed me from the very first page. My heart ached for Raelyn and the hurt she experienced as a young girl, falling hard and fast for someone who didn’t know she even existed. Unrequited love is never easy and while this story might have started out a bit unconventional, there was no way I was prepared for the journey this story was going to take me on.

I adored Raelyn and Davis. Raelyn was the bright spot on any dark day. She had a big heart and always had the best of intentions even if her actions weren’t always the best. And then we have Davis, her complete opposite. He was the broody, grump of a man with the whole world on his shoulders. He seemed destined to be alone in the dark until his sights got set on Raelyn. I loved how easy it was for Raelyn and Davis to be together. They had the best chemistry and just fit. Raelyn tried her hardest to resist Davis, especially given her past crush, but Davis is not the kind of man that takes no for an answer, he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it.

In the end, this story took me on one emotional journey. I loved the angst and heartache, the push and pull, the revelations of secrets, sinfully hot moments, and everything in between. This story kept me on my toes and consumed me from beginning to end.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


“Can I kiss you, Rae?” he whispered, moving along my skin.
Shaking my head, my throat bobbed. “No.”
“You don’t seem like the kind of girl who likes to be asked, so I’m just going to do it.”
“Try it and see what happens,” I smiled wickedly.
He stared at me, a tiny smile lifting in the corner of his mouth. “You can’t resist me forever.”
“Watch me.” I glared defiantly, hating that he’d called out something that simmered so close to my core.
His body pressed against mine for a second longer then it vanished. “I think I’ll kiss you when you’re least expecting it. Maybe in church or something.”
“Why bother with this ruse? I overheard you talking that night in the garage. I know my dad asked you to place the order, and I know you think I’m too much work to befriend.” My palms went flat against the brick, so I could somehow find balance.
His stormy glare cut through me, as if I were a cold stick of butter and he was the searing knife, just pulled from the fire.
“You misheard…or at least misunderstood.”
Tilting my head, I asked, “Did he tell you to place the order and lie to me?”
Without a single hitch in his voice, or flicker in his gaze, he answered. “Yes.”
“Then I don’t know what’s left to—”
His grip returned to my waist as his body pressed into mine, pushing me tighter against the brick at my back.
“You misunderstood…I don’t want to be your friend, Rae, and you are a lot of work, but if you haven’t noticed, work doesn’t scare me off. I like work. I like trouble. You’re a fucking delicious mixture of both, and please understand me when I say this”—he lowered his head, his lips just barely a breath away from mine—“I like kissing you.”

About Ashley
Ashley resides in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her four children and her husband. She loves coffee, reading fantasy, and writing about people who kiss and cuss.

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