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Release Blitz: BIG CHICAS DON’T CRY by Annette Chavez Macias

Release Blitz: BIG CHICAS DON’T CRY by Annette Chavez Macias

“Through heart-to-hearts, good food, and family tradition, the women rebuild their relationship with one another—and with their significant others. Chavez Macias loads her well-rounded story with charismatic characters, vivid descriptions, and appealing cultural specificity. This is a treat.” Publishers Weekly

“[Annette] Chavez Macias has given readers a joyful exploration of family and friendship featuring four memorable characters whose struggles and triumphs will resonate with readers. It’s a great choice for fans of Susan Mallery and Mariah Stewart.” —Booklist

Big Chicas Don’t Cry is a life-affirming novel centered on relationships, love, and loss. This heartwarming family drama uses alternating points of view to skillfully reveal nuanced characters, tangible emotions, and the enduring ties of a Mexican American family. I adored every minute I spent with this familia. It was as if Annette Chavez Macias took slivers of the people and experiences I’ve known and delicately etched them onto the page. An enduring family drama with heart, beauty, and vibrant culture.” —Diana Muñoz Stewart, bestselling author of the Black Ops Confidential series


Cousins Mari, Erica, Selena, and Gracie are inseparable. They aren’t just family but best friends—sharing secrets, traditions, and a fierce love for their abuelita. But their idyllic childhood ends when Mari’s parents divorce, forcing her to move away. With Mari gone, the girls’ tight-knit bond unravels.

Fifteen years later, Mari’s got the big house and handsome husband, but her life is in shambles. Erica’s boyfriend just dumped her, and her new boss hates her. Selena can’t seem to find her place in the world—not Mexican enough for her family, not white enough for her colleagues. And Gracie is a Catholic school teacher with an all-consuming crush, but she can’t trust herself when it comes to romance.

As rocky as the cousins’ lives have become, nothing can prepare them for the heartbreaking loss of a loved one. When tragedy reunites them, will they remember their abuelita’s lessons about family and forgiveness—or are fifteen years of separation too much to overcome?

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Annette Chavez Macias writes stories about love, family, and following your dreams. She is proud of her Mexican American heritage, culture, and traditions, all of which can be found within the pages of her books. For readers wanting even more love stories and guaranteed happily ever afters, Annette also writes romance novels under the pen name Sabrina Sol. A Southern California native, Annette lives just outside Los Angeles with her husband, three children, and four dogs.

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