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Release Blitz: If I Can Forgive You by Enisa Carter

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Release Blitz: If I Can Forgive You by Enisa Carter

If I Can Forgive You by Enisa Carter is now live!

I moved with my mom to a city at the sea to start a new life. But even though the times when I got bullied in school are long over, my past still hunts me. I have flashbacks and am scared of living. Embarrassing enough, I’m already twenty years old and never had a boyfriend. But then I see this guy at the candy shop, where I work part-time, and suddenly butterflies pop up in my stomach. He looks at me like no one did before. Who is this guy and what is he doing in Wilhelmshaven?
To get a birthday present for my grandma, I went to this candy shop in town. That’s where I saw her. She’s not only beautiful, but kind and sweet. For the first time in years I’m really interested in a woman. She might be the one to save me. But I was too stunned by her appearance to ask her out on a date. Now I cannot stop thinking about her. Still there are two things that bother me: Why does her ocean blue eyes look so familiar to me? And what happens, if she finds out about my dark past?

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