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Review: Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting

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Review: Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting

Charming, hilarious, and emotional…Starry-Eyed Love is Helena Hunting at her very best!

Having just broken up with her boyfriend, London Spark is not in the mood to be hit on. Especially not when she’s out celebrating her single status with her sisters. So when a very attractive man pays for their drinks and then slips her his number, she passes it right back to him with a ‘thanks, but no thanks’. As the business administrator for their family’s event hotel, the Spark House, London has more important things to worry about, like bringing in new clientele.

As luck would have it, a multi-million-dollar company calls a few months later asking for a meeting to discuss a potential partnership, and London is eager to prove to her sisters, and herself, that she can land this deal. Just when she thinks she has nailed her presentation, the company’s CEO, Jackson Holt, walks in and inserts himself into the meeting. Not only that, but he also happens to be the same guy she turned down at the bar a few months ago.

As they begin to spend more time together, their working relationship blossoms into something more. It isn’t until their professional entanglements are finally over, that London and Jackson are finally ready to take the next step in their relationship. But between Jackson’s secretive past and London’s struggle with her sisters, London must question where she really stands – not just with Jackson, but with the Spark House, too. 

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Starry-Eyed Love took me by surprise in the best possible way. I was hooked on London from the very first page and was excited to see where her story was going to take me.

When we first meet up with London, she’s fresh off a break up and has sworn off men. The last thing she’s looking for is to be hit on by a sexy, mysterious stranger. Flash forward to a few months later and London finds herself reunited with Jackson, the man she turned down. The more time London and Jackson spend together, the lines between business and pleasure become blurred. Will Jackson and London take a chance on love? There’s only one way to find out….

Starry-Eyed Love is a fun and refreshing romance. You could feel the chemistry and sparks between Jackson and London instantly. I enjoyed the push and pull between them, how they desperately tried to keep things on a business level, yet couldn’t ignore the sparks between them. I thought that Jackson was a pretty good book boyfriend. Of course, he wasn’t without his flaws. He didn’t always communicate the best and was a little guarded when it came to his past, but I truly believe he had the best of intentions.

Overall, I found this book to be a really wonderful read. I loved getting to know London and Jackson. Their story consumed me and definitely had me devouring it in just a few short hours. I thought their story had the perfect mix of steam, tension, and swoon and was filled with all the ups and downs you’d expect from a truly enjoyable love story. In the end, Starry-Eyed Love was just the romance I was looking for.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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