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Release Tour: Whiskey Dream by Taryn Rivers

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Release Tour:  Whiskey Dream by Taryn Rivers

Nothing will stop Rosalie from making her dream come true in Whiskey Falls, not even Erick, the sexy modern day viking who’s pursued her since she arrived in town. When a gang war breaks out, Rosalie is put in danger. Can Erick keep her safe and break down her walls keeping him out? Readers who enjoy Brynne Asher and Layla Frost will love this spicy, alpha hero, new girl in town, small town romantic suspense.

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Dreams can’t come true if you’re dead.

After spending my life fulfilling someone else’s dream, nothing will stop me from making my own come true in Whiskey Falls.

Not my parents who want me safely ensconced back home in Minnesota.

Not the sexy modern day viking who’s pursued me since I arrived.

And certainly not the gang trying to take out my sister and me.

They’re about to learn the hard way: I may act like a wallflower, but this rose has thorns.

Since the day I met her, she’s intrigued me.
The hippy florist with secrets in her eyes and walls built so high, I can’t help but want to scale them.

She resists me at every turn, making me work for what I want.

Just when I start making headway, Whiskey Falls becomes ground zero for a gang war.

Suddenly, unlocking the mystery of her isn’t my main objective.

Keeping her alive is.

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Copyright 2022 Taryn Rivers

I walk him to his truck, where things get awkward—at least for me. After completely screwing up our date, now I’m shoving him off. I stand here, shuffling my feet, staring at the ground. “Sorry I fu—messed up our date.”

His finger catches me under my chin, and I look up straight into a pair of amused blue eyes. “You can make it up to me tomorrow night. No dogs this time though. Your sister can watch them.”

I hold my hand up. “Erick, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

He shakes his head. “You have no intention of even trying to see if we’re good together, do you?” He doesn’t sound mad at all. If it’s possible, he looks even more amused.

I narrow my eyes at him. He’s not taking me seriously at all. “I don’t have time for a relationship right now. I have a business to build up, a sister whose life is imploding, and a nephew to spoil. There’s no room in there for an overbearing alpha male. So no matter how hard you try, you won’t make me budge.”

A wide grin forms across his face. “Challenge accepted.”

Oh, crap. Before I can get another word out, he pulls me into him tight. His hands cup my head, fingers tangle in my hair, and his mouth comes down on mine.

I gasp in surprise, and he immediately takes advantage. He slides his tongue in and it brushes against mine, lightly at first. I freeze, but then my hand automatically curls into his shirt. That’s when he goes in for the kill. It’s not a rough, overwhelming kiss. Instead, he sips at my mouth like he’s savoring it. It’s soft and seductive.

Very seductive.

My eyes close, my head tilts for a better angle and I melt into him as desire pools in my belly. This is good. No, not just good, it’s better than I imagined it would be, and I knew it would be fucking amazing.

With one last stroke of his tongue, he breaks it off. Leaning back, he grins.

“Six o’clock, Rosalie.”

He turns and hops into his truck. With a wink, he starts it and I step back.

He reverses and then is gone, leaving me standing here speechless.

As I watch his taillights disappear around the bend, my hand reaches up and touches my lips, still warm and tingly from that kiss.

I just had to challenge the Viking warrior. I’m going to be screwed, both figuratively and literally. And after that kiss, I’m not sure I care.

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About Taryn Rivers

Taryn Rivers lives in central Arkansas with her extremely patient husband and her golden retriever, Patton. When she’s not writing, she’s kicking back with her husband at the lake, eating her weight in fried cheese curds and fish fry while visiting family in Wisconsin, or she’s guilting her children into coming to see her. She loves reading, coffee, wine, and her family, not necessarily in that order.

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