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Review: Hearts in Motion by Kelly Elliott

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Review: Hearts in Motion by Kelly Elliott

Brighton Rogers thought her life was as normal as normal could be, even better than normal. She has a thriving career as a lawyer in Boston. Friends and family back in her hometown of Boggy Creek love and adore her. And her boyfriend, Luke Morrison, showers her with love and attention, making her life finally feel complete.

But when Brighton discovers what life with a famous actor is all about—her normal life is turned upside down. All this time, Brighton felt that what they shared was genuine, that Luke was her forever; but now she can’t help but wonder if it was all an act. Was she playing a role she had no idea she’d been cast in? So, she does the one thing she can do and runs straight back to the safety of Boggy Creek.

Luke Morrison never imagined he would entertain the thought of leaving behind his successful career as an actor. Not just any actor, one of the top paid actors in Hollywood. But the moment he meets Brighton on a blind date, his life is changed forever. The only problem is balancing his career while attempting to keep his private life just that…private.

When one too many misunderstandings happen because of the press, Brighton breaks up with Luke, causing him to rethink what lies ahead in his future. A future he cannot imagine without Brighton Rogers in it. But Brighton is no ordinary woman and winning her back will force Luke to make one of the biggest sacrifices he’s ever made; one he is positive he can make because a life without Bree in it, is no life at all.

Now, to win back the love of his life and prove to her she is all that matters to him…

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“The moment my mouth covered hers, I knew everything was going to change. My life was about to get very complicated, and I was going to turn Brighton Rogers’s world upside down.”

“The way he made me feel, the way he kissed me back. It was like he was giving me his soul. And I greedily took it while I gave my own to him as well.”

“I have a feeling that love–true love–the kind that makes your breath catch in your throat and your heart feel like it’s in a free fall, only comes into our life once. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.”

Brighton and Luke’s story consumed me from the very beginning. This book was everything I could ask for in a swoon-worthy, small-town romance!

Hearts in Motion is the 5th book in the Boggy Creek Series but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. When we first meet up with Brighton, she’s returned home with a broken heart. The last thing she expected was to see the love of her life show up in her hometown. You see, a misunderstanding rocked their foundation to its core, leaving them both heartbroken. Now, Luke is a man on a mission. His mission is to win back the woman he loves, no matter what it takes…

Hearts in Motion is my absolute favorite in this series so far. I was hooked on Luke and Brighton from their very first encounter. The feisty Brighton was just what Luke needed in his life. Brighton never held back and always spoke her mind. And for a man like Luke, it was refreshing. I loved the way the two of them were brought together. The sparks were instant and their chemistry contagious. Despite their fears of being in a relationship, Brighton and Luke were helpless to stay away from one another.

The road to happily ever after definitely wasn’t an easy one for Brighton and Luke. Mistakes were made and words were said that broke their hearts. As sad as it made me, this gave Luke the opportunity to really examine his life and see what really mattered the most. I really enjoyed watching these two navigate their way through all the ups and downs a relationship and fame can put you through.

In the end, Hearts in Motion was just the small-town romance I was looking for. The characters captured my heart and demanded that I read their story in just a single sitting. I can’t get enough of the Boggy Creek community and Brighton’s mom was no exception. She was exactly what you would expect of a small-town mom, who just wanted the best for her family and I just adored her.

If you’re looking for a small-town romance that is consuming, swoon-worthy, and destined to leave you with all the feels, look no further. Hearts in Motion is just the book you’ve been waiting for. I hope you’ll fall head over heels for this story and these characters as I have.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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