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Review: A Stormy and Sultry Sea (Witches of the Island #2) by Katie McGarry

A witch and a Fae aren’t supposed to fall in love, nonetheless be soulmates…

New witch and midwife Cassie Strega helped a human mother through the tumultuous birth of the queen of the demons, and now Cassie and the baby have been kidnapped by one of the four demon princes fighting each other to lay claim to their new queen. Cassie hopes she can appeal to the human side of the child in order to save humanity, but as the child feeds upon her soul, Cassie must also battle the four demon-prince-uncles who intend for the infant to fulfill her dark destiny.

The love of Cassie’s life, the sultry Fae warrior and heir to the Fae kingdom, Orion, is still searching for the Fae queen he’s been tasked to find, but he is also desperate to save Cassie from his archenemies. He is torn between his heart and his duty, but if he doesn’t save Cassie by Beltane, the blood bond that connects Cassie to Orion will forever be severed and she will be marked as an enemy to the Fae—one he is sworn by oath to kill.

Fate was cruel when it linked Cassie and Orion together. Their attraction to each other is undeniable, their love assured, but these fated lovers are doomed by a curse that threatens to keep them apart. Every touch during every shared dream, every kiss during every cherished moment together is driving them closer to what will either be a victory of humanity or an end no mortal will be able to survive. Will love, in the end, truly conquer all or will it destroy them all?

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“You know my heart. You and I are connected. Beyond space, beyond time. You are the heart that beats in my chest. My role in the universe’s plan is to save you. Our relationship is not a curse. We’re fate.”

“I leave if she tells me to leave. I stay if she tells me to stay. I hold her when she doesn’t want to be alone. I fight for her when she is in danger. I am at her mercy. I am her husband. That is the amans oath I made to her, whether she remembers it or not.”

“I now understood how fully he was mine, and we were meant to be together. There was no together forever. Forever didn’t exist. Forever implied time, and Orion and I–we defied time. We defied space. We defied all.”

A Stormy and Sultry Sea picks up right where A Wicked and Beautiful Garden left off and completely hits the ground running. When we meet up with Cassie and Wren, they are dealing with the fallout of not only the baby Cassie delivered, but also being kidnapped. You see, the demon princes want the baby Cassie helped delivered, as they believe her to be their queen. But, Cassie made a promise to the baby’s mother; that she would protect this innocent life. Cassie hopes that maybe just maybe she can appeal to the baby’s human side and change the destiny that has been foreseen…Meanwhile, the love of Cassie’s life, Orion is riddled with worry and is desperate to find Cassie. While he might be torn between his duty and his love for Cassie, there is anything he wouldn’t do for the woman he loves….

My heart is still racing after finishing A Stormy and Sultry Sea. Once again, I was easily swept up in Cassie and Orion’s story. Their struggles so real and palpable. Both of them wanting to do the right thing and wanting to change fate. They endured obstacle after obstacle this time around and their faith and devotion towards one another never waned. I loved seeing this power couple together. You know that they are destined for great things and are just left on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next.

There is sooooo much I’d love to tell you, but you’re just going to have to pick this one up and read it for yourself. Here’s what I can tell you. A Stormy and Sultry Sea is the perfect second book to this trilogy. It bridges the gap from book one and leaves you breathless waiting for what you know will be an epic conclusion. This story is filled with friendship and romance. It’s filled with love and fate. It’s filled with hope, action, and suspense. It has magic and quite a few unexpected twists and turns. If there’s one thing this story has taught me, it’s that not everything is how it seems…

Katie McGarry has delivered an unforgettable, thrilling yet romantic story that sucked me in from the first page and has left me dying for more. One thing is for certain I am absolutely hooked on this story and can not wait to see how it will all come together in the end…

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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