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Review: Fated Hearts by Kelly Elliott

It was only meant to be a short trip—up to Chicago for two days and then back to Texas. At least, that was the plan until a massive snowstorm leaves me trapped in Chicago at a local hotel with no definite timeframe of when I can go back home. If that wasn’t a crazy-enough turn of events—I wake up to a beautiful princess standing in my hotel room.

She was definitely a sight to behold, but she’s not the least bit thrilled to see me—think Momma Bear finding Goldilocks lying in her bed type of annoyance.

You see, my princess turned out to be a tired and angry traveler who had been double-booked…in my hotel room. With no rooms left anywhere in the city, we are forced to bunk together to ride out the storm. Now all that’s left to determine is will we survive each other.

After a rocky start and some much-needed rest, Analise and I soon forge a friendship that turns into a no-strings-attached fling.

When the fairytale we got lost in melts away, we have an even bigger storm to weather that we never saw coming. The one where I’m faced with the uncertainty of having to walk away from the one woman who has opened a part of my heart I had thought was as frozen over as the city we found each other in.

Fated Hearts is a stand-alone novel and the last book in the Southern Bride series.

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Fated Hearts is the eighth and final book in the Southern Bride Series and let me tell you, author Kelly Elliott saved the absolute best for last….

Fated Hearts captivated me from the very first page. All it too was one encounter with Analise and Roger and I was a goner. Wild horses wouldn’t have been able to stop me from reading. That probably explains how I devoured this book in just a few short hours-it was that good!

Analise and Roger were brought together by a series of chance moments. And while their first encounter may not have started off on the right foot, the chemistry between them was undeniable. I mean so off the charts, you could just feel the tension oozing off the pages.

As a fan of fated lovers, soulmates, and chance encounters I couldn’t wait to see how Roger and Analise’s story would play out. Neither one of them really looking for love, but in the end, love found them.

As much as I loved Analise and Roger together, you had to know that fate was going to make them work for their happily ever after. I mean, fate did her part, and now the rest was up to them. The road to happily ever after had quite a few bumps in store for Anaslie and Roger, but I for one loved every second of it.

Fated Hearts is a fantastic read from beginning to end. From fated lovers to chance encounters and a truly special romance, Fated Hearts checked off all of my boxes and gave me a totally unforgettable love story. There’s not much else left to say other than I thoroughly enjoyed this story and never wanted it to end.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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