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Review: The Introvert’s Guide to Blind Dating by Emma Hart

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Review: The Introvert’s Guide to Blind Dating by Emma Hart

Blind dating: the act in which you date a stranger and hope it’s not the kid you once babysat. And try not to freak out when it’s your one-night stand from two weeks ago.

As the last woman standing, I, Piper Carter, am officially a loner.

Apparently, that means it’s time for me to get out there and find myself a man. My protestations that I have no time for it falls on deaf ears and the next thing I know, I’m on a blind date with someone my best friends assure me will be perfect for me.

Maverick Donovan, the guy I, uh, know very, very well…

After one conversation that makes my disdain for this setup very clear, the superstar playboy author asks me for only one thing: my help with his research for his next novel.

Turns out, the heroine in his next hot romance is the owner of a bakery, but all his ill-fated efforts are baking is the batteries in his fire alarm.

I agree. I’ll create some recipes for his leading lady, and he’ll credit me and my store, giving me the recognition I need to help me on my way to franchising.

If only we didn’t have to spend almost every free waking moment together to make it happen.

I don’t want to give my heart to the guy with a trail of broken ones behind him, but there’s a fundamental problem with that plan.

I’m pretty sure I’m doing just that…

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As the last woman standing, Piper can’t help but feel like a loner. Despite having no time or real interest in dating, Piper’s happily paired and good intentioned friends, can’t help but set her up on a blind date. Unfortunately, Piper knows her blind date, Maverick Donovan all too well and after a single conversation with him, it’s quite clear that the only thing he wants from Piper is help researching his next novel.

Overall, I thought this book was a really cute read. I loved Piper and her independence. She’s thrilled that her friends are happy and have found love, but that just isn’t a priority of hers right now. As for Maverick, I thought he was a really interesting character. I mean, a man who writes romance! Please tell me more. Together, these two made for a most interesting pairing. I enjoyed their banter and the push and pull between them. I enjoyed their chemistry and was excited to see where their story would go.

This wouldn’t be an Emma Hart novel without her signature humor and wit. And let me tell you, this book delivered on those fronts. The Introvert’s Guide to Blind Dating is smartly written and entertaining. It’s filled with heart and well meaning friends and family. And of course, it’s got just the right mix of romance and a dash of drama. In the end, this is a book that you can easily finish in a single sitting and it will leave you with a huge smile on your face.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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