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Review: Playing with Words by Kelly Elliott

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Review: Playing with Words by Kelly Elliott

Hudson Higgins had fond memories of Boggy Creek from his childhood. So what better place to escape New York City for a few weeks to finish up a book that was nearing deadline than the small town in New Hampshire his parents visited nearly every summer.

What he couldn’t have known was how his life would be turned upside down when he walked into Greer Larson’s bookstore his first day in town.

Greer Larson lived a quiet life in her hometown of Boggy Creek. She had worked nearly her whole adult life to make her dreams of owning her bookstore come true—and now, Turning Pages was her everything. She lived, eat, and breathed the success of owning her own business.

That is, until a stranger came to town and showed Greer that there was more to life than simply working. A friendship between Greer and Hudson quickly formed over their love of books and the outdoors.

When Greer’s bookstore is threatened, Hudson soon realizes he hasn’t simply fallen for the charm of Boggy Creek and Greer, he’d fallen in love…with both the town, and the woman who stole his heart from the moment she first smiled at him.

Playing with Words is book two in the Boggy Creek Valley series and is a stand alone novel.

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Small-Town Romance ✅

Light Drama ✅

Feel-Good Romance ✅

All The Feels ✅

Playing with Words is the latest addition to the Boggy Creek Valley Series and is just the read I was looking for. Playing with Words checked off so many of my boxes and left me grinning the entire time.

Playing with Words follows the story of Hudson and Greer. From the moment I dove into their story I was hooked. Greer is an incredibly likeable character who is adorably awkward when it comes to good looking men and she loves books almost as much as I do. Hudson is the stranger who blows into town and can’t help but be intrigued by the shy local, Greer….

I knew right away that Greer and Hudson would be great together, and I wasn’t disappointed. Their chemistry was instant and I loved their interactions. As previously stated, Greer was adorably awkward in the beginning, but that just added to her charm. And while Hudson came into town looking for a quiet place to work, he couldn’t help be smitten by Greer. Together, they had a whirlwind romance that left me with a smile on my face and all the feels.

Playing with Words is such a fun read. I loved the small-town charm and the gossip factory. I loved that while there was some drama, it was on the light side and made sense to the story. This book has a lot of humorous moments that had me laughing out loud one moment and swooning the next. In the end, I couldn’t help falling head over heels for Greer and Hudson.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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