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Review: Maybe We Will by Melissa Foster

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Review: Maybe We Will by Melissa Foster

From Melissa Foster, the New York Times bestselling author of She Loves Me, comes a sexy and heart-warming novel about finding love—and family—where you least expect it.

When chef Abby de Messiéres returns to Silver Island with her sister to get their late mother’s affairs in order, she expected to inherit her mother’s bistro along with their childhood home, not to discover a half sister they never knew existed, and a handsome vacationer camped out on her mother’s patio.

Workaholic Aiden Aldridge has been sent to Silver Island on a work-free vacation, armed with a “Let Loose List,” and ordered to get a life by the much-younger sister he raised after the death of their parents. After years of focusing on his sister’s well-being, he’s blindsided by his intense attraction to the gorgeous, free-spirited Abby.

Aiden might not know much about chilling out, but he’s excellent at striking deals. He helps Abby with the restaurant in exchange for her help in tackling the items on his list. Sparks fly as Aiden and Abby work, and play, side by side. Intimate conversations lead to steamy kisses and undeniable passion. But there’s more to Aiden then Abby knows, and when the truth comes out, their new romance is put to the test, as the two find out if true love really can conquer all.

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Maybe We Will is the first book in the Silver Harbor Series and follows the story of Aiden & Abby. Abby is in a rut and finds herself returning home with her sister after their mom passes away. While getting their mother’s affairs in order, they quickly discover as secret their mother has been keeping…they have a sister they never knew about. On top of that, someone wants to buy their mother’s bistro and Abby isn’t having it! That brings us to Aiden. Aiden is the very definition of a workaholic and only took some time off because his little sister made him. Aiden is about as clueless as them come when it comes to taking a time out and finds himself completely blindsided by Abby. Sparks fly between Aiden and Abby instantly and the more time they spend with one another, the deeper they fall. Sounds perfect right? Well, Aiden is keeping a pretty big secret from Abby and only time will tell if Abby will be willing to forgive and forget…

Maybe We Will is a fun, sweet, and sexy read. I fell for the characters instantly and couldn’t wait to dive further into their story. I loved the relationship Abby had with her sister Deirdra. They were total opposites, but you could tell they’d do anything for each other. Finding out they had a secret sister, Cait, definitely threw them for a loop, but one moment with Cait and you just knew she was the perfect fit. I really enjoyed the time we spent with Cait and Deirdra and hope to see those 2 ladies in future books.

That bring us to Aiden. Aiden is literally the perfect guy. His one flaw, he’s a workaholic. He doesn’t know what sitting still and relaxing means. But once you get to know Aiden, you realize he is the absolute sweetest guy ever. He loves big and he loves hard and it doesn’t hurt one bit that he’s the alpha type.

Together, you might think that Aiden and Abby are an unlikely pair. Abby is a dreamer and a free spirit. She wears her emotions on her sleeves and isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants. The sparks between Abby and Aiden were on the scene immediately. I loved watching these two try to figure things out and couldn’t wait to see how it would all come together in the end.

Maybe We Will is a heartwarming and sexy read. The characters are easy to relate to and fall for. Maybe We Will is well written, entertaining, and paced well. This story is written with a lot of charm and heart. There’s some drama, but nothing over the top. And of course, you can’t for get the sweet and sexy romance that will leave you with a smile on your face and devouring every last word. I had a fun time getting lost in Abby and Aiden’s story and can not wait to see what else the Silver Harbor Series has in store for us next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher & NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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