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Release Blitz with Review: Beneath the Stars by A.L. Jackson

Release Blitz with Review: Beneath the Stars by A.L. Jackson

Beneath the Stars

A Friends-to-Lovers Rockstar Romance from A.L. Jackson

Available Now on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited

“Haunting. Exquisite. Hot. AL Jackson slayed me heart and soul. Beneath The Stars is a definite favorite and re-read for 2021. I couldn’t get enough of this epic tale of love and redemption.” -Michelle Heard, USA Today and Wallstreet Journal bestselling author

“Beneath the Stars is nothing short of amazing and I wish that I could give it ten stars.” -Veronica’s Reading Vault

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From NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson comes a friends-to-lovers romance about an unattainable rockstar and his best friend’s younger sister…

Maggie Fitzgerald is the last girl I should think about taking to my bed.

On the cusp of turning 21, she has her whole life waiting out ahead of her. Sexy AF while still radiating an innocence that I know better than to taint.

And here I am, itching to reach out and touch a girl who is so forbidden that just thinking about her feels like committing a mortal sin.

Thing is, I love playing with fire.

Rhys Manning is everything I shouldn’t want.

Country-rock’s newest superstar.

Fun. Wild. Ready to show the world a good time.

He’s so off-limits it isn’t even funny.

So out of reach he might as well be a poster tacked on my wall.

Too bad every time he looks at me, my heart races out of control.

Now, I’m stuck living with him for the entire summer…

We’re only supposed to be friends. Still, I should have known it was a terrible idea when I started sneaking into his room. Especially when it’s clear he’s keeping secrets.

Secrets that might destroy us both.

One touch, and I want more.

One kiss, and I’m spiraling out of control.

I know it’s reckless to start dancing in the flames.

But in exchange for getting to spend one night with this brooding bad boy? I might be willing to get burned…


“Life is messy, Rhys. It doesn’t matter who I’m with or who I care about. They’re going to have messy bits. Just like I have mine.”

“Three feet seperated us. A world. A chasm. A breath. A whisper.”

“Sweet Siren.” That’s what she was. A song in the storm. Lulling me into peace when it was gonna be my demise.”

“Be with me for now, Rhys. Tell me that right now, I belong to you and you belong to me. I feel your burden, I feel your heart, and I know you’ll never love me, and I know we’re not supposed to pretend, but I need it, Rhys. I need to feel this for a bit. We never know how long we have, and this is the first ture, real thing I’ve ever had.”

A.L. Jackson has spun a beautiful and soul-wrenching love story that is sure to grab readers by their hearts and leave them gasping for each and every word…

Let’s face it, I can’t say it enough. No one and I mean no one writes lyrical and angsty romance like A.L. Jackson. Her stories are about incredible journeys that the reader will feel deep in their very core. Beneath The Stars is no exception. Beneath The Stars is an unforgettable love story that will capture your heart and soul from the very first page. Rhys and Maggie’s story is one filled with incredible heart, pain, and oh, so much love. These two will pull you into their story right away and I dare you to not fall in love with these characters, with their story. Rhys and Maggie are two incredibly broken people searching for what will make them whole. Try as they might, they can’t fight the indescribable pull between them. Their journey is not an easy one. It’s one filled with mystery, drama, and of course a few bumps in the road. Rhys and Maggie’s story will leave you gasping, sighing, and holding your breath right until the very end. Beneath The Stars is a breath of fresh air that will leave readers with all of the feels.

Beneath The Stars is a beautiful and unforgettable story. The writing is lyrical and spellbinding. It hit all the marks that I personally look for when reading an A.L. Jackson novel. This story is filled with heart, family, and so much love. It’s a story of finding peace and forgiveness. It’s a story about finding love and allowing yourself to be loved. It’s a story of letting go of the past and taking chances on what one wants most. It’s a story that will consume you and will have you devouring each and every word this story has to offer. It is the kind of story that you will remember long after you reach THE END…

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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“Maggie and Rhys’ story was everything and more and it had me soaring. A.L. Jackson brought her signature touch to this phenomenal story.” -Ness Reads Book Blog

Read on Amazon or with Kindle Unlimited:

Listen to the Audio Narrated by Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber:

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Read on Amazon or with Kindle Unlimited:

Listen to the Audio Narrated by Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber:

Order a Signed Paperback:

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, BLEEDING STARS, FIGHT FOR ME, CONFESSIONS OF THE HEART, and FALLING STARS novels. Grab her newest stand-alone, BENEATH THE STARS, a friends-to-lovers rockstar romance.

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

Be sure not to miss new releases and sales from A.L. Jackson – Sign up to receive her newsletter or text “aljackson” to 33222 to receive short but sweet updates on all the important news.

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Twitter: @aljacksonauthor

Instagram: @aljacksonauthor

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