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Year in Review: Top Reads of 2020!

2020 has been one crazy and stressful year, a year I think we’d all like to put behind us. That being said, 2020 has been one heck of a year for amazing reads. This year, I read over 450 books, discovered lots of “new to me” authors and trying to narrow that list down was tough. I have just read so many amazing, life changing, blow me away, knock my socks off books. Amazingly enough, this year, I was able to keep my list below 20. These 15 books have given me all the feels. They’ve made me laugh, cry, swoon and taken me on some of the best journeys  I hope you enjoy my top 15 and the quotes I’ve pulled….

“I’d often wished we had a cool story about when our relationship transitioned from that of tolerating each other to discovering we were two halves of one soul. But the truth is Thea and I evolved much like the seasons: slow, steady, and unstoppable.”

“Love changes a man – even when he’s not yet a man at all. We were friends, but Thea was still quiet, stoic, borderline rude a lot of the time. However, in that tree, suffering alone and also together, I fell in love with her like the stars falling from the sky. Thea made me feel. It didn’t take long before I was utterly addicted.”

“I could love you one day, Zach,” I whisper against his mouth. “I think it’s too late for me, Delia.”

“It’s not over. It’s the beginning of a new adventure.”

“This kiss was sweet, short, nothing that would blow anyone’s socks off…besides mine. Because even though it only lasts a few seconds, it’s within those seconds that I get my first taste of her. It’s where I get to feel myself tip over the edge into falling for this girl. I’ve had many first kisses. Aggressive, passionate, consuming, but nothing like this. Nothing this sweet, this….understanding. Nothing that has ever made me want to drop all my defenses and expose my true self to a woman. And that’s scary. Terrifying actually. Because if a kiss this simple can turn my world upside down, what’s going to happen when I feel her tongue against mine, when she kisses me longer, when I get to feel her delectable body against mine? Was Roark right? Am I screwed?”

“I was born with a piece of your soul inside me and I want to claim it. Right here, right now.”

“It’s easier to show the world what they want to see, but it doesn’t change who we really are. And there will be people who come and go and never see past the veneer you wear. There will be people who try to see deeper but are easily convinced there is nothing but the shell.”

“I would have started a fucking war for you, Faith. I would have burned down the church, given my soul to the devil just to break in and stop your wedding, but I was put in jail a few months before.” He let out a weighty sigh, and my heart felt the heaviness in his unstable timbre. Tears stung my eyes, battering them for what I owed him. “You were mine, Faith. I was yours and you just walked away. You married someone else.”

“Do you know what the definition of hell is? Because I do. It’s getting the life you wanted only to fuck it up because you didn’t know how to embrace it and be happy.”

“Humans are gloriously flawed, and some types of love are never truly unconditional. A lot of my mistake was expecting our love to stay perfect, because a lot of the time, it was. It’s wanting our love even after we’ve seen the imperfections that makes or breaks us.”

“Touching Maren feels like that, like I’m defiling an angel, kissing my way straight to hell.”

“It’s a long story, but it means that you need to capture every moment when you get it, don’t waste life doing just one twirl when you can do two.” She stared straight ahead but slid her hand toward mine and gripped. “Life’s too short to worry about too many twirls, take as many as you want, and be thankful you have the opportunity to twirl in the first place.”

“My soul mate. My everything. The other half of my dark, twisted heart.”

“Love didn’t come easy to me at first.”

“Harry, since we met, we have been meteorites crashing together, knocking each other off course. I can’t imagine two more unlikely people trying to strike up a friendship.

I want to decompress with her after a long road trip. I want to feel her body pressed up against mine while we watch a movie, or share one of her weird vegan desserts that she claims will change my life but only makes me wonder if she was born without taste buds.

“Scared in a good way or bad way? Because I’m scared too, babe. I’m terrified of the way I feel for you. It’s so strong. It feels like I can actually taste my need for you.”

“Whether you claim me or not, I am yours”

“Every new beat of my heart was a flash of memory, of a past life, searing through me like hot sparks as I gripped him tighter. I saw what once was, what maybe could have been, and more than anything, what never was.”

“I lost my heart the minute we connected on a molecular level. Somewhere between the games we played and the love I gave him, I lost a lot more.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have given him that trust. Maybe I shouldn’t have given him the chance to lie. Maybe I should have known I would regret it all over again when I saw the guilt flash across his stunning face. But I was finished running.”

“I might have been the one who’d backed her against a wall, but she was the one that had me chained.”

“I think you might be every line I’ve ever written. Interwoven in every song. There before I even knew you existed.”

“She was the forever that had been written on my heart.”

“I’ve always been an asshole. Selfish, careless, impetuous, you name it. But for her, I’ll be anything she needs. I’ll rip the world apart to keep her safe, and I’ll make damn sure I don’t give her anything to be embarrassed about when it comes to me.”

“it’s okay to fight for something you love, to dig it out and build it back up in hopes that this time the foundation will be strong enough to withstand the hurricane.”

“I’ll wait forever if it means I get the chance to kiss you again.”

“I’m going to love you so well that you’ll never doubt that I choose you. Every day. Every situation. I choose you.” I melted. I’d waited a lifetime for those very words. “I’m choosing you today by telling you that your well-being is more important than my ego or my need for reassurance. I’ll choose you every single day that I’m gone, every mission that I fly, every second that I breathe. You don’t have to be with me. I’ll be with you.”

“I am your queen. And you are my king. Your dark kingdom is now ours.”

“I loved him. I loved Arthur more than life itself. His darkness and his lifestyle meant nothing compared to that. I loved him despite the malice in his soul. I loved him because of it. Not everyone was meant for a life of roses and summer days, all pretty petals and fragrant perfumes. Some were meant for a life of winter and thorns. It didn’t mean they couldn’t have love.”

“You made me feel again. After so fucking long. After the blood and the death and all the dark thoughts …” I squeezed my eyes shut. “You made me fucking feel.”

“They’ve opened the gates of hell, and the fucking devil and his demons are now leading the charge.”

Best book boyfriend: Landon from Down and Dirty by Kendall Ryan

Best Plot Twist: The Other Woman by Sadie Jones

Most Angsty: I Dare You by Lylah James, Exodus by Kate Stewart

Share with me in the comments below, your top reads of 2020!

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