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Review: Time After Time (Sweetbriar Cove #14) by Melody Grace

Review: Time After Time (Sweetbriar Cove #14) by Melody Grace

Fall in love with another irresistible stand-alone Sweetbriar Cove romance from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

Stella Hart doesn’t believe in fairy-tales. After all, even Cinderella didn’t spend her day up to her elbows in other people’s plumbing. But when an unplanned pregnancy sent her life off course, it was the community in Sweetbriar Cove that stepped up to offer a hand. Now, she’s proud of her business and the life she’s built for her son. She isn’t expecting Prince Charming to walk through the door — and she definitely doesn’t expect him to take the shape of the handsome high-achiever who owes her a kiss…

Aidan Kinsella was on top of the world — until one reckless error sent him crashing back down to earth. Now he’s hiding out in Sweetbriar Cove, trying to plan his next move. Except it turns out, his feisty neighbor is a constant distraction. She’s down-to-earth, practical — and practically irresistible…

Soon, sparks are flying between the unlikely couple, but Stella isn’t looking to play games. Their attraction spells major trouble for the steady life she’s worked so hard to build, and as they grow closer, she can’t help wondering when their fairy-tale romance will have to end. Will the story finish too soon, or can Stella and Aidan find their happily-ever-after?


There’s nothing I love more than getting swept up in a Sweetbriar Cove romance. Time After Time is the 14th book in the Sweetbriar Cove Series and each book gets better and better!

Time After Time follows the story of Stella and Aiden. Single mom Stella has a hard time believing in romance and fairytales. She envisioned a different life for herself, and when life threw her a life-changing curveball, the members of Sweetbriar Cove stepped in and gave her the helping hand she needed. Now, her business is thriving and she couldn’t be more proud of her hard work. The last thing she expected was for Aiden to blow into her life…

Time After Time is a sweet and sexy read. The characters and their story are easy to connect and relate to. I loved the banter between Aiden and Stella right away. Their push and pull drew me in and left me begging for more.

Time After Time is a fantastic addition to the Sweetbriar Cove Series. It has everything from lifelong friendships, to exciting chemistry and banter. It has just the right amount of sexiness and swoon-worthy moments that will keep readers glued to the pages.

I had the best time getting swept up in Aiden and Stella’s story and hope that you’ll fall head over heels for them as much as I did!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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