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Review: Bring You Back (Bellsby Beach #1) by Malynda Schlegel

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For Julian Fowler, I am the girl who got away.

It was my fault. One year ago, the summer before our senior year, we almost shared a kiss. That same summer I left our small beach town and our group of friends behind to follow my older brother to college.

We—the Godfreys—are known for splitting, but Caleb and I have always stuck together. We’ve taken care of each other, so there was no other option but to be by his side. I stayed in touch for a few months until my ghosting gene got the best of me and I cut all ties to my old life.

Then my new life stole from me. One wrong decision made by a careless driver took Caleb’s life, leaving me to survive on my own.

The death of my brother led me back to the comfort of that small beach town where I grew up. But Bellsby is not the same. Julian is not the same. He’s distant. Cold. Hardened. Fighting a battle of his own that’s led him into the arms of Reyna. The other girl in our group. The one who saw him first. The one who fell for him first.

In her mind, I left, and Julian got over me. In her mind, his feelings are now for her. But she doesn’t see what I see buried under his guarded exterior. She doesn’t know that she was just there when I wasn’t.

Now, it’s a new summer, and I’m here to take it all back. I want my life. I want my friends. I want my chance with Julian.

I’ll bring him back.
I’ll fix us.
Even if that means other things have to break in the process.

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Bring You Back is an angsty second chance romance and it follows the story of Julian and Camille. The summer before Camille leaves for college, her world is turned upside down. Not only does she almost kiss Julian, but it’s the same summer that Camille leaves college and her friends behind. When tragedy strikes, Camille finds herself returning home and seeking solace in those she left behind. Only, a lot has changed since Camille up and left. If Camille wants her old life back and a chance with Julian, she’s going to have to fight for what she wants….

Overall, I thought this book was a really intriguing read. I was pulled in to Camille and Julian’s story and was desperate to find out what secrets Camille was hiding. Camille put up a very tough front, but she was hurting so much. Her heart was guarded and even though she wanted to let people in, Camille had a very hard time expressing her true feelings. Julian is very cold, and standoffish. He is also very guarded; rightfully so. He wanted Camille and she just cut off all contact. Julian has a weird friends with benefits relationship with Renya, but can’t deny the pull he feels towards Camille. If Camille and Julian are ever going to have a chance, they are going to have to stop fighting, trust in one another, and air out all of their feelings. One thing is for certain, and that Camille and Julian have quite the connection. While it might be a slow-burning one, I can promise you, it will keep you coming back for more.

Bring You Back will hook you from the very first page. The main characters are interesting and frustrating and will certainly keep you coming back for more. That being said, I could have done without some of the secondary characters. A few of them left me scratching my head and wondering why anyone would tolerate them for so long! Let’s just say, they got under my skin, and not in a good way.

Bring You Back is filled with angst, drama, frustrating moments, and sexy ones too! This is my first book by this author and I think she’s got a ton of great potential. I look forward to checking out more of her books in the future!.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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