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Release Blitz with Review: Wild For You (Hot Jocks #6) by Kendall Ryan

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Wild for You By Kendall Ryan 
Release Day: April 20, 2020 

A hot new standalone in the series that’s been called “A total, utter must read.” – Book Fanatic

He’s growly. Grumpy. Stubborn.

And now, my new roommate.

Walking away from my disastrous last relationship was an easy decision, but moving in with a friend-of-a-friend hockey star who’s rarely home? Not quite as simple, because Grant makes me feel all kinds of things I’m not prepared for.

Protected. Desired. Unsteady.
• • •

She’s beautiful. Smart. Tempting.

And a little fragile.

I’ve never been anyone’s knight in shining armor, but when Ana needed a place to stay, it was easy to offer her a room with me.

Not so simple, though, is keeping my hands—or my mouth—to myself. And the night she crawls into my bed and shares her body with me? Heaven.

But she’s not looking for a relationship, and to my surprise, I find myself pissed off by that idea.

They say my heart is broken, that I’ll never settle down. I used to think that was true. Now, though? Hell, your guess is as good as mine.

First, she took my bed.
Then she took my heart.
Then she took my everything.

Your favorite hot jocks are back with an all new standalone novel. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick (on and off the ice), and smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series is for you!

Each book can be read as a complete standalone.

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Wild For You is the 6th book in the Hot Jocks Series, but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. Ana and Grant’s story is captivating and such a sweet and unexpected read!

Wild For You follows the story of Ana and Grant. When we first meet up with Ana, she is in a rocky relationship with one of Grant’s teammates. On a particularly stressful night out with the team and their families, Ana’s boyfriend goes off the rails and Grant gives her the shoulder she needs to lean on. He offers her his number and tells her to call him, if she ever needs help. Little did he know that call would come sooner rather than later…Their situation was only supposed to be temporary; offering her a place to live and a chance to get back on her feet. But, Grant makes Ana feels things she hasn’t felt before. She’s not looking for a relationship, but Grant might just prove to be far too tempting to say no to…..

Overall, I really enjoyed Wild For You. I appreciated the way the author dealt with the difficult and sensitive material. She made the characters feel real and raw. I loved how big Grant’s heart was and the protectiveness he felt for Ana. He was so sweet and so patient. He gave Ana everything she didn’t know she needed. And Ana…I love how independent she was, even if it was frustrating at times. She wanted to take her time with Grant and not rush things. The chemistry between Ana and Grant was definitely off the charts, but had an amazing slow burn. I loved all of their will they/won’t they moments and all of the ups and downs in between.

Ana and Grant’s story hooked from the very first page and I easily finished it in a single sitting. I loved the characters and the story-line. I loved seeing all the familiar faces from stories past. I loved the sense of family from Grant’s team and how supportive Ana’s father was. I fell head over heels for Ana & Grant and loved seeing them tackle the cards that life dealt them. Their story had my emotions all over the place in the best possible way and I loved every single second of it.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

About Kendall Ryan 
A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three 
dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 3 million books and her books have been translated into 
several languages in countries around the world. 
Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 
100 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch 
She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons. 
Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras. 
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