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Release Blitz With Review: For A Goode Time Call by Jasinda Wilder


The size of a Kodiak bear and covered in tattoos. A heart of gold, a rough and tumble past. Confident, powerful, gentle. Wise. Artistic. Deep wild brown eyes that see far deeper into me than they should.

Nothing in my life could ever have prepared me for the reality that is Ink Isaac. He’s just so much more than anyone I’ve ever met, and my instant, inexplicable, and undeniable attraction to him leaves me reeling.

But with my life recently turned upside down, the more time I spend around him, the more I realize I’m not even sure what my future looks like anymore—alI know for sure is, my heart and my body want him in it, even if my mind is saying something else.

* * *

She’s a tiny little thing, all hard edges and sharp wit. All woman, with slender curves and hypnotic eyes. She’s all fire and bravado, and she’s melting my big, bear-sized heart, little by little. I’m utterly hooked. Willing to risk it all for her.

Everything she is seems to demand that I give her everything I am. I’m just not sure if I know how to do that, if she really knows what she’s asking for when she looks up at me with those beautiful, blazing hazel eyes.

She sets me on fire, but are either of us ready for what that fire will do to both of us?


For A Goode Time Call follows the story of Ink and Cassie. There is so much more to Ink than meets the eye. Sure he’s a huge man, but he’s got a heart of gold. He’s confident, gentle and wise beyond his years. He’s been hurt in the past, but that doesn’t stop him from having one of the most beautiful souls I’ve even encountered. And then we’ve got Cassie. She might be tiny and short, but this girl has got a ton of spunk. Life has thrown her more curve-balls than she can handle. But, there’s just something about Ink that makes her want to dive in and just try….

Overall, I thought this book was a really good read. I fell in love with both Ink and Cassie instantly. I loved how good and honest their hearts were. They both had hang ups and had life events that shaped them and made them who they are. Their chemistry was instant and powerful; their souls just calling out to one another. The pull completely undeniable. I just loved Cassie and Ink together. I loved their differences and how that made them special. I loved how even though they had been hurt in the past, their hearts were still so pure, especially Ink. He had all the reasons in the world to be jaded, but once you got to know him, you saw what a sweet, gentle giant this man was. And I couldn’t think of a better match for Cassie. Ink challenged Cassie and made her look deep within herself. He made her open her eyes to see where she wanted to go in life and made her want to take a chance on them. Their story was sweet and left me swooning. I just couldn’t get enough.

For A Goode Time Call is a fantastic read from beginning to end. The characters are a lot of fun and keep you captivated right until the very end.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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