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My Top Reads of 2019!

2019 has been one heck of a year for amazing reads. This year, I read over 450 books, discovered lots of “new to me” authors and trying to narrow that list down was tough. I have just read so many amazing, life changing, blow me away, knock my socks off books. Amazingly enough, this year, I was able to keep my list below 20. These 18 books have given me all the feels. They’ve made me laugh, cry, swoon and taken me on some of the best journeys ❤ I hope you enjoy my top 18 and the quotes I’ve pulled….“Fate is nothing more than another word for happiness. We’re more than fate. We sound like something undeniable–Romeo and Juliet, Johnny and June, Beyonce and Jay Z…Henna and Bodhi.”

“I’m not living. You told me to live. I’m dying. I’ve been dying every day since the accident.” Except for Bohdi. With Bohdi, I live. I breathe. I dream. I imagine. I’m limitless with him.”

“The Law of Henna and Bohdi: When love breaks, fall inward, fall together, and fall hard. Then let time pick up the pieces.”

“Love is not a rational emotion. It jumps out of planes and dives off cliffs. It leaves a permanent mark on everything it touches.”

“I want him to want me. Like the epic kind of love where he comes for me. The kind where he doesn’t take no for an answer. The kind that involves begging and groveling. I want him to chase me. Need me. I want him to hold me in his arms the way I’ve held him in my heart.”

“Sometimes you have to leave so you can know what it is you left. You don’t really value something until you’ve lost it.”

“I’d always been big, but something about how fragile she seemed made me feel huge, like I could put my body in front of the storm headed her way and protect her…even if the storm was of my own making.”

“I loved this woman. I would take on armies for her, kill for her, or die for her. There was no grater truth than that, and no other truth that I could give her. Because where she was honest and strong, and kind, I was a liar who had already hurt her in the worst possible way. I had no right to hold her like this, but even worse–I wasn’t going to move a muscle.”

“Because from the moment I saw your face and heard you speak, you were the only one I wanted. You ruined me for anyone else before you ever knew my name.” She ruined me from the second she’d said she regretted writing in pen. She’d had every ounce of my soul when I finished that first letter. “Now that I’ve had one night with you, I don’t want only one. I want them all, and I’m willing to take whatever you want to give me.”

“Hope is good. Feel it. Because you have no idea what’s coming around the corner. You have to take the good when it comes, because the bad isn’t going to give you a choice.”

“Life’s a roller coaster. Best damn ride in the park. You don’t close your eyes, hold on and wait for it to be over, babe. You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight up in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.”

“That movie you made me watch, first time at your house. Love and redemption. You said, ‘The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.’ You said that, Red. Right out. And I knew if you got that, when it was later and I shared my shit with you, you’d get me. I never thought my story was beautiful. I thought it was shit. But you said that and when you did, I saw it. The ride is not over but if I can keep my Club together and find a sweet, feisty woman who’s got my back and enough to her that she’ll stay there, holding me up not dragging me down, I figure I’d find my way to beauty eventually. And I’d find absolution because I’d know, I earned the love of that woman, a woman who’s got so much to her it’ll take years to dig down and find the heart of her, that would be my reward.” Ohmigod. Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Did he just say that? Did. He. Just. Say that? “And you told me,” Tack continued, his face coming closer, “I had that when I first met you.” “I—” “So I was hooked to that shit, I did it, I participated in it, I was loyal to my brothers as I’d vowed I’d be and I pulled me and my Club out of it. I did that but that didn’t erase what we did. You are my absolution.” 
“I am air. Invisible and insignificant, but vital all the same.”

“No love is fully requited. No love is equal. No love is fair. There is always one side that loves more. And you better not be that side—because it suffers.”

“you’re worth more than the sums of your mistakes.”

“We fell in love fast and slow. Hard and soft. With everything we had in us, yet we both refused to give anything away.”

“The hardest part about losing someone close to you was that you felt their absence in the simplest things.”

“The thing about falling was that it didn’t happen the way everyone imagined it. Sometimes it happened slowly, over time, and other times you found yourself waiting for the other person to catch up.”

“He was so fucking deep in love with her, he was never going to reach the bottom. The rest of his life would consist of sinking, down, down, down, further into love with this girl. Olive. His Olive.”

“I don’t want to be her villain.”

“I turn around and start walking, careful to keep my head down so no one sees the moment when the huge smile I was fighting finally breaks free. It takes every ounce of self-control not to look back and see if he’s watching.”

“I don’t want to fix you, Angel. I just want you.”

“Every once in a while the universe give us what we ask for, so just make sure you’re asking for the right things.”

“Fear is like a ten-cent magician. If you watch the trick a couple of times, you see the flaws and you know how the magician is doing it. But the first time, that same trick looks good. When we’re scared, we don’t always think things through. We react. It’s human nature. Fear can make the wrong decision feel right. By then, it’s too late.”

“The hot ones are always the ones without any brains,”

“Bad boys: Great for the body, but bad for the heart,”

“It would be so easy to lean on Liam like a crutch, but I refuse to do that.”

“As soon as our eyes locked back at Starbucks, I knew it was him. I don’t know how. I just felt it. Which sounds stupid as shit when I say it in my head. But God, the way he looked at me. Like he recognized me instantly, appreciated what he saw, and would chew off the arm of any man who tried to talk to me. It was possessive and hot. Something that should have had me running in the opposite direction, considering it was coming from some guy whose last name I didn’t even know, who I met on-line. I didn’t run away. I walked right toward him like he was a magnet pulling me in.”

“Seeing you in person for the first time, being in the same room with you, listening to you laugh, standing close to you, and watching your face when you put me in my place took my goddamn breath away.”

“Baker’s foreplay is…him. Everything about him. He’s a goddamn weapon of mass sexual destruction.”

❝Look down, and you reveal your fears. Look up, and you overthink your obstacles m. The trick is to look forward.❞

“You don’t have baggage.” I stop what I’m doing to swivel toward her, lower my forehead, and give her a deadpan look. “I can load an airplane with the amount of bags I have packed.”

“A man never reveals his true feelings after the fourth encounter. Don’t you know anything about love arcs.”

“I’m invested in Emory Ealson. From the moment her map slapped me in the face, I knew this girl was something special, and I plan on showing her that.”

“Friends forever. That’s what we promised each other. But sometimes, promises were made to be broken.”

“It was like I’d been holding my breath for eight years, and I finally let it out.”

“I was still here. Still breathing. Still alive. And maybe it was time for me to move on. Whatever that meant.”

“She wasn’t just the sun. She was the whole sky.”

“We molded, like two distinct colors mixed together into something unique and true—a shade only we could paint with.”

“Moonshine,” he whispered. “You fill up the empty, dark space—like the moon owns the sky. It is quiet. It is bright. It doesn’t need to be a ball of flame to be noticed. It simply exists. It forever glows.”

“Life is like a book, a long chain of scenes threaded together by circumstances and fate. You never know how thick or thin your book is, so you better make the most out of every scene, enjoy each chapter.”

“Being with you, it became something I’ve never felt before. I couldn’t understand it at first. I didn’t know it could be like this. But it’s you, and it‘s your kids…it’s us together, all of us. I need it.”

“Falling in love was overwhelmingly scary. It was also becoming the easiest thing I had ever done.”

“When you stopped allowing toxins into your system, it meant getting rid of certain types of people in your life, too. Addictions didn’t only come in the form of alcohol or narcotics. Some of the worst addictions in one’s life could be the people allowed into it. I’d learned to be very selective about who I allowed into my world. It turned out, you didn’t need a big circle of people to be content. You simply needed the right people.”

“I didn’t believe you ever fell out of your first love. You simply allowed it to live in a small corner of your heart, taking up prime real estate of your soul.”

“The older you get, the more you’ll realize that just because a friendship has history, it doesn’t mean it has longevity.”

“If you’re ever given the chance to choose between being afraid or being brave, please, Karla, be brave.”

“I hung on to that half-truth with the same tenacity with which I grasped a candlestick and hurled it at the wall, and when I walked through the door once more, it was with a slam that shook the stars.”

“I felt myself approach a moment, a precipice, A cliff face where I was given a choice. The wind of change whipped my face, beckoning me closer to the edge where I’d have to decide – fly or flee. The life I had, or the one I dreamed of.”

“Sometimes, a love so big comes along, and even if you only get to hold on to it for a little while, it can fill you up for a lifetime.”

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