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Review: Protected in Darkness (Misplaced Halos #1) by Nicole Edwards

Heaven refers to them as Misplaced Halos. Humans don’t even know they exist. This faction of celestial warriors was sent here under the cover of darkness to protect humanity from Lucifer’s demons. In return for their servitude, these warriors expect only one thing: the eternal love they were promised, what angels refer to as an amsouelot.

The first of his kind, Obsidian has spent the past fifteen hundred years fighting alongside his brothers, protecting humans from Lucifer’s demons, all while keeping to the shadows. Their mission is simple. Right up until it isn’t. The day Obsidian learns of a traitor in Heaven is the day everything changes. The entire reason for his existence is put on hold because there’s a new assignment: find the female whose soul belongs to his and protect her, no matter the cost.

Penelope Calazans spends her days sleeping and her nights serving free drinks to the gamblers looking to win big in Sin City. It’s not a glamorous life, perhaps a tad lonely, but she’s content. Or she thought she was. Then he appears. The mystery man who would turn out not to be a man at all, but rather an angel. The angel who would turn Penelope’s mundane life upside down, revealing what really lurks in the dark.

Not only do they have to battle the demons looking to possess their souls, but Obsidian and Penelope must overcome the obstacles that come with falling in love. In the end, an angel and a human must make the ultimate sacrifice, all in the name of a love everlasting.


“Once we do come to face-to-face with the one destined for us, the interactions are far more intense, a phenomenon that engulfs both souls, intertwining them, making it physically impossible to keep any sort of distance, both physically and emotionally. When we mate, we do so for eternity. Most importantly, without our amsouelot, we would have no reason to live. In essence, we would be nothing.”

Nicole Edwards is known for her scorching hot and boundary pushing romances. Her books are downright sinful and she isn’t afraid to pull out the stops. So, when I heard that Nicole Edwards was dipping her toes into the paranormal genre, I couldn’t wait to see what she would bring to the table. I’m happy to report that Nicole Edwards new series does not disappoint and will leave readers excited for more.

Protected in Darkness is the first book in the Misplaced Halos Series and it follows the story of Penelope and Obsidian. Obsidian is part of a Celestial Brotherhood and his mission is to protect humanity from Lucifer’s demons. In return for saving humanity, Obsidian is promised a soul mate. He longs for the day that his soul finds its missing piece. Obsidian’s mission was supposed to be simple, until Obsidian learns of a traitor in their mists. Obsidian has only one objective now: find his soul mate before the traitor is able to get his hands on her…..Penelope has always known that she was a little different. She can sense others emotions and at times, it can be really overwhelming. However, as time has gone by, she’s learned how to deal. Penelope spends her days in Sin City, serving drinks in a local casino. Penelope thought she was ok with the status quo, but the moment she encounters Obsidian, her entire world is turned upside down…..

Overall, I thought this book was an enjoyable read. I really enjoyed Obsidian and Penelope together. Their chemistry was instant and definitely a case of insta-love. That being said, when it comes to these two characters, it just worked for me. I loved the tension and the pull between them. I loved the idea of soul mates and fate and a pull that can’t be denied. I liked the world that the author created, giving us a little taste of heaven and hell and everything in between. It reminded me a lot of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and it would not surprise me one bit if I found out that this author was inspired by that series to write this book. The story felt familiar to me, yet different at the same time.

Protected in Darkness kicks off the Misplaced Halos Series to a really good start. The stage has been set and we have been introduced to a ton of characters, a few whom I’m hoping we’ll get to see more of. This story provides some good action, but is definitely a more romance based story. I’m looking forward to seeing this world expand and grow as the series goes on. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of these Celestial beings and seeing them all find their soulmates…..

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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